Vitamin C Serum Benefits In Your Skincare Routine


Lately, Vitamin C serum benefits is becoming more and more popular topic to discuss around women looking for more innovative methods to take care of their skin. Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), in any form, is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature that can be used topically in skin care. Vitamin C topical treatments can help improve skin condition if it is afflicted by photosensitivity phenomena, discoloration and premature aging, acne scarring, and inflammatory lesions in general, but only if it is able to accept such treatments and then handle them.

Skin is, in fact, a body of its own personality, deciding which products to use, how to use it, and when to use them, is just and only her and what we can do is to know it, to understand it and finally to support it.

What Actually is Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most abundant antioxidant vitamin present in human skin. Most animals and plants have the ability to synthesize it, while humans are an exception, as they do not produce L-gulonogammalattone-oxidase, or the enzyme necessary for its synthesis. Vitamin C must, therefore, be obtained from diet sources. Even with massive oral supplementation, increased vitamin C concentration in the skin is limited. There are many forms of this vitamin, the most commonly used are:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • ascorbyl phosphate (magnesium or sodium salt);
  • ascorbyl palmitate;
  • and ascorbyl glucoside.

Main Vitamin C Benefits

This amazing vitamin is able:

  • to slow down the aging process by preventing damage caused by free radicals,
  • stimulate collagen production,
  • reduce inflammation and irritation,
  • reduce pigmentation of stains,
  • lighten complexion,
  • improve natural healing response skin,
  • to increase the effectiveness of sunburn.

Much of the recent research into vitamin C focuses on its role as “free radical scavenger”. Therefore, it is widely used in home treatments especially with anti-aging and whitening functionality. At a topical level, Vitamin C also provides a small amount of UV protection, although it is not comparable to that of solar filters, so vitamin C is especially recommended during the day rather than at night.

To begin seeing the results of vitamin C as a sunscreen enhancer, it usually takes about 6 months of constant use. Even before waiting for results, its side effects are good to keep in mind, so that they can interpret it in case they come across, thus understanding the interaction between the percentage of vitamin C taken on a topic and their own skin. Despite the great confidence and numerous enthusiastic testimonials (including my own), Vitamin C products do not work at all.

Not all vitamin C are the same and there is no one as best assured among them. In addition to the pure form (L-ascorbic acid), there are the forms: sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, retinyl ascorbate, tetra hexyl decyl ascorbate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Various research has shown that all these forms of topical vitamin C, those fewer or less, are capable of producing a number of benefits including repair and protection against free radical damage, especially when combined with a mixture containing other antioxidant substances such as green tea, vitamin A, vitamin E, and/or niacinamide.

The majority of researches and positive results in terms of power, however, focus on pure form, which is why it is the most used in skin care products and is always preferable to all. Therefore, the best form of vitamin C recommended to prevent wrinkles and improve the ones present and to lighten the skin, is definitely L-ascorbic acid. Ultimately, the topical use of vitamin C has many benefits such as:

  • Promotion of collagen synthesis;
  • Lightening of hyperpigmentation;
  • Anti-inflammatory and photo-protective properties.

The data confirms these benefits and its biological activities on the skin make topical use of this vitamin a valuable and useful dermatologist. The most effective and convenient alternative to choose for constant topical use is serum.

Vitamin C Side Effects

Vitamin C is still an acid and as such, in some people, it can cause phenomena of redness and itching. Usually, skin becomes accustomed to treatment soon, however, sometimes it is necessary to regress the percentage of vitamin C used to make the product that contains it more tolerable. Despite the lowering of concentration, it is still possible to experience irritable reactions that will suggest the inability of the skin handle vitamin C with topical use.

In addition to vitamin-induced irritation, adverse reactions may occur due to the basic formulation of the product in which it is contained. Many of them contain substances such as silicones or other inactive ingredients (to help keep vitamin C stable for longer) that can create problems with skins tendentious to imperfections or sensitive ones and, precisely for this reason, you should look and study well the list of ingredients of the chosen product (INCI).

To minimize the risk of irritation, it is important to start using vitamin C at the lowest concentration you can tolerate because once the treatment is applied, Vitamin C is immediately absorbed and remains active in the skin until Does not run out, or about 3 days. This means that if the skin does not like the used treatment, it will remain irritated for about 3 days.

Vitamin C Serums

If you are looking for some very effective and powerful serum we are going to give you some very good advice in order to give to your skin the best product ever to prevent aging and stimulate your skin to react to all the aggressive agents it has to face.

Evolution Slimming promotes some products that want to use every benefit of the vitamin supplying all the potential problems you may find during your skincare journey with the vitamin C. As we have told you before, creating the right product is not so easy and it requests experience and a specific pro touch to create something that will be very effective, something that is going to act on your skin from the inside to heal it and to show the results with a young, bright, amazing skin.

There also are few disadvantages of using vitamin C products. Using vitamin C only can be quite useless as it needs other active ingredients to improve its effects and maintain its power.

Its disadvantage, on the other hand, is oxygen instability (ascorbic acid may also decrease by half in a month). This is accompanied by a rapid yellowing of the product, which is seen negatively in the mind of the consumer. Various strategies have been adopted to address this problem, such as oxygen exclusion during formulation, choice of oxygen-packed packaging, encapsulation, low pH formulation, water reduction, and inclusion of other antioxidants. Ascorbyl phosphate (magnesium and sodium) has a higher stability than ascorbic acid, but in the formulation, it reduces the power of thickeners (carbomer) requiring greater use. Ascorbyl glucoside has no major formulation and stability problems but is very expensive.

Ascorbyl phosphate (magnesium and sodium) has a higher stability than ascorbic acid, but in the formulation, it reduces the power of thickeners (carbomer) requiring greater use. Ascorbyl glucoside has no major formulation and stability problems but is very expensive.

VCH Vitamin C serum, for example, has been studied to solve this kind of problem. In fact, the serum is sealed in an opaque amber bottle to prevent oxidation of the product for longer lasting effectiveness and to maintain all its great active ingredients. Let’s explore a little bit more this serum. Take a look at this specification. As we may read from the official website their serum has 20% Vitamin C Serum it is enhanced with Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin A for a younger, brighter complexion. This mixture makes the product powerful and complete. It boosts collagen production and cellular turnover for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Serum seems to be the best version to really appreciate all the vitamin C actions and benefits.

What Actually is a Serum?

The serum is the complete element to add to your skin routine. Could say it is the “treat and curative” part of our routine. Day and night creams take care of nutrition, moisturizing and anti-aging skin, while serum contains active ingredients that further refine the treatment, dealing with problems such as color, spots, brightness, skin grain, and blemishes.

It is usually a non-greasy fluid that easily penetrates the skin and does not have to be “soaked” on the face (excessive massage is never the correct gesture of application of this product). It contains high concentrated active ingredients and needs to be chosen based on the problem of your skin or – alternatively – the result you want to get. In fact, the effectiveness of this product is significantly higher than a single-use cream.

How Do You Put The Serum On Your Face And When

This is the method we find most effective and fast. Take a few drops of whey and heat it for a few seconds on the palms of both hands, then apply it to your face perfectly clean and dry. After cleansing the face, before the cream. It is precisely between these two established gestures of our beauty routine, which adds to the serum. But why not apply a product before the habitual beauty routine, which should be already effective in itself in its functions? Because serum bestows the active ingredients of subsequent treatments, but it penetrates deeper and fills with powerful active ingredients that contain lesser amounts of creams.

Unfortunately, however, serum alone is not always enough. It is the synergistic action of “specific serum for every need + cream” to form the magic formula of our beauty. Most treatment lines have in fact at least one serum between their products and the combined action of the same, which usually ensures the best results.

The serum should be applied strictly before the cream (both face and eyes) in the morning and evening; Stretch it with long movements from the center of the face to the outside and then let it penetrate by slightly pressing the palms of the hands on the face. First in the center and then moving to the sides. Remember that serum is almost never massaged. In this way, the body heat will activate the active ingredients and facilitate the absorption of the product without breaking the molecules, and in addition, if the serum is perfumed, you will benefit from the aromatic properties of the product.

Can Only Mature Women Use a Serum or It Is Suitable For All Ages?

The serum can be used at all ages, but of course, it must be chosen intelligently. It is useless to use a wrinkle and oval face serum at twenty years. If you are indecisive, rather choose stains with detoxifying action or to improve the color and uniformity of the face (with these you are never mistaken as, alas, each of us has imperfections from this point of view). In any case, using a good product is important at 40 or 50 years, but it is still more than 25-30 years old. Prevention is the best “cure” we can give to our body.

Looking For a Routine and a Products Showcase?

Above mentioned company, besides the serum, offers more products to add to it to deepen the antiaging action and to integrate all the active vitamins and ingredients that will boost your beauty and skin health. For example, there are special sets like the Anti-Aging Skincare Bundle that offers you 3 products to use as a routine made up of 3 steps that are going to cleanse, heal and hydrate your face in a gentle but active way. This is perfect for people with sensitive skin and who looks for something delicate but effective without leaving behind results but healing the skin during the process. The serum inside this set is more specific for a localized use around the eyes to fill the wrinkles and donate light and purity.

If you want to know something more about this product and its options you may take a look at their website and explore their beauty routine section right here.

These are the main uses, products, and benefits of the vitamin C serum the new ally of your beauty routine. We really hope you have some more info to start your journey made up of more skincare, more love and more attention to listen to your skin and give exactly what it needs. Be gentle and be persistent. Don’t underestimate the power of self-care and try to use the best products that will make your routine a moment of real pleasure.

Hopefully, you get a better idea about Vitamin C serum benefits and will consider trying one out pretty soon.


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