Sunbathing ABC – What You Definitely Should Know Before Going Into The Sun


The Benefits Of The Sun

  • Some skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, etc.), lesions are reduced when they are exposed to sunlight.
  • UV rays affect the formation of vitamin D reduces the risk of osteoporosis in the elderly and prevents the formation of rickets in children. In order to ensure the synthesis of vitamin D per day is sufficient for a few minutes spent in sunlight.
  • Sun may improve mood as it contributes to the elaboration of melatonin, which regulates human biorhythms and mood.
  • Despite the well-known fact that the sun is not skin-friendly, most of us the real joy is used on sunny days, to get something a little tan. Summer and beach season picks up, we recall useful information about tanning and the risks and benefits when the sun caresses if susceptible wise.

The Skin Has A Memory

sunglassesAny sunburn produce effects that the body can be felt later. Scientifically has shown that five sun-scorched that experienced at a young age, it is almost hundred percent guarantee that 50 or 60 years to develop in someone of skin cancers. Ultraviolet radiation also contributes to skin dryness, it dilates blood vessels and changes the cell structure.

When starting tanning, it is important to do it gradually – should not go out without proper clothing, headgear, sunglasses and, of course, sunscreen. It is also important to use these creams. They should not be applied for a short time before going out. Best skin with sunscreen evenly and rich round lubricate at least 20 minutes before leaving the house – then it will be more effective action. When applying sunscreen, do not forget about the top of the head, ears, neck, back part and feet. Also, remember that sunscreen should be used every two hours.

Despite the fact that someone has a paler, another – darker skin, entering the tanning season, everyone is recommended to choose a cream with a protection factor of SPF 50 and, when the skin has acquired a tone that gradually move to a tool with a weaker protection factor.

If sunny beaches enjoy time playing volleyball and active recreation, svarīdi not to forget that the sand can be caused by a protective cream to rub off. It renewed after each bathing times, despite the fact that the sun creams are often promoted as waterproof.

Cunning UVA Rays

raysUltraviolet radiation does not consist only of UVA and UVB rays. It also includes UVC rays, but on the skin, while tanning greatest impact caused directly UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are most dangerous, accounting for 95 percent of all ultraviolet radiation and deep effect on the skin, contributing to both wrinkles and skin aging and damaging the skin elastic and collagen fibers.

They are often referred to as false rays as reddening of the skin does not cause, but at the same time damages the cellular DNA or the basic kernel. UVA radiation also contributes to the emergence of allergies, which can manifest as redness, spots, and itching.
By contrast, UVB rays are the ones that intensively occur in the spring, summer and cause skin burns, promoting tan. They are also responsible for the development of cancer cells.

Against Wrinkles With Retinol And Hyaluronic Acid

Skin, especially during the summer season, is clearly needed hydration and also peeling, but its pursuit should not get carried away. It is sufficient skin of dead cells release once a week, choosing a light exposure means and procedures during the evening. From Heavy peel with fruit acids and procedures during this time better to abstain.

Choosing skin caring cosmetics that prevent skin aging, to look for specific substances in the cosmetic ingredient. The most important are hyaluronic acid and vitamin A or retinol. The rest does not enter so deeply into the skin to provide the desired effect. Choosing a retinol-based cream, remember that after the deposition of the morning skin definitely greased with sunscreen. In the evening, such a procedure would not be necessary and will be sufficient cream.

Skin Cancer And Self-examination At Home

handsSuspicious skin formations show dermatologist so that they can as soon as possible to diagnose and treat. Skin self-control can also be done at home, looking at the head and face, especially the nose, lips and ears by using mirrors. Checked the scalp using a hairdryer.

Pay attention to your hands, the skin between the fingers and under the nails, looking at the elbows, hands and armpits. Women must also check the skin under the breasts. With mirror evaluate the neck back surfaces, shoulders, upper arm and back. Checked the legs and feet, including soles, heels, and nails. Using a mirror, look at the genitals. If during the inspection noticed skin formations (stain, ulcer, skin discoloration) caused by a sudden, for the rapid development, turn to a specialist.

Be Smart

If the skin is burnt in the sun, however, immediately move the shade. Drink cool but not cold water, and the skin must be cooled by compresses. Definitely, you must use after-sun cosmetics, but if you buy it is not possible, the skin can be present Bepanthen or panthenol salve, as well as aloe vera juice. Cream or sour milk to put on your skin is not recommended because they clog the pores and more on the hot skin heats up, not bring any benefit. There are now much more efficient and more suitable for specialized skin care products.


sun_creamThe entire summer season with a protection cream bottle will not be enough. Also it unnecessary; ETU does in one summer and is completed in the next because the product in the external environmental factors – heat, sand, etc. – Affects will be lost. Basalioma is the most common type of skin cancer, the most common of getting people over the age of 70 years.

By contrast, melanoma is one of the most dangerous cancers. 34 percent of women around the world has never had used sunscreen. With every sunburn, once the risk of skin cancer increases by 10-15 percent. Skin sensitivity to sunlight also affects eating and drinking habits. Alcohol dehydrates the body and promotes the formation of free radicals. Therefore, the use of alcoholic beverages, the protective skin should be applied more often. Conversely, for example, a dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids can protect the skin as increased body’s resistance to ultraviolet radiation.


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