6 Tips What To Do If You Suffer From Psoriasis


There are several methods that can help in weak or moderate psoriasis. However, at the beginning, it would be useful to find out what caused psoriasis.

Rough, thick skin, which is characterized Psoriasiform, formed because the skin cells divide more rapidly than the body is able to get rid of them. In severe cases of psoriasis, this process takes place even 1000 times faster than usual, and therefore, these cells simply accumulate on the skin surface.

The same problem does not occur in the skin, but the immune system or the digestive system. These causes could be irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease because the beginning Check for any of these diseases.

Immune dysfunction occurs enhanced cells, and when they have come to the skin surface, these cells behave as if fighting an infection or healing scar. It is resulting in inflammation. Incidentally, the fact that psoriasis often ignites after an infection, for example, red neck also points to the role of immunity. Therefore, even if not at fault when intestinal infections, it would be wise to act in two directions – to focus both on the immunities of the onset of this disease as well as to the skin, where it shows the top.

Ground rules for how to improve immunity, mainly includes proper nutrition, physical activity, relaxation and the required use of nutritional supplements.

1. Introduce The Changes in Your Diet

It’s worth a try cut off the diet – drastic exclusion from the menu of all the environment forming acidic products such as red meat, alcohol, and dairy products, it can improve intestinal health and speed up the elimination of toxins. For the same reason, it is recommended to take a diet rich in fiber.

2. Take Essential Fatty Acids

The study of fish oil for use in addition to diet conducted by Bristol Royal Hospital dermatologists failed to show that such would be possible to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, but the fish oil has many positive qualities, and, in particular, it is healthy for growing bones and brain. In addition, the Inuit (Eskimos) who eat fish and abundant intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, less frequently suffer from psoriasis than those who do not eat fish as often. Also, in Africa psoriasis cases are very rare. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Iranian dermatologists believes that it could be merit maize extensively used in traditional African kitchen. Unlike wheat, corn contains a lot of linoleic acids – another essential fatty acids, which in the modern Western diet lacks.

Like fish oil, linoleic acid and easier to pick up with dietary supplements because it would be pushed to eat so much corn to be showing results.

OLIVE_OIL3. Use Olive Oil

It is a study of five psoriasis patients for six months on a diet, which also includes olive oil (as well as saffron tea and red elm bark tea) and their condition improved.

4. Try Propolis and Aloe

From natural topical treatments can be used for oils and creams that contain bee propolis (it has antiseptic and analgesic properties appreciated by the Cuban National Research Centre for pharmacists), aloe (Aloe vera), marsh piston (Stellaria) and evening primrose oil. There are many stories about the effectiveness of this plant, the court has no scientific evidence.

5. And What About a Psychotherapy?

Psoriasis can be caused by stress, so it is a good response to treatment when used in addition to psychotherapy.

6. More Water and Sun

In addition to the methods mentioned in psoriasis increased water consumption and more stay in the sun, the sun’s ultraviolet B rays (UVB), if they do not exaggerate, can improve the situation although too much of sun may deteriorate.


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