Simple Tips For Soft Hands And Healthy Feet


Hand and foot care plan is nothing complicated! There are only a few tips, which is essential not to miss. If once a month you go to a specialist manicure and foot care cabinet to allow a professional to take care of your hands, feet, and nails, then half of the work is already done. But this alone will not be enough if the daily you live in a rush and do not bother about the troubles in the areas of the body.

Protect Your Hands Everyday

  • In a cold weather, wear gloves (the best is wool or leather gloves), even if you only need to leave the car.
  • When working with household chemicals, be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect hands skin and nails from exposure to chemicals.
  • When performing the work in the garden, do not forget to wear gloves.
  • Protect your hand skin from ultraviolet rays.

Hand Care – Your Daily And Weekly Plan

With UV filters

Keep your hands beautiful regardless of age, pamper them with a moisturizing and nourishing cream at least twice a day – morning and evening before bedtime. In cold weather, when hand skin is dry, hand cream can also be used after each hand washing. Since the day cream contains necessary UV protection filters, at sleep hours, choose another cream. Prior to this, you can apply a special nourishing oil that feeds the cuticle and nail strengthening or growth.

Cleanse and nourish hands with the mask

Once a week is recommended to pamper your hands with complete – thus hands and skin become softer (by the way, will be able to more efficiently absorb the cream). Then apply the nourishing mask. You can use both the production offered by nourishing masks and vitamin mask (sea vegetable, fitomasks) or the thickest layer superimposed nourishing cream (in addition to putting on mittens and keep at least 20 minutes). From time to time, it is desirable to pamper your hands with warm oil patch. Preheat the oil (such as olive oil), dip your hands in the warm liquid and hold until the oil cools down. Then sweep, hand cream is applied and, if necessary, put on gloves.

Once a month – manicure

ManicureOnce a month, it is desirable to perform a manicure (at home or in the cabin), which includes nail shape creation and adjustment of the cuticle are relegated and, if necessary elimination, hand massage, and is perfectly combined with a manicure paraffin shower trays are designed to powerfully moisturize and nourish hand skin. Although paraffin baths recommended for use in spring and autumn, when the hand skin is severely cracked and dry, it will also be useful in the summer.

Foot Care – Your Daily And Weekly Plan

Wash your feet twice a day

feet_washFootprints in the winter are washed with warm water in the summer – with lukewarm, even cold water, then thoroughly dried because humidity is the best to breed bacteria. Feet are not recommended to bath for more than 10 minutes because then physiological processes are disrupted between dead and healthy skin layer and destroys the natural protective film of fat.

Do not use pumice, just scrub

pumiceOnce a week traces need scrub easily by foot or body scrub, which perfectly removes dead skin layer so as required. Foot care experts do not recommend the feet themselves not be filed nor be treated with pumice (doing it in some cases and only with a specialist personal recommendation) as unprofessional in doing so, are erased over large skin layer – not only remove dead skin tissue but also in living tissue. Also, using a foot seam, often traces are processed in breach of layers of the skin, it will have acquired wavy relief which reinforces the gap inflammation feasibility.

However, if you decide to stay with pumice, buy new and further processed only dry skin. Austerity reason, pumice, tuff and foot files are not regularly changed (this should be done every few months!). So this tool the coarse surface is a favorable environment for microbial and fungal infections.

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