Skin Whitening Pills – What Are They And When Expect Results


Skin whitening pills are one of the most popular product types out there. For the sake of higher efficacy and faster results, it’s becoming more common to use systemic skin whitening products than the topical ones.

The introduction of skin whitening active ingredients inside the body has been stated to be more effective than just applying them superficially on the skin.

Topical application means slower penetration through the skin layers to reach the target cells that produce the skin pigments, resulting in slower action, lower efficacy as well as high failure rates.

Also, topical application can only work on the applied area, which is another reason why such systemic skin whitening products are preferred more among consumers.

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That’s why systemic skin whitening products were developed, and one of them is in the form of pills taken orally, to dissolve in the stomach, releasing skin whitening active ingredients that would work on all the pigment-producing cells all over the body rapidly and effectively.

As a result, skin whitening pills are the second most commonly used skin whitening products all over the world.

What Are They And How They Work?

They are one of the skin whitening products that work systemically via oral intake of pills or capsules that contain skin whitening active ingredients that reach the stomach to be dissolved to release such active ingredients.

Then, the skin whitening active ingredients would be absorbed, reaching the blood to get to the target pigment-producing cells in the skin layers, for healthier, whiter skin.

Active Ingredients

Glutathione Pills/Capsules

Glutathione is the most common active ingredient to be included in the skin whitening pills or capsules. It’s an antioxidant, boosting one’s immunity and protecting the skin against sun damage and aging.

So, taking glutathione pills don’t only whiten the skin but also improves the immunity and protects the skin against aging and external damage caused by the sun. Glutathione is also stated to be effective as well as a safe alternative to hydroquinone.

Sometimes, glutathione is mixed with vitamin C in the same product to increase the absorption of glutathione in the stomach as well as increasing its whitening efficacy as vitamin C is also considered one of the skin whitening active ingredients, reducing melanin production.

Also, some research studies stated that vitamin C is found to increase the normal glutathione levels in the body, but it’s still of unknown action. That’s why if vitamin C is not added to the glutathione capsules or pills, vitamin C supplements intake is recommended for higher efficacy.

Moreover, some other antioxidants such as vitamin E and fruit extracts can be added to the glutathione pills or capsules to improve the overall condition of the skin, protecting it against sun damage as well as aging.

Placenta Whitening Pills

Also, new whitening pills were developed, placenta whitening pills, which include 17 active ingredients. One of them is placental protein, either horse or marine placental protein.

Horse placental protein is stated to be an effective skin whitening agent, while marine placental protein is stated to efficiently promote skin cell regeneration which also has a role in skin whitening via producing new, less pigmented cells.

Silk powder is also added to the formula of these pills for the revitalization of the skin, getting rid of dark acne spots, sun damage, and wrinkles. Adding vitamin C has also increased the whitening effect of these pills.

The rest of the active ingredients included in these pills are more for antiaging, skin protection against toxic substances and sun damage, moisturization, hydration, and skin tightness so that one can have all the vitamins and supplementations needed for a healthier, more glowing skin in just one pill.

It’s even stated that placenta whitening pills double the skin whitening action and therefore, it’s proven to be twice more effective than glutathione pills.


  • It’s a noninvasive method that’s so easy to use. All that you have to do is swallow the pill and wait for miracles to happen.
  • It doesn’t require the intravenous introduction of the active ingredients into the blood, but it goes to the blood via the digestive system.
  • It doesn’t require any doctors’ appointments or any long sessions, in contrast to laser skin whitening procedures for example. So, there’s no place or time commitment.
  • Also, it doesn’t need any recovery time, in contrast to chemical peeling sessions in which recovery time for weeks is required. So, it’s not time-consuming or even money consuming, comparing it to the prices of laser sessions.
  • Glutathione is stated to be effective. In addition to its whitening effect, it’s also very good for our health as it’s an antioxidant, boosting our immunity as well as protecting the skin against sun damage and aging.
  • Placenta whitening pills are stated to have double the whitening effect glutathione pills have, in addition to the antiaging, hydration and moisturization effects as well as skin protection against sun damage and toxic substances.

That’s why skin whitening pills are the second most commonly used skin whitening products among consumers all over the world.


Skin whitening pills are stated to be a safe alternative to hydroquinone-containing products as they have the same efficacy as hydroquinone with few side effects.

However, some side effects may occur such as:

  • Allergy, in the form of skin inflammation, redness, and swelling. Once occur, stop using the product and seek medical consultation.
  • Mild discomfort in the form of indigestion, insomnia, headache, nausea or vomiting.
  • Long intake of glutathione pills can decrease the zinc levels in the blood, causing loss of appetite, diarrhea, hair loss, and eye and skin conditions. That’s why taking zinc supplementations with glutathione pills is recommended. However, some dermatologists recommend using glutathione pills only for a short time, just 1 to 3 months, to avoid such a problem.

Few Other Popular Skin Whitening Pills

Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione

  • skin whitening treatment;
  • enhancement glutathione;
  • skin lightening pill;
  • clinically tested.

Dr James Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills

  • makes skin smooth and radiant;
  • anti aging properties;
  • reduces dark spots and discoloration.

Ivory Caps Skin

  • prevents skin darkening;
  • reduces pigment production.

Pure Glutathione

  • contains Lipoic acid;
  • it is an antioxidant.

Supreme Gluta White

  • boost collagen production;
  • removes dark spots;
  • tighten scar pores;
  • works as a hair treatment.

Rose Hips Pills

  • one of the skin lighteners;
  • contains antioxidants, herbs, and vitamins including Vitamin C;
  • improves energy levels;
  • promotes collagen production.

Glutathione Complex Skin Whitening

  • contains Glutathione;
  • contains Alpha Lipoic Acid;
  • contains Green Tea and Rosehips;
  • promotes collagen production;
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

When To See The Results And How Long They Last?

To achieve faster results, sunscreens should be applied regularly to protect the skin against sun damage and re-darkening. Also, the continuous daily intake of these pills is the way to achieve the desired color in a short time.

The skin can get visibly whiter with glutathione skin whitening pills in only 4 weeks of continuous intake. 2 to 4 pills a day for 3 to 6 months are needed to achieve the desired skin color in medium to brown skin while dark brown skin takes 6 to 13 months only and dark skin takes about 12 to 24 months of continuous intake.

Placenta skin whitening pills are more effective than glutathione ones, so reaching the desired color takes less time than glutathione pills. 4 pills a day can make the skin visibly whiter in just 14 days, achieving the desired color in just 2 to 4 months but dark skin may take a bit longer to reach the preferred results.

However, such a whitening process is not permanent. A maintenance treatment, of 2 pills a day, is recommended to keep the achieved skin color, in addition to regular sunscreen application to prevent the re-darkening of the skin.

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