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Skin Quiz Results Explanation – Skin Types

There actually are not so many skin type quizzes available online so we decided to create our own skin care test online which can be solved just in few minutes. If you already have answered our four questions and have found out your skin type you are welcome to read more in detail about your skin type.

Different Types Of Skin

Normal skin

normal-skinNormal skin – it is one of the rarest skin types, your skin is not too dry or oily. Your skin has an even tone and a nice soft texture. With this skin type, you will have breakouts very rarely if at all as your skin can handle pretty any skin care product. In the hot weather, you might get an oily T-zone, but generally, your skin is oil-free. As you do not need many heavy skin care products, for you perfect are light lotions and serums.

Oily skin

oily-skinOily skin – you probably have larger pores and a shiny complexion. Different types of acne are very common with your skin type. Īf you want to minimize the appearance of oil you should cleanse your face often and to avoid heavy creams or in other words to use oil-free skin care products.

Dry skin

oily-skinDry skin – your skin has small pores and pretty much the feeling of tightness. You might have visible lines, also less elasticity and a duller complexion. Your main concern is the miniaturization of your skin. You can choose a rich moisturizer and lotions to let your skin feel better.

Combination skin

combination-skinCombination skin – you have the most common skin type. You probably have oily T-zone and some dry areas of your face at the same time. As you have two different skin types on your face, you should consider using different skin care products for different areas of your face, for example, oil-free moisturizer at the dry areas of your face. You also should not over-cleanse your skin.

Sensitive skin

sensitive-skinSensitive skin – your skin probably reacts easily to different skin care products and can even break out in rashes or become itchy after you have applied one. You should avoid harsh skin care products and instead search for products that wouldn’t clog or irritate your skin. It is advised to test new skin care products on a small skin area before you apply them all over your face.

Skin type test FAQ

What are the 4 types of skin?

Normal skin, oily skin, dry skin and combination skin.

How do I know whether my skin is oily or dry?

Oily skin characteristics - enlarged pores, shiny complexion, different types of acne. Dry skin characteristics - invisible pores, rough and dull complexion, red patches, skin peeling.

What is the 5th skin type

Sensitive skin, but often it even is not considered a skin type as more it is how your skin reacts to different skin care products and to the exposure to the sun.

What is the least common skin type?

Normal skin definitelly is the least common skin type out there.

We hope our skin type test (quiz for skin type) tool was useful for you and you finally did find out your skin type.


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