Top 3 Safe Skin Lightening Creams Revealed


Safe skin lightening creams should be your first choice if you have decided to get a lighter skin tone.

A new type of creams are now in the market that promises much safer and better results achieved. In our post, you will find out about the main things you should know about safe skin lightening creams.

What Are Skin Lightening Creams

Safe skin lightening creams, as the name suggests, are skincare products that are developed to make your skin look brighter. All skin gets color from a pigment called melanin. These special cells are usually inherited from your biological parents, but certain diseases or health issues can cause issues in the production of such cells.

When melanin is damaged, it can lead to hyperpigmentation and other skin-related issues. Hyperpigmentation is the excessive production of melanin.

Lightening creams are designed to help control the level of production or concentration of melanin to give a sharper and smoother skin.

How Does Skin Lightening Work

As mentioned earlier, the color and ability of the skin to grow radiant depend on the production of melanin. There are several methods that have been developed over the years to help improve the lightening effect on the skin.

These methods include:

  • Laser treatment – a costly and dangerous procedure that can lighten blemishes or dark patches of skin. Laser treatment usually removes the damaged skin to force the body to produce better, glossier skin.
  • Lightening creams – beauty products that are designed to help improve the good melanin production in the body. Though cheaper in the short run, creams are supposed to be consumed like normal skin medicine.

How Skin Lightening Creams Work

Lightening creams contain an active ingredient or several dozens of them that allow the body to reduce the amount of bad melanin production and increase good melanin production. In most cases, lightening creams only reduce melanin production in the applied area.

These creams are mainly used to reduce age spots, fix acne scars, and fix discoloration due to hormonal imbalances. Doctors may recommend using lightening creams post-pregnancy for women who are suffering from skin issues too.

Many people confuse lightening creams and skin whitening creams. Both are different products. Skin whitening products are used to whiten the skin, which is potentially extremely hazardous and can cause permanent damage to the skin. Lightening creams, however, are recommended by doctors in certain scenarios and can be made using natural ingredients.

Popular Skin Lightening Creams Ingredients

Lightening cream is composed of several components. Because of the massive market, there are a number of different ingredients being used in different products. However, most of the products have the following common ingredients:

Hydroquinone (Not Safe)

Hydroquinone is a potent skin ingredient that is effectively sought after, mostly because it makes for an excellent active ingredient for lightening the skin. During the early stages of lightening creams in the market, it was considered to be one of the safest and cost-effective means of fixing acne scars and pigmentation issues. However, after many people reported itching issues, it was deemed dangerous and should not be used as a component in lightening creams.

If you find lightening creams that use Hydroquinone, don’t buy them. The chances are that they will irritate your skin and cause more issues than they will fix.

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid actually is a very popular ingredient in skin whitening products. It is a chelation agent that is produced by certain fungi. It is named after a Japanese fungus named Koji. Kojic acid is a by-product when you ferment malting rice to make sake – Japanese wine.

It prevents the formation of tyrosine, an amino acid that is necessary to produce melanin. It is also used as a natural preservative in certain food industry markets. Because of its nature, it has a relatively poor absorption rate below the surface of the skin, and this is why it is used in conjunction with various other ingredients in a lightening cream product.

Kojic Acid can cause irritation and swell for patients that are suffering from broken or damaged skin. Some countries have also banned Kojic Acid because it might lead to cancer.


Arbutin is a “glycoside” – a chemical – that is extracted from bearberry plants. It uses tyrosinase and is used in the prevention of melanin. Arbutin has been proven to be extremely effective in treating pigmentation and age spots.

Arbutin is also used in sunscreens because of their effective sun protection properties. Arbutin is known to even skin tone and treats acne scars. Arbutin is known also to be an effective component necessary for certain skin products to work correctly. All in all, Arbutin has proven itself to be effective.

When Are Results Visible

Results depend on the quality and strength of the safe skin lightening product that you are using. If you are using an all-natural product that is designed to be safer than stronger, actually achieving results can even take a few months to notice a change in complexion.

If you are using normal skin lightening products, the first changes in the body become noticeable 2-3 weeks after they are being applied on a 2-day delay.

Using these creams every day is too dangerous and is not recommended by doctors. Using too much cream can result in permanent damage to the skin.

How To Choose Safe Skin Lightening Creams

Maybe you already know that there are many other factors to consider before choosing a safe lightening cream:

Natural Ingredients

You may want to steer clear of lightening creams that contain Hydroquinone and even Kojic Acid. There are alternatives like Arbutin and corticosteroids, and even Aloe Vera – products that are safe to use every day. Natural ingredients always are the best choice you can make.

Nature Of The Product

Processed creams are proven to be more effective, but they have similarly higher side effects. Additionally, processed creams work effectively only on a certain type of skin. Natural products like toning milk and beautifying milk are made using natural ingredients and risk-free.

Brand Name

The brand name is significant when it comes to cosmetic products, as local products are more likely to include dangerous ingredients that will damage your skin more than they will fix.

Top 3 Safe Skin Lightening Creams

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We hope our article about safe skin lightening creams was useful for you, and it was able to properly guide you on everything you needed to know about choosing a safe skin lightening cream. Steer clear of dangerous products, and you will have a fairer skin right before you know it.

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