How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks – 17 Remedies And Much More


If you wonder how many people in the world are looking for the answer to question how to get rid of stretch marks then we can say that it is pretty huge. As there are data that around 80 percent of Americans do have stretch marks, it sounds really a lot no matter that you probably thought that this is happening only rarely.

Roxanne quit wearing her short tops, which were once her favorite. Reason? Well, she feels embarrassed to reveal her stretch marks. If you are feeling the same way as she, then you do not need to hide your feelings as it is your first right to know how to get rid of everything which makes you look not as you want. You do not need self-satisfactory quotes to calm you down about your stretch marks, which diminishes self-confidence completely. Take a step further and reveal yourself many methods you can use in a way of treating these marks on your body.

Merely in case you are not cognizant of the term here is the definition of stretch marks. These referred to the off-colored streaks or stripes which formed on the skin resultantly due to excessive weight gain or swift stretching. The main appearing point of marks are the abdomen area, but they can be observed on thighs waists, hips, lower backs, and even on the breast. Now as you are aware of the term, let’s discuss the reasons behind their formation before addressing various methods how to treat them.

The Formation Of Stretch Marks

A very complex combination of three layers, our skin consists of epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, outer, middle, and the innermost layer respectively. So, when the connective tissues between the layers get stretched because of the contraction and expansion of our skin, the marks start to develop on the middle layer of the skin in the dermis.

Furthermore, with this stretched skin the collagen and elastin fiber lose their strength, which forms little scars on the epidermis in the topmost layer of the skin.

The Main Reasons Behind The Formation Of Stretch Marks

Developed due to the stretching and contracting of the skin these skin scars primarily develop due to mentioned below various reasons:

  • Stretching of the skin during pregnancy;
  • Use of multiple medications including lotions, pills, and steroids;
  • Genetic disorders;
  • During puberty hormonal changes;
  • Abnormal weight gain;
  • Bodybuilding;
  • Heredity transfer;
  • Issues appear in glands secretion like Cushing’s syndrome a malfunctioning of adrenal glands.

The Main Symptoms Of Stretch Marks

There are some of the initials signs which indicate the formation of these marks. So keep a check on your body to anticipate any such changes:

  • Skin becomes flattened, pink, and thin before the arrival of scars.
  • Initially, these lines are sort of wrinkly and raised.
  • The particular area becomes cushy to touch.
  • Pink, purple and red lines start appearing on the skin.
  • Later these lines change their color to white or silver in color.
  • Furthermore, they may be included as parallel patches.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Although it is very natural to have such marks, however, you do not have to carry them for your whole life. Apart from many surgical procedures to get rid of stretch marks, nature has provided us with many herbal solutions to this apparent problem.

Remedy #1 – Water

Fully hydrated skin is critical to boosting the detoxification process of the skin. So what else is perfect than water for hydration purposes? Drink almost ten glasses of water to make your skin hydrated and soft. It is considered as one of the quickest ways to get rid of stretch marks.

Remedy #2 – Sugar

It is recognized as the best exfoliating agent; sugar provides you a sure-shot solution to your problem. Take a tablespoon full of sugar and then mix it with lemon juice and few drops of almond oil and then employ it on the affected area. Gently massage for 8-10 minutes and then take a shower. This cure will fade out the marks in one month with regular use.

Remedy #3 – Aloe Vera

Hugely adore by the homeopathy experts, Aloe Vera is the solution to various skin problems. The direct application of Aloe Vera will give good results, however, for even more promising results, try out the mention below remedy. Take ¼ cup Aloe Vera gel, mix the gel with Vitamin A and E oils and apply it to the affected area.

Remedy #4 – Potato Juice

Fertile with vitamins and minerals, potato juice provides the growth and restoration services to the skin. Rubbing of potato slice on the unwanted marks also gives you amazing results.

Remedy #5 – Lemon Juice

Lemons filled with acid which helps in the reduction of scars, marks, skin injuries, and acne. Clutch the lemon and apply the juice on the affected areas in a circular motion.

Remedy #6 – Olive Oil

Olive oil is a rich combination of various nutrients and antioxidants. Messaging the Lukewarm olive oil on the affected area will improve the blood circulation and tends to reduce the stretch marks.

Remedy #7 – Cocoa Butter

Utterly notable for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties, cocoa butter enhances the blood circulation and thus helps to get rid of stretch marks. Mix the half-cup cocoa butter with only one teaspoon of tea kernel oil, one tablespoon of wheat germ oil, vitamin E, and two teaspoons of grated beeswax. Heat the mixture till the melting of beeswax then apply it on the affected region twice or even thrice a day for better results.

Remedy #8 – Castor Oil

It regarded as a healing treatment for the skin problems; castor oils helps in reduction of pimples, wrinkles, and dark spot. However, you are probably wondering how it works for stretch marks? So, here are the methods. Message castor oil with your fingers on the area in a natural circular motion for about 15 minutes and then wrap the area with a thin cloth to provide it heat. A daily routine of 30 minutes will give you likely outcomes.

Remedy #9 – Egg Whites

Only, the egg whites. Wisk the two egg whites with the help of a beater or fork. Then apply the mixture on the affected region in thick layers. Let it completely dry out, then wash the dry mixture with cold water properly. After that, apply some olive oil for moisturizing the skin.

Remedy #10 – Alfalfa Leaves

Let’s have an initial glance at the health benefits of Alfalfa leaves. Filled with amino acids, Vitamin K, E, and various antifungal agents, the alfalfa leaves help in improving the skin tone, and overall health of the skin. Form a paste by mixing some alfalfa powder with chamomile oil and then mildly rub it on the touched on area thrice a day.

Remedy #11 – Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, And Almond Oil

The fantastic trio, almond oil, lavender oil, and of course the chamomile oil, are naturally notable for the lighting of marks. Take a half teaspoon of lavender oil and mix it with a half teaspoon of almond oil and chamomile oil each. Stir the mixture well and then apply this on the affected area.

Remedy #12 – Apricots

Want some amazing results, then practice this remedy. Take two to three apricot and get rid of their seeds. Grind them properly in a grinder and then apply the paste on the area. Leave the mixture there for about 20 minutes. After that rinse the paste with lukewarm water. Try this remedy for one month, and you will be amazed to see how it will treat your stretch marks.

Remedy #13 – Glycerin

Remember the lemon juice application mentioned above? You can heighten the power of lemon juice by adding some drops of glycerin in it. The mixture will not only help you get rid of stretch marks but also leave your skin soft and moist.

Remedy #14 – Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antiviral attributes. Effective on all skin type, the application of tea tree oil provide you useful results.

Remedy #15 – Vitamin K

Very efficient for the scars on the dermis, so vitamin K is an effective solution for removal of the marks. It is present in large amounts in green vegetables such as spring onions, cabbage, and pickled cucumber. Do make a salad and consume it on a daily basis to get rid of stretch marks.

Remedy #16 – Herbal Solution

A very easy solution to preparing – the herbal solution is a mixture of one tablespoon of calendula oil and wheat germ oil. Apply this herb mixture on your problematic region and see the result for yourself.

Remedy #17 – Physical Exercise

Perform regular exercise, do crunches, do sit-ups, go for swimming, as it all helps in the toning of your body.

Top Stretch Mark Treatment Products

So far we have reviewed just a small amount from the big range of stretch mark treating products available out there. The conclusion is as with most of the skincare products none product can give you a 100% guarantee that it will make miracles with your skin still that does not mean you should not give it a try. You can read more about our already reviewed products.

So far our top choice goes to Skinception Intensive Stretch mark therapy.

Some Effective Exercises For Removing Stretch Mark Scars

  • Stomach marks: Lie flat down on the floor. After that bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on the sides of your head and try to lift your upper body, with contraction of your abs.
  • For scars on thighs:  Sit on a chair on the in a straight posture. Put your hands on the sides of the heads and swing your legs in a downward and upward motion. This exercise is very valid for the firming of the thighs.
  • For scars on buttocks and hips: Lie flat down on the back. Relax and then lift your one leg by creating a 90-degree angle. Keep it that way until you feel stress on buttocks. Reform the identical procedure with the opposite side as well.
  • Bottom marks: For this particular exercise all you need to do is to lie down flat facing the floor. Put your arms on the sides and then lift your one leg and then the other in repetitive terms. Keep in mind to raise your leg almost 3-6 inches from the floor.

One paramount point to note down is that you have to do it for your self-beauty to be sincere with your treatment and perform these lifts thrice a week.

Few Tips How To Get Rid Of Old Stretch Marks

Wait, do you think all these treatments do not work in your case as your marks are too old to get rid of? Then you do not need to worry, you should follow these remedies, and you will certainly go to succeed in dimming your fade out lines.

The most commonly used treatment for the old stretch marks is to have fractional laser therapy. However, this treatment comes with some side effects including hyperpigmentation and scarring on the body. But you do not need to go through this scary process there are some natural remedies available for the removal of old marks. Hurrah, a breeze of relaxation right?

  • Use SPF 60 direct on the affected part.
  • Oats perform like the natural scrub for the skin. Use oats to scrub down your marks.
  • The use of folic acid on the stretch marks also gives you outstanding results.
  • The use of Vaseline is also a recommended solution for the old stretch marks.
  • For repairing the tear out Collagen, Glycolic acid is a useful medium as it increases the production of collagen in the body.
  • Retinoic acid crème commonly refer as Retin-A can be utilized for lessening the ugly-looking marks.

Young Moms Might Take Into Account About Treating Stretch Marks

  • Dear expecting moms, we know you are all going through experience maybe for the first time in life, and maybe you are worried about the changes your body is experiencing right now. However, you should be conscious of using random objects on the body.
  • The lotions and crèmes consist of chemicals in their formation that may attract you, but they are not going to give you stretch marks the free body. Instead, the chemicals in them may cause skin-damaging rashes and scars.
  • Increase your zinc, vitamin C, and zinc consumption. Eat food rich with all three of them. Give your body a natural way to make more collagen to get rid of stretch marks.
  • Perform yoga and regular exercise to keep your body in shape. Also, make it certain that your skin is kept moisturized properly.
  • And yes, one last piece of advice! Do not, never, scratch your affected area as it results in further damage.

We hope that you did find at least one useful method if you were looking at how to get rid of stretch marks once and for all.

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