What Is Retinol And What Actually Does It For Your Beauty


So what is retinol? Retinol is a Vitamin A but of the animal type. The retinol is an alcohol and is diterpenoid. The companies convert it into other forms of Vitamin A. These are the chemical properties of retinol but the real question is what actually is retinol and how it is used?

Retinol And The Most Common Forms

Retinol has various forms. The companies convert the retinol into retinal that is a form particularly needed for the vision while when the companies convert it later into the retinoic acid, it used for the health of skin, remineralization of the teeth and the growth of bones.

Clinical Use of Vitamin A (Prescription Retinoid)

The Retinol is vitamin A, and it has different forms that people use for clinical purposes. The retinol and its other forms are used in the cosmetic treatments as well as applied in the medical treatments related to the skin.  The companies convert it into Retinoic Acid also known as Tretinoin. This form has specific uses related to skin. It is used to treat acne issues as well as keratosis pilaris. The compound is added in the creams to be used and get the treatment of particular issues. Further forms include the isomer of Tretinoin, isotretinoin that is used for the severe and worse conditions of acne. The isomer is taken orally to treat recalcitrant acne in a person.

What Retinoids do?

The retinoids are the real form that is used widely as a Vitamin. Now the question raises that what does Retinoid do? Retinoids are Vitamin A derivative that is used for various purposes. The Retinoid helps to unblock and unclog the pores of the skin particularly helping to reduce acne. The pimples formed on the skin can diminish with the help of retinol and retinoids.

The retinoids are used to boost the collagen in the skin to reduce the fine lines. These compounds are used in Botox treatments. The retinol converted into retinoids is the reason that the cells will turnover speedily, and the skin discoloration will be reduced. These compounds give the skin a smooth and subtle texture. It is the reason that these compounds are used in the treatments and help to even out the skin issues in the four months. The use of the retinoids must regularly be carried to get the best results.

The History Of Retinoid

The first ever retinol compound, tretinoin was found about 40 years ago. It was prescribed as the treatment for acne. The FDA approved the use of the compound named as Retin-A. The dermatologists have been working on the compound, its properties, and history. Then they discovered that the patients who have used the compound brand, Retin-A, know experiences better, and softer skin. Decrease the fine lines on the skin, and the skin started to glow and became brighter. Reduce skin issues with regular use.

The Main Retinoids Brands

The retinoids come into three types that are strength retinoids used for the prescription of medical treatments.

  • Tretinoin – The brands of this type of retinoid include Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Renovo, Atralin, and Avita.
  • Tazarotene – The brands of this particular compound form include Tazorac and Avage.
  • Adapalene – The brand of this compound form includes Differin.

The dermatologists consider the form, Tazarotene as the strongest of all and it can cause irritation after the use. The Tretinoin is a moderate compound while Adapalene is the gentlest as well as a mild form that could be less effective but a good combination to the skin.

Over The Counter Retinol

When people do not want to visit the doctors and get medical treatment, they can use over-the-counter retinoid as well. The companies convert the retinol into retinoid that is used in the creams and cosmetics to treat the skin issues. But use the retinol, the active ingredient in it will work faster than the converted form. Notice that the retinol will give results in less time than the retinoid that will give the results in about 12 weeks. The Retinol is used to treat the discoloration and fine lines, and the results are acceptable.

The Myths of Retinoids and Retinol

People think that the use of retinoid will make their skin more sensitive. And it may cause issues when going out in the sun. The retinoid does not cause the skin to become sun-sensitive. It is one of the biggest and widely spread myths about the compound. The dermatology department of a University in New York studied the compound. The head of the department started using Tazorac himself.

The results were positive, and there were no side effects found. But the thought process revealed that the ingredient was sun-sensitive. Its properties were not friendly with the sun that is why the compound was prescribed to use at night before going to bed. In this way, the product will give the best results. The humidity is very good for skin as it moisturizes the skin and does not let it dry. In this way, the retinoid will work the best.

The use of the retinoid will cause the skin to suffer first. People get afraid of the consequences of using it and getting the final results. The compound in the medicine will cause the dryness, flaking, and redness on the skin. But if you want to get the results without making your skin look bad, try using it with the regular intervals of two days. Apply the cream every third night to get the right results without any worse effects. When the compound in the cream or other product will get used to the skin, apply it daily at night to get the desired results in some weeks. The skin care is important. The face must be washed off to apply the retinol after 15 minutes. Use proper moisturizer to combat the dryness caused by the cream.

People think that the treatment of retinol is very expensive. But the case is different. You can afford the product easier for skin treatment. The product that includes insurance in the prescription will cost $75. It will Retin-A that can vary with the use and the plan of the longer-term or shorter-term use. The 20-gram tube will cost you $75, while the generic Tretinoin can be available in $40. The cost matters but the cheaper one will work right as well. It is guaranteed to give you the desired results of retinol. Some of the products containing the Retinol are inexpensive, but the quantity of the whole product differs. Like the wrinkle cream will cost you about $22 so use it at night. The other formulas with 0.1% retinol will be available in the aluminum packing. It will protect from light and air.

When You Should Not Use It?

Do not use the product in some of the cases. These situations are discussed below to aware the people who want to use the product. It can be dangerous sometimes as every product has its limitations and people must know before they start using it. The skin can be harmed so avoid the product in particular situations.

1. Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

Pregnancy or breastfeeding are two of the most major and important times in the life of a woman. The women may become sensitive to the uses of such products as well as the use might affect the process of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Pregnancy is a sensitive time, so the doctors request the patients to stop using any of the products that do not relate to such a condition. Like the extra vitamins, supplements and other types of regular medication that is not related to any particular diseases but essential for good health, skin, or body. Breastfeeding is an important era when the infant gets all the nutrients from the mother so the mothers should avoid using the products that hinder or create negative impacts on the lactation period.

2. After Skin Exfoliation Or Cleansing

The facial skin is a sensitive area of a human body. It gets exfoliated and cleaned easily. But it becomes sensitive with time. The people, who want to use retinol, generic tretinoin, and retinoid, must avoid using it to the sensitive skin. Prevent the products to apply on the skin that is exfoliated and cleansed before. As the new skin appears on the face because of these facial treatments, the retinoid can have worse impacts or negative effects. Let the face settle for 10 minutes after it has been washed to get the application of the retinol product.

3. Sun Exposure

Do not expose the retinol application to the sun. The compound, retinol is sun-sensitive itself. It does not make the skin sensitive, but when applied you must avoid going out in the sun as the reaction might affect the skin later. The retinol must be applied at night so the consequences will be better. Give retinol regular intervals of a break so the skin can breathe and the retinol can settle a bit. These tips will help to get the best results.

4. Unhealthy Skin

Some people have unhealthy skin. The skin is always dry, red, flaky and irritating. It is the symptoms that the skin is not healthy, and it needs improvement. The skin needs a speedy turnover of the cells so that the dry cells will wither off and the skin can become smooth and healthy again. It will help the skin to apply any of the cosmetics and products without getting any skin issues. If the skin is not good, avoid using the products containing retinol or retinoid must. It will make skin conditions worse. The skin becomes drier, and the flakes will be more. With its use, people can adhere to bad skin conditions. So avoid using the product in such conditions.

5. Acne Medication

If the person is using medication for acne treatment, avoid the product having retinol. Sometimes the product has both acne treatment compounds as well as the retinol, so avoid using different products at the same time. Consult the doctor first before using it yourself. The combination can cause aggressive results making the skin dry, irritated and red. The combo will reduce the desired results.

6. Before Waxing

If you want facial wax, stop using the retinol at least a week before it. The retinol removes the layers of the skin to get better and smooth skin. The skin is subtle and fragile that might be affected with the wax. The wax can remove your skin if the retinol is not cut off before time. The tip is very important as it could harm the skin and get negative effects.

Retinol Side Effects

The retinol can affect the skin in various ways. There are various side effects attached to retinol usage. These are discussed below.

  • The skin could get dry as the retinol affects the oil glands.
  • The skin could become red and flaky with the usage.
  • The skin might be risky towards the sun effects.
  • The skin can start peeling off or get swelled.

But remember, these side effects are for a particular period, and they can get over after the retinol start giving its results. The skin will later get smooth, clear and spotless. The people will desire to have a longer-term use, but a break is necessary for retinol. After all, artificial products and chemicals are not good for the skin.

After reading our article you might have an idea about what is retinol and how your health could benefit from using it. As we already mentioned the people use it for reducing the skin issues and getting better results. People want better, smooth and subtle skin. Of course, everyone must be aware of the uses, effects, and limitations of the product before using it. Retinol will give you brighter skin. The Retinol is widely in use around the world, and it will give a better skin to those who have spots, scars, and discolored skin. The retinol and its further forms are available in the market at lower prices and ranges according to the use, course and other aspects.

We hope you get the main idea about what is retinol from our article.

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