Pai Skin Care Review – For Women With Sensitive Skin

Pai Skincare review

Pai Skincare product line is created especially for women with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. The range of Pai Skincare line includes moisturizers, body care, cleanse & tone, eye care and lip care products.

As we basically are reviewing anti-aging products our main focus will be on two particular  Pai Skincare products – echium rejuvenating eye cream (anti-aging eye cream) and rosehip bioregenerate fruit & seed oil blend (improves the appearance of scars, sun damage and fine lines).

The uniqueness of Pai Skincare line is in its organic (plant-based) ingredients, which let’s supply your skin, the best and the safest care you could ever want.

Why Choose Pai Skincare

The main reasons why you could consider choosing exactly Pai Skincare products is the quality and effectiveness, which is ensured with a well-researched formulation and very carefully selected ingredients.

Pai Skin care products with anti-aging qualities contain natural active ingredients, which in an effective manner can help you to gain youthful-looking skin. At the same time, they moisturize and help to regenerate your skin’s cells.

Echium rejuvenating cream, as its name says, contains Echium (extract), which is proven to help in the regeneration process of the skin and reduction of the wrinkles.

How Does Pai Skincare Work

The list of all Pai Skincare beauty products would be very long, so we will point out those which has gained the largest popularity amongst the users of these skin care products.

Rosehip bioregenerate oil

Rosehip oil with its unique formula helps to stimulate the natural process of skin’s healing. If used daily Rosehip oil might improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

With clinical studies is proven that Rosehip is capable of fighting stretch marks, fine lines, sun damage and even scars. This is one of the strongest rosehip oils available on the market. It also can be used to reduce signs of ageing on your skin. Suitable for all skin types, including dry skin.

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Chamomile and rosehip calming day cream

Suitable for very sensitive skin with its natural beauty ingredients. It reduces the redness and irritation of the skin.

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Gentle hydrating cleanser

After its use, the skin feels soft and replenished.

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Life hydration serum

Great for skin’s hydration, clinically tested skin care product. It is suitable for sensitive skin. Contains Hyaluronic acid.

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Age Confidence Cream Echium & Macadamia

Echium cream is one of Pai Skincare anti-aging products. Echium cream contains proven to work active anti-aging ingredients. As it is free of alcohol and irritating chemicals it makes it extremely suitable for use around your eyes.

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Dual Effect Sensitive Skin Cloth

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Pai Skincare Ingredients

Echium rejuvenating cream’s main ingredient is Echium, which in an effective way helps to regenerate the skin and to make smoother fine lines. At the same time, Echium has other anti-aging qualities revealed just with recent researches.

Rosehip biorenegerate fruit & seed oil blend’s main ingredient, as its name says, is the blend of rosehip fruit and seed. Rosehip fruit is well-known as a great skin healer. This particular blend is rich with omegas and antioxidants and they all together effectively work to regenerate damaged skin.


  • No matter we tried to find any cons of Pai Skincare products, so far we have not revealed anything that we could inform you about before you decide to try these products.

Pai Skincare Testimonials

“I was using an eye cream and an eye cream mask at night and nothing seemed to be shifting my fine dehydration lines. Within two applications of Echium eye cream my eyes look much smoother. It’s a gorgeous texture – rich and hydrating but very light. It feels beautiful on the skin and is very easy to apply.” Jasmine, Manchester


  • Quality (Pai Skincare products contain only naturally derived ingredients);
  • Free of any synthetic preservatives (they do not contain other chemical nasties as well);
  • Free of any animal testing;
  • Pai Skincare is certified by Soil Association (which gives a guarantee that its production has been independently checked and has high production standards).

Where to Buy Pai Skincare

You can buy Pai Skin care products online from several stores, one of the most popular would be Amazon.

We hope our short Pai Skin Care review was useful for you.

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