The Magic Of BB, CC And DD Creams


The beauty industry has been taken over by the BB, CC and DD cream boom. To be honest, at first glance, it more sounds like shopping for underwear, not in the cosmetics store. How many letter combinations can you expect to show up in your cosmetic purse in the future? We all like to follow fashion, and it happens not only in terms of clothing or footwear. We also are waiting for cosmetic updates with a great impatience.

These lettered creams are designed to facilitate and improve the use of make-up. Chemists, beauticians, and make-up artist teams are trying to meet today’s demanding expectations of women and to create more new cosmetic products. They are all multi-purpose creams that are trying to outrun tonal creams which are so popular already many years.

However, each of creams described further combines different features that allow each of us to choose the most appropriate. BB and CC creams’ are already produced by almost all of the most popular cosmetic brands, but DD cream is completely new.

How not to get lost? Pretty much could be inferred simply by decrypting and translating the mysterious string of letters, but you probably want more explanation. The three main properties, which combines all of these creams are moisturizing facial tone adjustment and protection against UV rays. Each of these products provides a feeling of lightness, it makes naturally glowing skin and disguises minor defects. In the formula of these creams are molecules which, in the contact with skin reacts and smoothness it.

BB Cream (Beauty Balm)

BB cream combines makeup polishing and protective properties. It is a moisturizing day cream, at the same time and it evens skin tone as well. This product is not recommended for defending your daily face cream or serum. The owners of the dry skin will definitely need an extra moisturizing. In BB cream is added the ultraviolet ray protector.

This cream is recommended as an additional daily make-up product for women with groomed and healthy skin. BB cream contains no added oils so that the sense of lightness is guaranteed. The frequent ingredient is silicone that gives a velvety skin effect. In general, cosmetic brands do not offer such a wide choice of colors as liquid foundation, because the composition of the products is different. It is based on molecules that are capable of adjusting the skin tone.

CC Cream (Color Correcting)

Unlike the BB creams, these creams have pronounced anti-aging effect, masking effect and powerful UV filter. Therefore, these creams are more suitable for problematic and aged skin. CC cream’s main task is to solve a variety of skin problems. They produce a more matte effect than BB creams. Particular attention should be paid to the tones. There are creams which use the microscopic green pigments that visually eliminate red facial defects.

Products with violet pigments enhance pale skin tone. In turn, peach orange pigments enliven pale skin. The cream color of the tube can be completely purple or greenish but do not be afraid of it, as applied to the face, it will adjust and equalize the skin tone. These creams act as a chameleon skin – and adapts to decorate. More suitable for women with problematic skin.

DD Cream (Daily Defense)

Currently, only a handful of firms is offering DD cosmetic creams. First discovered by American brand “Julep”. Every cosmetic company has its own vision for this combination of letters: daily defense, dynamic do-all, or even dermatologically defining. At first, it was meant to be a powerful tool for daily care, but each time the company added another feature.

These creams have effective anti-aging properties. Consequently, they are often complemented with a strong UV filter – 30, DD cream has deep hydrating and nourishing properties, combined with a masking effect. Each company strives to enrich their products with substances effective as possible – antioxidants, vitamins, and various herbal extracts. DD creams are suitable for more mature skin. 

The Main Features of BB, CC and DD Creams

BB creamCC creamDD cream
– moisturizes
– UV filter 15
– evens out skin tone
– improves the skin structure
– suitable for long-term use
– moisturizes
– UV filter 20
– corrects the skin tone
– makes the skin matte
– prevents reddened skin
– improves the complexion gray
– disguises minor skin blemishes
– reduces pores
– deeply moisturizes
– UV filter 30
– nourishes the skin
– smooths out wrinkles
– evens the skin tone
– disguises minor skin blemishes
– reduces pores
– whitens skin
– prevents the occurrence of pigment spots

The Effective Disguise of The Pores

As a base under BB, CC and DD creams, or even your liquid foundation can be applied Blur cream, which is offered by a number of cosmetic companies. This is a great tool that is popular among makeup artists to hide pores.