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Kinohimitsu reviews of a very popular collagen drink will reveal to you the most important facts about this beauty regaining source a powerful beauty collagen drink. Physical appearance without flaws nowadays is a dream of many. For people’s satisfaction, there are various products developed, and collagen drinks are gaining a larger popularity day by day.

The manufacturers of Kinohimitsu have also successfully introduced their product to the people showing the best results for youthful, resilient, and radiant skin. All their skincare products are carefully formulated.

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Why Choose Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink

From our point of view, the main reason to choose this from other collagen products (drinks) is the huge experience that producers have in the field of collagen drinks and also other products for skincare and beauty.

This company launched the first collagen drink in 2001 when people even did not know something like a beauty drink in other countries. In the beginning, it had two times smaller concentrations of collagen, later was developed this Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 mg drink which now is the most sold collagen drink in Asia. There also is an available Kinohimitsu BB drink, which boosts immunity. You can check more information about it on their official website.

The manufacturer of Kinohimitsu has also pointed out nine basic cases when you definitely could consider trying out these collagen drink products.

How Does Kinohimitsu Work

If you already know that collagen level with ages naturally decreases in our body, and that is one of the main reasons why appear all those aging signs, then we can go further and talk about Kinohimitsu, which contains such small parts of collagen that the body can actually absorb them and in the result to stimulate the production of collagen in our body.

The results are pretty amazing as you can notice changes in so many parts of your body, starting from your skin and ending up with your hair. The appearance is improved and overall self-esteem as well. Your skin condition will definitely improve after taking the Kinohimitsu beauty drink.

Kinohimitsu Ingredients

  • Collagen peptide (derived from fish): as it is in tiny parts, it is easily absorbed by the body to start working for the benefit of the skin very fast;
  • Perilla seed extract: acting as an antioxidant that ultimately helps to reduce inflammation at the cellular level and to boost cell restoration power;
  • Silk protein: helps in retaining the moisture of the skin by acting as a water-binding agent in the body;
  • Soy isoflavone: helps to reduce the inflammation and boosts up the production of collagen and elastin proteins;
  • Apple, lemon, lychee condensed juice: are rich in malic acid and vitamin C that are best for skin lightening results.

How To Use It/ Dosage

The standard dosage is 1 bottle of Kinohimitsu per day. It is advised to take it either before your breakfast time or, if you prefer, before bedtime. Keep in mind to shake it well before drinking.

If you just started to take Kinohimitsu, please remember to take 1 bottle of the drink for 6 days. If you already have reached the effect of your skin and appearance, you have to take 1 bottle only every 2 days to maintain your results.


  • Lifts your skin by making it firmer;
  • Tightens up the skin pores;
  • Gives skin a velvety look;
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines over the skin;
  • Reduces wrinkles;
  • Makes the complexion radiant;
  • Retains the moisture of the skin (also of dry skin);
  • Improves the strength and the health of nails and hairs;
  • Delicious taste.


  • Not suitable for vegetarians as it contains collagen derived from fish;
  • As with any product you have to take orally, some people might not like the flavor of the drink.

Real Kinohimitsu Reviews

Kinohimitsu Singapore users are delighted with this drink, the same as Kinohimitsu Jpan beauty drink users. As the overall skin look has significantly improved, you can even say that the skin renewal process has started.

“I saw improvements already after the use of only a few bottles.” Angela

“I am using it already for two years, and I am happy with the results. I have fewer wrinkles, and my skin is brighter.” Irene



  • 100% natural ingredients;
  • 20 years of experience in the field of skincare and beauty product manufacturing;
  • Most of the customers are satisfied with the results.

How Much Does Kinohimitsu Cost

The price of a package of 16 bottles is $59.90. You have to keep in mind the directions if you use it for the first time as in the first week you have to take it daily, you would have to purchase two packages to use it for a full first month.

Where To Buy Kinohimitsu

The options to buy Kinohimitsu actually are pretty wide, starting with the official website of Kinohimitsu and ending up with different kinds of internet shops so that you can choose your favorite.

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