How To Remove Wrinkles Naturally: 16 Methods Revealed


How to remove wrinkles naturally? A lot of people worry about this question as they get older, they tend to develop wrinkles. Just as old age comes with wisdom, it also comes with wrinkles. Now people worry about developing wrinkles quickly even when they not that old. This is because, apart from aging, other factors can also facilitate the appearance of wrinkles.

Although there have been some medical suggestions, with a lot of people undergoing surgeries to reduce wrinkles, there are also a lot of ways to remove wrinkles naturally. In order to achieve this, one has to understand what wrinkles are, what causes them and how they tend to develop.

What Are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are lines or small folds in one’s skin, especially on a person’s face; which forms as one tends to get older. The process by which they form is called ‘wrinkling’. Wrinkles can be seen on the hands, on the neck, under the eyes, around the lips, face, and forehead. Generally, age is the major cause of wrinkles. However, several factors also facilitate their appearance. Some of those factors, one can control and the rest is just beyond anybody’s control.

Factors That Influence Wrinkles

Some of those factors which can lead to the appearance of wrinkles include:

  • Age: This is said to be the major cause of wrinkles. As one gets older, the skin undergoes a lot of changes, which weakens it. With time, the dermis loses elastin and collagen, thereby making the skin less capable of circulating moisture to the epidermis. This leaves the skin dry, paving way for wrinkles.
  • Sun: Excessive exposure to the sun without adequate sunscreen increases the possibility of developing wrinkles. The sun emits Ultraviolet rays which could be harmful to the skin. This is why, one is always advised to use sunscreen while sunbathing; because apart from sunburns, one can develop wrinkles too.
  • Lack of Proper Skin Care: Everybody needs proper skin care. When one exposes the body to a lot of stress, it is only right to always give it a treat; more than once in a while. Proper skin care reduces the rate at which wrinkles appear on the body. Do not let the skin get dry, always moisturize the skin. This is why it is advised that one visits masseurs every once in a while. Always get a face massage and most importantly, use quality skin care products. This is because, when one uses skin care products not suitable for the skin, the tendency of developing skin conditions, including wrinkles is very high.
  • Genetics: Most families tend to age and develop wrinkles faster than other families. The same way some people from some parts of the world age faster than those from other parts. This is one of those factors which are beyond people’s control. However, using good beauty techniques and natural remedies can help your skin age a little slower.
  • Gender And Hormone Factors. The female gender seems to develop wrinkles faster than their male counterparts. This is because they seem to possess oily skin. The male gender, on the other hand, possesses skin saturated with sebum. Also, the female gender seems to go through a lot of hormonal changes from puberty to menopause. During menopause, there is decreased estrogen production. This invariably leads to wrinkles on the skin.

How Lifestyle Can Have Effect On Wrinkles

An unhealthy lifestyle can cause wrinkles, they include:

  • Stress: Too much stress also exerts pressure on people’s skin, leading to easy wrinkling. As much as possible, people should reduce the way they get stressed out. Time should always be created to get enough rest.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol: High intake of alcohol affects the bloodstream. As observed, whenever one has a hangover, the eyes become puffy and it takes a lot of time to get back to normal. The whole process stretches your skin and invariably, causes wrinkles. Alcohol also leaves toxins and water under one’s eyes leading to the easy appearance of wrinkles and eye bags under the eyes.
  • Smoking: Wrinkles are caused quickly by excessive intake of tobacco. The skin needs oxygen and nutrients to stay fresh and healthy. Smoking restricts blood flow to your skin. Therefore, excessive smoking leaves one dehydrated and with dry skin. In order to avoid getting wrinkles early, it is advisable to totally stay away from smoking tobacco.
  • Sugar Intake And Wrinkles: Excessive intake of sugar could make one look dense and old. It could also make one add weight easily. So, in order to reduce the speed at which wrinkles develop, one should stay away from too much sugar.
  • Excessive use of one’s gadgets. When one excessively makes use of electronic gadgets, you tend to maintain a particular posture. That part of the skin becomes strained and stressed. One can even notice this through the little neck aches and back sores gotten from bending over so much. This could go further to cause wrinkles.

How Your Sleeping Pattern Can Induce The Formation Of Wrinkles

When one continues to sleep in a particular position, the pressure is exerted on that part of the skin. This especially happens when one sleeps face down. The pressure is exerted on the facial tissues giving into wrinkles. Therefore, instead of sleeping in one posture always, try changing to different postures, maybe on one’s back or side, while sleeping.

Chewing gum always: Just like when people smoke, the pressure is also exerted on the skin around the mouth when they excessively chew gum. The lips are pursed always and that could quickly lead to a lot of wrinkling around the lip area.

These are just some of the common factors associated with the development of wrinkles. Now, the understanding of the above factors will lead to the knowledge of a few ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and how quickly they appear.

How To Delay The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Some ways one can delay the appearance of wrinkles include:

  1. Sugar: Avoid excessive sugar intake especially refined sugar.  Instead of too much sugar, one can use honey or fruits.
  2. Alcohol: One should try as much as possible to avoid alcohol, or reduce it to the barest minimum.
  3. Smoke: As much as they can, people should stay away from smoke and anything tobacco related.
  4. Quality cosmetics: People should go for quality cosmetics and beauty products which suit their skin.
  5. Use sunscreen: While sunbathing, one should not make sunscreen an option, make it a necessity. It goes a long way to protect the skin.
  6. Healthy Eating: People are advised to eat healthy diets. Eat foods rich in natural oil; to help keep the skin oily. Avoid fatty dairy products, carbonated drinks and excessive candy intake.
  7. Avoid chewing gums: As much as possible, one should avoid chewing gums to avoid stressing the skin around the lips too much.
  8. Sleep right: One should try sleeping in different positions other than sleeping in one position always.
  9. Take enough water: people should not leave their system dehydrated; it affects your skin too. They should always take a lot of water.
  10. Use moisturizer: One should not let the skin go dry. Always moisturize the skin, as often as possible.
  11. Take fruits and vegetables: They possess antioxidant compounds which fight damages caused by free radicals and help protect the skin. Fruits and vegetables like cabbage, onion, oranges, pineapples and so on.

As much as wrinkles can be reduced and delayed, they can also be removed. Most people do it by going under the knife. However, some easy home remedies exist for removing them.

Natural Methods To Remove Wrinkles

There are several easy, natural and homemade ways to remove wrinkles; they include the use of fruits, fruit extracts, and oils also other natural food and food substances that reduce wrinkles, so obviously eating all these fruits and food can reduce wrinkles.

Method #1 – Lime

Lime has been known for a long time to be a good treatment for the face. It helps remove spots and pimples. Apart from this, it is also very useful in removing wrinkles. In order to use this to treat wrinkles; Slice a ball of lime and extract the juice. Clean the face with warm water. Get a piece of cotton wool, dip it in the solution and dab around the face. Hold on for ten minutes and wash it off. Repeat every day for results.

Method #2 – Pineapple

This is also one of the many fruits known to possess a lot of antioxidants. It also helps slow than the aging process and effects on the skin. To get the best results, apply pineapple extracts/juice on the affected skin areas and leave before ten minutes, then take a shower.

Method #3 – Oranges

Oranges are also known to be healthy for the skin. It is also used to remove wrinkles. To use; Rinse the skin, slice a ball of orange and apply the juice on the affected areas. After ten minutes, the skin should be rinsed. Use it thrice a week for results.

Method #4 – Cabbage

Blend cabbage and make juice out of it. Then apply the juice directly on the wrinkled parts of the skin. Leave it for some minutes and then rinse it off. Repeat the process always to get the best results.

Method #5 – Papaya

This is a fruit rich in vitamins. Little wonder papaya extracts do so well in the market. For the best results, people are advised to mash ripe papaya into a creamy paste. Apply on the wrinkled skin and rinse off after some minutes. This should also be done often.

Method #6 – Grape and Grape Seed Oil Extract

The Grapeseed is also known to contain vitamins and minerals good for the skin. The oil extracts from Grape seed contains antioxidants which help the skin maintain its elasticity. This helps to keep the skin moisturized. For one to use this, the oil extracts should be added to one’s body lotion. However, it is subject to the supervision of a dermatologist.

Method #7 – Coconut oil

One cannot over-emphasize the importance of oil to the skin. To get the best results; one can add little drops of coconut oil to a suitable body lotion and use it often. It helps to remove wrinkles in no time.

Method #8 – Castor oil

This is also another form of oil and like all the other oils mentioned earlier; it is very good for the skin. It can be applied once daily, before shower time and should be used often to get the best results.

Method #9 – Olive oil

This is another type of oil that is very good for the skin. One can use it as often as possible or even add it to a lotion. It is even better when mixed with honey. It also helps to get rid of wrinkles.

Method #10 – Potatoes

These also contain antioxidant agents which help the skin. To use, Make a fine paste out of them and apply it to the affected skin areas. Leave it for twenty minutes and wash off. It should be done the last thing before going to bed.

Method #11 – Honey

Honey has been known for a long time to serve a lot of purposes. It can be used alone and can also be used with other accompanying agents. To use alone, apply it on the affected skin areas and let it be absorbed. Rinse it off after thirty minutes. It should be used often for the best results. Honey can also be used as:

Method #12 – Honey and Lemon Solution

Honey does a lot of things. It also helps remove wrinkles. Lemon also serves as a good facial cleanser. A mixture of both simply works wonders. To use, slice a lemon ball and extract the juice. Add drops of honey and apply on the face and leave for ten minutes before rinsing it off. Apply thrice a week for the best results.

Method #13 – Honey and Milk Solution

Milk is known to help keep the skin fresh. It also helps in removing wrinkles. To achieve this, mix several drops of honey in cold milk to form a solution. Apply on the skin and leave for ten minutes. Rinse it off afterward. Do it twice a week for best results.

Method #14 – Egg white

Egg white is known to be a good face mask though the smell can be very offensive. However, to get rid of wrinkles, get one and beat evenly. Make a fine paste and apply on the affected areas of the skin. Leave it for ten minutes, and then wash it off.

Method #15 – Natural extracts of Vitamin E

This vitamin contains antioxidants good for the skin. One can find the natural extracts and supplements and apply directly on the skin; it will penetrate the pores and help remove wrinkles.

Method #16 – Fish and fish oil

Fish contains fish oil which is very suitable for the skin. So, instead of red meat, people are advised to take fish. It will not only increase one’s life span but it will also leave the skin glowing and fresh, removing wrinkles in the process.

Is Regular Massage Effective For Removing Wrinkles

Regular massage of the affected skin areas can help remove wrinkles quickly. This is even better when it is done with a mixture of olive oil and honey. It makes it easier for the solution to easily be absorbed and work on wrinkles properly.

Exercise And Its Role On Wrinkles

There are a number of exercises which can help one remove wrinkles naturally. Even some types of yoga have proven helpful; The Agraa Valaya and Bhrikuti Vilodan are just a few examples. Make good use of them and watch those wrinkles go away.

In conclusion, if you still have worries about how to remove wrinkles naturally, worry not because it can be achieved. Achieving that glamorous skin will take a lot of hard work and discipline. Achieving that glamorous skin will take a lot of hard work and discipline. People are advised to always watch what they eat, exercise often, generally try to remain happy and apply these home remedies which will help them remove wrinkles. Do all of these and watch those wrinkles disappear!