How To Remove Fine Lines: 7 Effective Methods

How to remove fine lines? As soon as they appear, people start to worry about them. They are the earliest signs of aging, an indicator of how fast time has flown. Fine lines always precede wrinkles but however, they are not as complex as wrinkles.

Only two millimeters in depth, fine lines leave one’s skin looking rather unpleasant. They appear first around the eyes and mouth, are made prominent when one smiles or frowns. If not properly taken care of, fine lines could turn to full-blown wrinkles. Little wonder people worry about developing fine lines a lot. In the quest to develop healthy skin, it’s important to have a though knowledge about what causes this condition to occurs and how to prevent it, the first step to getting rid of it is knowledge, a knowledge of what induces its occurrence will reduce its formation.

However, to successfully get rid of fine lines, one has to understand what fine lines really are, factors which can lead to their formation and how to effectively shield your skin from them.

What Are Fine Lines?

Fine lines appear because of a decrease in the amount of water held by the epidermis and irregular thickening of the dermis. They are only two millimeters in depth. Fine lines are the earliest signs of aging. Excessive exposure to the sun, exposure to environmental toxins, too much intake of tobacco and loss of collagen in the skin which makes the skin less elastic, are just a few out of the few reasons why fine lines develop. They are usually noticed around the lips or eyes when one smiles or frowns. Most times, fine lines appear as signs of chronological aging; there’s no way to entirely avoid them. However, understanding what could lead to or speed up their appearance keeps one a step ahead.

Main Causes Of Fine Lines

There are several factors that could facilitate the appearance of fine lines, they include:

  • Age: This is the most common factor that causes fine lines. As years go by, the skin loses elastin and collagen continually, making it loose elasticity and ability to renew dead cells. Therefore, fine lines begin to appear around the mouth and eyes like tin threads.
  • Sun exposure: The sun has a lot of dangerous effects on the skin, especially when the skin is exposed to it for a long time. The ultraviolet rays of the sun affect the skin and that could lead to a variety of skin conditions, including fine lines. In order to avoid this, people should always sunbath with sunscreen, dark shades and when possible, beach hats, to protect the skin, eyes, face, and neck respectively.
  • Lack of adequate skin care: The skin can easily get damaged when one uses the wrong skin care products. Using skin products which do not have good quality or applying those which are not for the skin tone can also severely damage one’s skin. Letting the skin always go dry is not advisable. As often as can be, one should always moisturize the skin. Also, once in a while, people should get a full facial and body massage, using oils like castor oil or olive oil. This is to enable the skin rejuvenate and get its quality back after undergoing a lot of stress.

How Your Lifestyle Can Cause Fine Lines

Several times people engage in a lot of extra-curricular activities, without knowing the effect of such activities on their health. Now not only does unhealthy lifestyle affect one’s health, but it also reflects on the skin. Some unhealthy lifestyle habits which could cause fine lines to include:

  • Lack of regular exercise: the body needs to always be exercised in order to ensure blood flow to all parts. Also, exercise helps relieve stress. There are even certain exercises which can possibly help reduce fine line. Once in a while, try rubbing the areas around your eye sockets to ensure the free flow of blood. Draw circles on your cheeks as though you are stretching them with your knuckles.
  • Smoking: regular intake of tobacco dehydrates the body, as well as the skin it deprives the body of essential water it needs for bodily functions, this, in turn, causes the body to react to the insufficiency and results in the formation of fine lines, when this happens, it makes the skin lack oxygen and restricts blood flow. Leaving the skin dehydrated simply leads to the appearance of thin threads, which are called fine lines. Also, the consistent lip movement involved in taking in and puffing out smokes, makes fine lines appear even faster around the lip area. To avoid getting fine lines much more sooner than it is meant to appear, one should always avoid tobacco.
  • Chewing gum often: As observed in smoking, excessive chewing of gum can leave the skin around your lip area with severe fine lines. The lips are always pursed and involved in a persistent movement. This makes way for excessive pressure to be exerted around the lips, invariably leading to fine lines.

How Your Feeding Habits Can Induce Formation Of Fine Lines

  • Lack of a balanced diet: For a person to appear healthy there should be an adequate amount of all the classes of food present in the person’s system. This is because; they all have important roles to play. The importance of having a balanced meal always cannot be over-emphasized as the lack of it can always, most times be deduced by the appearance of one’s skin.
  • Regular intake of vitamins and minerals: The skin needs the adequate presence of vitamins, A, C and E to always retain its elasticity and replace dead skin cells. Now when either of this is deficient; the tendency to develop skin conditions, including fine lines, is very high.
  • Regular water intake: It has always been said, that, water is one of the most important classes of food. Lack of adequate water in the body does not only dehydrate the body, it can also dehydrate the skin too. This is why; people are advised to take water always, especially, the last thing before bedtime.

However, despite having so many causes, the appearance fine lines can also be delayed when you implore the following ways.

Some Ways To Delay The Appearance Of Fine Lines

  • Maintain good skin care culture: How the skin is maintained can have positive and negative effects when the skin doesn’t receive the necessary requirements it should it stimulates this fine lines to emerge, it is highly ill-advised to use a mixture of skin products at once. People should discover the exact cream suitable for their skin tone. One’s cream during the day should be able to always keep the skin hydrated and protect it from ultraviolet rays, toxins, and free radicals. Using a different kind of creams will have different effects on the skin, in some cases, the skin can react to this kind of mixtures.
  • Also, at night one should use creams with active ingredients that can supplement and remove damaged cells. People should also massage their nightly cream into their body, minutes before going to bed so that it can be properly absorbed into their skin. People should also be advised to never forget using sunscreen, quality ones, that can protect one’s skin from the dangers of the sun.
  • Maintain good eating habit: People should always include fish oil; which nourishes the skin and helps the skin look healthy and free from lines; into their regular diet. Fish oil can be found in salmon fish. People are also advised to always take fruits and vegetables, like carrots and tomatoes, and all forms of berries. Take fruits rich in Vitamin C like oranges. Most importantly, one should always drink a lot of water.
  • Maintain good beauty habit: People should always use quality makeup. One should not always use thick matte makeup. This is because; they can always get absorbed into the tiny lines in the skin and make them even more prominent. Instead, use light loose powders to replace that thick foundation. Also, people should always endeavor to clean their makeup before bed, to avoid having the residuals get really deep into the skin.

However, just as there are options for the day of fine lines, there are also options for its removal.

Effective Methods How To Remove Fine Lines

Method #1 – Natural Treatment For Fine Lines

Soy Extracts and Vitamin E extracts: These extracts even skin tone and prevents pigmentation. It boosts the skin’s collagen level, thereby keeping the skin from avoiding lines. They also act as antioxidants to prevent skin aging. The presence of these extracts helps nourish the skin, thereby reducing fine lines. The skin absorbs oil and makes it glow and radiant since oil extracts are the base of body creams you can expect oil extracts to have moisturizing effects on the skin.

Method #2 – Medical Treatments For Lines

Medical creams: A few prescription creams can be used to treat fine lines. One can use prescription creams containing vitamin A at the lowest dose because they can cause skin irritation and dryness if used in excess. Clinical studies carried out on tropical retinoid formulations find them safe and effective in getting rid of fine lines. Retinoids are synthetic derivatives of vitamin A.

Method #3 – Cosmetic and Clinical Procedures For Treatment Fine Lines

In order to effectively treat fine lines, you can undergo procedures such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, laser therapy can improve the skin’s appearance and leave one looking way younger. People can also use filler injections but since they may cause temporary side effects, they are to be used only once in a while. Surgical facelift procedures can also be carried out on a doctor’s recommendation.

Method #4 – Dermabrasion As Treatment For Fine Lines

Dermabrasion is a procedure which has been in practice since the early 1980s. It is done using a handheld tool, which is power driven. For the procedure to be carried out, abrasive rotary instruments are used in the sanding of the skin. The skin gets removed and a new layer of skin underneath the removed skin replaces it. It is a much more complex procedure and before it is carried out, things like one’s skin type will be carefully examined by the doctor. It is usually performed using anesthetic because of how painful it can be. The affected skin area usually takes a long time to recover and remains red and flushed for an awfully long time. After the procedure, it could take 7-10 days until new skin begins to grow.

Method #5 – Microdermabrasion As Treatment For Fine Lines

This is the direct opposite of dermabrasion. It was developed in Italy, in 1985. It is simple and quick to do and mostly used for people with tender skin. In this procedure, the skin is bruised with sterile microparticles to remove the top layer of the skin. Facial redness is reduced and it is almost painless. Nowadays, it is even done from the comfort of our homes, by using a foam applicator to massage the surface of the skin with a moisturizing cream which contains aluminum oxide crystals.  Many stores sell portable foam applicator so it’s readily available for anyone to purchase.

Method #6 – Chemical Peels As Treatment For Fine Lines

This procedure usually makes the damaged skin peel off, to reveal a finer looking skin. It is done through the application of chemicals to the skin to remove damaged cells. It can also stimulate new collagen formation in order to improve skin texture, thereby removing fine lines.

Method #7- Laser Skin Resurfacing As Treatment For Fine Lines

Laser skin resurfacing replaces damaged skin with new, fresh skin, in the result, it gives everyone a chance to achieve close to a flawless complexion. Of course, these procedures can either be, light, moderate or deep laser resurfacing. It gives way for pigmentation to be evened out and also treats fine lines.

Finally, people no longer need to worry about how to remove fine lines because a lot of suggestions have come up within the years and each of these suggestions is applicable from home and with just the right amount of determination, will, and effort you can achieve positive and lasting results.


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