How To Look Good Without Makeup – 12 Simple Tips To Follow


You might ask how to look good without makeup? That’s a girl’s dream to always look great, even when she wakes up first thing in the morning! This may seem quite a challenging mission to realize because of all the insecurities and the struggling of a girl in today’s culture and lifestyle. One thing to keep in mind to support the makeup free movement is that today is kinda trendy and tons of celebrities are promoting this attitude (such as Alicia Keys, Gweneth Paltrow, Nicole Ritchie and more) celebrating the true beauty that lies underneath all that artificial remedies we are so in love with!

How many times have you thought you could go free without foundation pounds, blush, and lipstick? Admit it, many! Someone has bothered us that, to be beautiful, we must mask, cover imperfections, correct their own defects, camouflage what they do not like … all in all, in some ways. But sometimes the carefree desire to show off to the natural world, just as it is, is there!

If you are part of this (thick) non-make-up people for a few days, you know that it takes discipline. Yes, because fortunate ones are beautiful without doing anything. The majority follows the rules of beauty (universal) that have always applied constantly, every day. Why do not you start trying too?

If you take care of yourself and your skin properly, you will have no big problems in showing the best natural side of you with no fear! The key is the skincare and all the good habits you can adopt in order to prepare and nourish your skin. We will show you that this is a real journey you have to embark and that you will see all the results in time if you dedicate your time to yourself, if you do it every day and if you decide to mix to a well-done routine, a healthy lifestyle, so precious to bring the care from the mirror to your everyday life.

So, if you are interested in this amazing journey to unveil yourself and learn how to glow naturally, you are in the right place! Save a little time to read our easy and practical guide to help you out facing this skincare path. Here come our precious tips to feel beautiful in your own skin and look good without any tricks. Are you excited about it? Let’s get started!

We offer you 12 tips to reveal how to look good without makeup and they really are not hard to implement in your life.

Tip #1 – Cleanse Your Skin (Morning and Night Routine)

Don’t think that cleansing your skin first thing in the morning, as we usually do, is enough to have a beautiful skin! You have to understand that, in order to have a clean, healthy and beautiful skin, you have to cleanse it in the morning but at night too, before going to bed. This because, during your day, your skin will catch every type of impurities that are going to harm it in a deeper way. So, choose a good product and wash your face. We recommend that, if you spend all the day in the city (where tons of smog and dangers to your skin are involved) once you get home the first thing you do is to cleanse your face.

Tip #2 – Give Yourself a Nice Massage

A real face massage is a fundamental step in order to be beautiful without a trick. The massage lasts a few minutes and is intended to tone the muscles and raise the volumes of the face, such as the cheekbones or corners around the lips. This nice massage will improve your blood circulation, stimulate your cellular re-connection and give you a natural blush effect, Some pinch on your cheekbones is one of the most ancient remedies that young lady in the past eras used in order to look great before a big occasion!

Tip #3 – Apply a Good Cream

After you wash and cleanse your skin you may feel it a little bit too dry. This is completely normal! This is because the skincare routine is not over yet! Try to apply a very good face cream that will suit your skin type and needs. One thing to keep in mind in the summertime, especially for the blonde with delicate skin, protect yourself from the sun… but do not miss it! True, sun abuse hurt the skin because it causes infamous photo-aging (wrinkles, blotches, thick skin, uneven color, etc.). But the long-term absolute obsession may cause the melonicitis to lose the ability to produce melanin. The result? A colorless and unhealthy color. So be smart and use the sun in small doses and use a protection in order to prevent damages and aging!

Tip #4 – Sleep!

A beauty sleep is one amazing tool to look great with a glowing, young, healthy skin! Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours per night. During the night, the skin regenerates deeply and better absorbs the active ingredients contained in the nighttime creams. Leaping this physiological “obligation” means finding yourself with tired skin, off, dark circles in sight and even a sense of appetite busted.

It is proven that sleep deprivation causes the body to feel more hungry.

Tip #5 – Eat Healthy

You need a healthy and varied meal plan including all food groups: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is studied that a complete feeding improves the color and strengthens the epidermis making it healthy and bright. One suggestion might be to regularly take on all the foods that improve the subcutaneous microcirculation to keep the dark circles down. A free way to the red fruits that contain bioflavonoids, friends of the capillaries.

Tip #6 – Stay Hydrated

As we all know, staying hydrated is so important to feel good and to prevent serious problems to our whole body. Maybe is not well known that drinking 2 liters of water per day, allows us to give our skin the necessary hydration too. According to recent research, drinking water helps fight dry skin and allows the body to eliminate the toxins and accumulated bacteria, making your skin color bright and healthy. So, keep in mind that preventive hydration improves the appearance of the skin and gives a younger look to the face.

Tip #7 – No To Smoking!

It ingots the skin and speeds up wrinkles around the mouth and not only. It can also cause acne problems too. Did you know that nicotine builds up on your cheekbones? According to recent studies on the subject, it is precisely where cigarette damage is highlighted on our beauty. So, give yourself and your health a favor, and quit smoking. Your whole body and your skin will be thankful for that.

Tip #8 – Perfect Your Eyebrows

Tweezers, scissors when needed and away: the face looks nicer now! The reason? Because your eyebrows frame your eyes, giving a more harmonious look to your face. The secret is to rethink it smoothly without overturning it and above all without exaggerating with the desire to depilate it. Once you have your eyebrows done, you will be halfway there to look great naturally!

Tip #9 – Scrub Your Skin

In order to eliminate all the dead skin and to improve the cellular regeneration, don’t forget to scrub your face! We highly recommend to do it with regular frequency, at least once a week. If you want something gentle and natural to take care of your skin, prepare a do-it-yourself facial scrub with few natural and economic ingredients is very simple. As a general rule remember to do scrubs in the evening before going to sleep, do not make up after scrubs and try not to touch your face with dirty hands because the skin may be very sensitive, massage the products obtained very gently on the face and, if necessary, on the neck.

Tip #10 – Get Softer Bigger Lips

One of the sexiest and remarkable elements of our faces are our lips. Don’t think you need to overdo with products and lipsticks in order to have a wonderful shaped and bigger lips that everyone is fussing about. You just need to keep it clean and to massage and pinch your lips -gently of course!- to reactivate your blood circulation that it is the main responsible for that lips consistency that is so attractive! If you feel them a little bit too dry, apply a teaspoon of sugar on your wet lips, make a little scrub and then try to apply a neutral lip balm as a cure to the dryness. Apply it before going to bed in order to make it hydrate and activate all night long.

Tip #11 – Use Masks and Treatments

Treatments have to be performed once in a while when you realize that your skin needs something more than usual daily gestures. The masks are of various types and respond to different needs: moisturizing, emollient and nutritious, or purifying or toning. And it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune on products and treatments: facial masks can also be made at home, using only simple ingredients available from herbalists and supermarkets. The DIY remedies are always a great solution to activate your skin with no harm due to chemical products: did you know that you can create an excellent cleanser with oleander? Or how can you do a great cleansing mask using lemon and clay? Nature has always the answer to every type of problem you are facing!

Tip #12 – Find Out Your Skin Type

Don’t take your skin for granted and try to get to know it a little bit better to give it what it is really needed. This is the key to a successful makeup free face that will look amazing inside out. Have you ever thought about how many of us should bear our face? Facial skin is the most exposed to external agent aggression, from cold to the sun, from the wind to pollution. Not to mention that all our moods reflect on the face: laughter, tears, stress and emotions are an integral part of life but leave the mark on our face. That is why the skin of the face deserves a careful and particular care to keep our beauty intact and always be able to show off a relaxed and luminous skin, whatever our age, time of year and mood.

Types Of Skin and Face Care

Proper care of the face necessarily goes through the knowledge of your skin type: just so you can act accordingly by choosing the right products and treatments. Skin types are usually classified as follows:

  • Normal skin – it is a skin that has no particular problems or sensitivity and is homogeneous and compact;
  • Dry skin – the cause can be either dehydration or poor production of sebum  and the skin is fragile, chapped, delicate and often sheds easily;
  • Oily skin – shiny and greasy, fatty skin is caused by an excess of sebum and is often accompanied by black spots and little pimples;
  • Mixed skin – fat on the forehead, nose, and chin (the famous T-zone) and dry on cheeks and close to the eyes;
  • Sensitive skin – thin and delicate, easily bruised and is subject to erythema and blotches.

Once you know what type of skin you have, respect it and try to take care of it in the right way. A well-managed skin is a skin you will be proud to show with no artificial and no tricks.

Having a bright and beautiful skin depends on everyday gestures: they are the everyday gestures, combined with the choice of the right products for your skin type that always allows you to always show a healthy skin and keep it healthy besides the passage of time. Try to be persistent, try to understand how many factors are involved during your journey towards the perfect skin that will make you feel so beautiful even without any trace of mascara on!

Once you will start noticing how all these advice will come really handy and you will feel that you are skin is more beautiful and healthy every day, you will be able to finally go out for a walk or even for a special event with no make-up on, feeling free to be you, more confident, more beautiful and more happy.

We believe that you found at least one good tip for you that showed how to look good without makeup.