How To Choose Eye Cream [Ultimate Guide]


Our eye cream ultimate guide will introduce you to trendy skincare products in more detail and hopefully make it easier for you to choose them in the future.

Skincare is something we all tend to ignore and procrastinate until we finally notice that one blemish, that first wrinkle, or that huge dark circle we tried to ignore. Maybe because we thought it would automatically go away. But here’s the news, my friends. Once these uninvited guests enter your bubble of ignorance, there is no going back. Sometimes you are lucky, and some simple home remedies do work for you. Other times, we wait and let our skin do voodoo magic on itself and expect a miracle to happen. The busy schedules make it impossible for us to give the type of attention and time our skin deserves. But is this the answer in the long run? Definitely not.

As the famous saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Starting skin care as early as possible gives you a head start. Because let’s face it, nobody is getting any younger. But you can twist this reality into an allusion. You can look younger, or if not younger, you can stop that skin aging process. You can have that dream of ‘forever 21’ and enjoy the expressions on people’s faces when you tell them your real age, right?

The Role Of Facial Features

facial features

What gives away your age the most? Your body? Your hair? Any specific facial features? Yes! Facial features. And most important among them ‘The Eyes’. The skin around the eyes is 10 times more sensitive and 10 times thinner than the rest of your body. It gets affected the most by both external and internal causes. From sleeplessness to pollution, eyes take it all in and show it directly to the world. They need extra care and attention that you’ve been ignoring for many years.

Some women start eye care when they are in their thirties, and wrinkles and dark circles have already made a home on their faces.

Starting eye skincare in the early twenties is the first step in the right direction. So, where do we start? Is a normal moisturizer okay? Is cucumber treatment once a week is enough? Well no! Sensitive eye skin needs special eye creams, customized moisturizers, and just the right amount of anti-aging creams.

What Are Eye Creams

There are creams for every part of the body. There is neck cream, hand cream, face cream, body cream, healing cream, and the list. But those teeny tiny packaging of eye cream with innovative applying tools has a mystical touch to them. The sensitive skin around the eyes requires more than a normal moisturizer. Eye creams have more oils and more delicacy to them, which differentiates them from other moisturizers. So eye creams are specifically made to handle fragility. The skin around the eyes is more prone to dryness and defenseless to environmental aggressors.

Ultraviolet rays and sun exposure is increasing day by day. Simple sunblocks do not work that efficiently now, especially around the eye. Good eye cream should have essential vitamins, essential oils, and hydrating elements. It should stimulate firmness and freshness into the eye skin. Less fragrance and fewer chemicals should be the main agenda.

How Eye Creams Work

Expecting some miracle after applying eye cream for a day or two is a common mistake we all make. They require your time. The puffiness and darkness around your eyes that you have been saving for years may need a month or two actually to start showing signs of improvement.

The main duty of eye products is to hydrate the skin around the eyes. Dehydration is mostly the root cause of eye skin issues. Creepiness is prevented through these products. Instant surgical procedures may work directly and give desired results, but we cannot be sure of their permanency. But eye creams do promise the longevity of results.

Applying eye cream with a finger is the best possible way. This is how you know how to keep a certain pressure on the skin, control the motion of application, and the amount required to be applied. Given spatulas and applicators are also a perfect option but do not use them if you feel uncomfortable or you have hand trembling issues.

Why Choose An Eye Cream

Depending on your eye issue, choosing an eye cream can be a little difficult, but once you pass that one tough step, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble afterward. Looking for different elements at home, combining them, and making a paste for the eye can be hard, and applying that can be not very pleasant. One cannot make a delicate, smooth, creamy paste at home that efficiently.

So choosing an eye cream that suits your needs and desires is a lot convenient. It’s not like every eye cream is expensive. The market has a variety of products with a range of prices. One can choose according to his or her needs.

Types Of Eye Creams

The types of eye cream depend directly on the type of problem one is using it for. Every little issue has a different type of eye cream. Let’s sort this out accordingly:

Anti-Wrinkles Creams

These creams usually consist of fruit stem cells and other natural vitamins to help reduce wrinkles. People who have weak eyesight tend to focus on stuff by squinting or squeezing the eye. Being in an era where drinking water is considered the least important thing. Squeezing dry and dehydrated eyes can cause a lot of damage to a person’s skin around the eye. Wrinkles are the hardest to cover with makeup, so the permanent solution is healing and curing this problem. Home remedies have their own perks in this case, but these anti-wrinkle creams do work more efficiently and take a lot less effort.

Applying these at night can definitely increase the process of absorption. Nighttime gives eyes the rest they need while applying that serum or cream.

Products in the market: Juice beauty stem cellular anti-wrinkle, olay anti-aging cream.

Last updated on July 30, 2021 3:04 am

Dark Circles Diminishing Creams

The eye creams focusing on dark circles contain ceramides, vitamin C, and plant oils.  

Fatigue, natural aging, eye strain, and certain allergies darken the black circles around the eyes. The biggest reason for dark circles is sleeplessness. Late-night working, stressing eyes in front of screens, and waking all night is the death of sensitive eye skin. Nowadays, dark circles usually exist in teens and people in their early twenties. It is the most common concern these days.

Products in the market: drunk elephant C-tango multivitamin eye cream, ceraVe eye repair cream, Clinique better eyes dark circles corrector.

Last updated on July 30, 2021 3:04 am

Puffy And Fatigued Eyes Remedy

Vitamin C and caffeine are the common elements present in fatigue focused eye creams.

Overconsumption of salts, dehydration, crying, fatigue, and stress are the main reasons for puffy and fatigued eyes. They give away all of your worries to the world, and even layers of makeup cannot cover them up. Puffy eyes give away the all-nighters you are pulling for work and studies. Some people rest their eyes a lot and do many skincare and eye care home remedies, but puffy and restless eyes do not leave their company. Consulting your eye specialist or general physician is the best idea in that case. Apart from hydrating and drinking lots and lots of water, eye creams can be a miracle.

Products in the market: Aveda botanical kinetics energizing eye crème, ren instant brightening beauty shot eye lift, Algenist complete eye renewal balm.

Last updated on July 30, 2021 3:04 am

For Dull And Gloomy Eyes

Kombucha, caffeine, and flower extracts, especially daisy flower and rose water, are the key ingredients.

Again stress and tension are the main reason behind this very problem. Worries and tensions take away all the freshness and glow from your face and especially your eyes.

Products in the market: tatcha the pearl tinted eye illuminating treatment, tata harper illuminating crème, olay eye illuminating crème, Mychelle magnolia fresh eyes.

Anti-Aging Creams

The heading itself explains it all. When a person ages, his/her eyes start to give away the number. This is the most common reason why consumers start using eye creams. This trend is stronger in women. Anti-aging creams do create wonder and miracles as it stops the process of aging to a huge percentage. But it also differs from skin to skin.

Vitamin C, retinoid (a word used for vitamin A compounds such as retinol and retinoic acid), tea extracts, and coenzymes. These elements create a magic effect and cover the unwanted aging signs in a specific time span with consistent application and patience. Expecting a result in a week or two is kidding their own self. Age cannot be reversed, so making this happen even to the slightest bit can be very patient checking and requires a lot of steadiness and regularity.

Products in the market: Estee lauder advanced night repair eye cream, Kiehl’s creamy avocado eye treatment.

Last updated on July 30, 2021 3:04 am

Main Eye Cream Ingredients

Eye creams may have different focus points, but they all commit to bringing back the eyes’ freshness and sparkle. Which can only be attained if the missing vitamins and disturbing elements are fixed?

are some common elements present in most of the above-mentioned creams. But the most important elements are the vitamins. Almost all good eye creams consist of either one or all of these vitamins: A, E, and C.


All good skincare products have some vitamins in them. Eye creams are rather delicate, so the quantities of chemicals and vitamins are highly tested and mixed in just the required amount. Vitamin A, E, and C are all extremely beneficial for human skin. They all can be achieved from food and in the form of supplements. We will take a look at the usage of these vitamins.

Vitamin A

It is available in the form of supplements but applying it directly on the skin can harshly affect it as it is not as friendly as vitamin E.

Vitamin A can be applied to the skin by mixing it with a normal moisturizer, any form of sunscreen or sunblock, or any other anti-aging creams available in the market. It is also available in the form of oil or skin serums of high quality.

This vitamin is perfect for fine lines and wrinkles. It softens them and fades them with consistent application. This is present in the form of retinol and retinoic acid.

Vitamin E

It is rather softer and less harsh in nature. It may be used weekly for sensitive skin and twice a week for normal skin. But more than this quantity can adversely affect the skin.

It has the property to lighten the dark circles, giving a fresh look and removing dullness from the eyes. It may be used straight from the supplement, but the preferable way is to mix in a good moisturizer.

Vitamin C

Collagen is essential for eye health. Vitamin C helps in the synthesis of collagen. It cannot be directly applied to the skin because it can break down in the presence of light, air, or heat. So the manufacturers use oil or water base to mix vitamin A in that. That way, it gets quickly absorbed in the skin and does not break on opening the capsule.

Side effects of this can cause itching, redness, skin irritation, and tingling sensation on serum application.

Applying these vitamins (A, E, and C) out of capsules may cause some problems. So the best way is to buy an eye cream that already has all of these—the expert know-how to add quantities and make it work for different skin types. So buy the best suitable for yourself and start the eye care routine as early as possible. Eyes may not be the only main feature on the face, but it definitely is the most noticeable one.

We hope our eye cream guide was useful for you, and you did learn more about these powerful skincare products.