How To Choose Anti-Aging Cream [Ultimate Guide]


How to choose anti-aging cream? Anti-aging creams come with a promise to let your skin look and feel younger again, which mainly include reduction of wrinkles and lines.

The difference between a simple moisturizer and anti-wrinkle cream is in the active ingredients in the cream, besides mostly the base of aging creams is a moisturizer.

Brief Insight Into Anti-Aging Creams

There are thousands of anti-wrinkle creams available on the market, every one of them promises impressive results, second youth, etc. But can you believe all those claims? Many people are eager to know the secret of the anti-aging products and the magic behind them as there are specific products which do have fast and efficient results and others do not show any results even months after the use.

There are plenty of skin care products which have an anti-aging effect, and these products are available with different names. The basic formula of anti-aging creams and products are almost the same, the main thing which is different is the concentration of specific active ingredients. Some anti-wrinkle creams and products contain a more significant number of antioxidants while others consist of a larger ration of peptides or other compounds. As a result, the goals achieved by these creams are different.

Main advantages of anti-aging creams include the fact that scientists proved they are capable of improving the look of your skin, they even can reduce the amount and the depth of the wrinkles. These creams can help to deal with other skin problems like enlarged pores and textural issues and also can strengthen your skin and fight skin’s laxity.

As a few disadvantages of anti-aging creams, we can mention the price, which in some cases can be very expensive. The most creams are not created for universal use as they aim some specific problem to deal with, for example, to reduce wrinkles or dark circles under eyes. Many anti-aging products are not clinically proven to give a permanent effect on the reduction of aging signs.

Main Categories of Anti-Aging Creams

It is quite significant to find out the difference between anti-aging products which work on the skin and have a positive effect and the ones which do not have any results on the skin at all. There are even some products which are having a damaging impact instead of nourishing. Based on the anti-aging ingredients, the anti-aging products fall into the three following categories.

1. Anti- Aging Creams With Natural Ingredients

natural anti-aging ingredients - pomegranate

There are some anti-aging products which contain only natural ingredients. Although natural things have a slow effect on the skin, these results are long-lasting. In the present scenario, it is essential to turn towards the natural ingredients because, in spite of their slow effects on the skin, these components are not damaging to the skin cells.

You might see noticeable skin improvements not faster than after at least a month of natural anti-aging cream’s use. The skin will look smoother, and the number of wrinkles will decrease, it will not influence the overall health condition. These creams also are pretty affordable, at least if compared with those with highly marketed brand names and unique ingredients.

2. Anti- Aging Creams With Synthetic Ingredients

The anti-aging creams always have some chemical formula, so not a wonder that synthetic ingredients are favorite and have a significant production amount in the anti-wrinkle sphere. Results after using a qualitative artificial anti-wrinkle cream will be more efficient if you compare them to the natural ones. There always can be some possibility of side- effects about which we do not know yet, as they are synthetic products. The results of these anti-wrinkle creams in some cases might be close to immediate.

3. Anti-Aging Creams With Natural and Synthetic Ingredients

These anti-wrinkle creams would be a combination of the two above mentioned categories. These even could be the most common type creams as very often there are included some natural and some scientific ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams.

How Anti-Aging Creams Work

1. Anti-Aging Creams Which Stimulate The Growth Of Skin Cells (renew collagen, elastin)

Aging can also be a result of the degeneration of cells. When the growth of cells of skin reaches a certain point, and a certain number of divisions of the cells are complete, they start to degenerate, and ultimately they result in the reduction of skin pigmentation as well as the loss of the elastin protein also decreases the cell’s elasticity thereby loosening the skin. This kind of anti-wrinkle creams helps in restoring the supply of collagen and elastin to the skin cells so that it may not lose its elasticity and there is no such problem as the loosening of skin or puffiness of eyes.

2. Anti-Aging Creams Rich In Antioxidants (fight free radicals)

The effect of antioxidants is remarkable as far as it regards to stopping the process of aging. They get absorbed into the skin deeply and get rid of the skin of oxidizing agents like free radical and ions which can change the pigmentation of the skin or cause dryness.

3. Anti-Aging Creams That Boost The Amount Of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is such a compound which is produced naturally in skin cells at a young age, but gradually its production diminishes with the advancing age. The exact chemical nature of this ingredient is not known, but it is reported to enhance the firmness of the skin. Therefore you can safely use the products which contain hyaluronic acid as this is the main ingredient with the specific aim of avoiding sagging of the skin.

Does Anti-Aging Cream Work

The question about the effectiveness of these creams concerns hundreds of thousands of people after reaching a certain age. For every person this time comes individually, somebody is using anti-aging products already at the age of 30, but somebody only when it comes to the age of 50 or more.

We do see a different kind of advertisements on TV almost every day, where people with perfect skin give promises that after using the specific cream your skin will also become as smooth, and you will be able to say goodbye to your wrinkles. Could that all be real and not just a smart marketing trick? In fact, British researchers have found that creams really can do great things, including reducing the number of wrinkles.

eye secrets before after

Already some time has passed after the research of one Manchester University Professor came to the public, he did prove that anti-aging creams do have a medical effect, they struggle with the skin’s damage received from the sun and, they also really smooth the wrinkles.

Probably, the best news from the mentioned research is that every cream can help you to smooth your skin. Those called simple moisturizing creams can help averagely just to a fifth of the users, at the same time these creams reduced aging signs for almost half of the users. Mentioned data come from the experiment with involved more than 50 people at the age from 45 to 80 years. There were chosen women and also men to participate. They had to pick either moisturizing cream either anti-aging cream which had to be applied to the face, hands, and forearms every evening.

The experiment did last for six months, and results were pretty impressive – for 43% of anti-wrinkle cream users wrinkles were significantly reduced and for 22% from those people who applied moisturizing cream also were observed improvements. The research was held entirely independently, and the results did surprise researchers themselves.

Anti-aging creams are not any trick or myth they can make your skin smoother.

The Most Popular Anti-Aging Cream’s Ingredients

There are many different types of anti-wrinkle creams made both from the natural and synthetic ingredients. To make it easier for you to choose effective anti-wrinkle cream, we will guide you through the most popular active anti-aging ingredients available.

1. Hydroxy Acids (Alpha & Beta)

These acids are chemical substances involved in the process of reduction of wrinkles they help to remove the old, already dead layer of your skin and at the same time stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

2. Alpha Lipoic Acid (antioxidant)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a chemical responsible for causing the shrinkage of the imperfections which are visible on the surface of the skin. This ingredient is also responsible for creating the enlargement of pores. As a result, the skin looks more radiant and healthy. If you apply it to the early ages, then it is useful in banishing the first signs of aging.  The scientists and experts have noted the most effective treatment of this ingredient based on the signs like vanishing the lines which appear on the skin. It is the most commonly used ingredient in the products which are products for carrying out the therapy of eye area, including the reduction of the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

Our bodies naturally produce this chemical. However, with the advancing age, the amount of hyaluronic acid reduces down gradually resulting in the increasing appearance of the signs of aging. Therefore if you applicate this ingredient, it can help in slowing down the process of aging. This chemical has a direct effect on the plumping skin thereby making it firm and tight. It also keeps the skin well hydrated by restoring its moisture and drawing the water supply towards the vessels underlying skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that scientists found in 1930 in the eyeball, and later in the joints, the bones and the skin as well, which is the largest organ. Thus, the skin is approximately 50% of all the body’s hyaluronic acid, which is necessary for the skin to be able to retain water and provide firmness. Over the years, hyaluronic acid decreases, the skin becomes drier, and wrinkles form.

4. Kinetin (antioxidant)

Antioxidants reduce or even neutralize bad effects received from free radicals – molecules that are responsible for breaking down skin cells and causing wrinkles. Free radicals also can cause irritations and damages gained from the sun. Chemically Kinetin is an antioxidant which has a powerful effect on the restoring and smoothing down the texture of the skin. Therefore this ingredient is used in the skin toning creams and products. It gives the skin a firm texture with the entirely toned and perfect look. You can find Kinetin in the creams which are directly applied to the skin to provide it with a much refreshing and younger look.

5. Peptides

These are small proteins which skin product manufacturers use as simulators for collagen production, they are harmless and do not cause side effects. Peptides are among the most nourishing and most significant anti-aging ingredients that work with no time, and their results also last longer. These elements penetrate in the deep down layers of the skin, and hence they are helpful in resolving the aging issues from the core. If the signs of aging occur at the cellular level, then this technique has a quite long lasting effect because the healing of skin takes place from the deep down layers. The primary function of peptides is to provide all the essential amino acids which are necessary for building the structure of the skin and fulfilling the deficiency of cells in the skin.

6. Resveratrol (antioxidant)

Resveratrol is another effective antioxidant which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by fighting free radicals.

7. Retinol (antioxidant)

Retinol is a chemical derivative of Vitamin A, which is vital for maintaining skin’s health as it is the most popular antioxidant used in over-the-counter anti-aging wrinkle creams. This ingredient is responsible for the protection of the skin and increasing the supply of collagen in the skin. It is the main ingredient in the skin moisturizers, renewal of cells, skin lifting and toning.

8. Vitamin C (antioxidant)

Vitamin C is the most refreshing ingredient of most of the anti-aging creams, and it has a direct effect on refreshing of skin and cleaning up of skin from inside. This component affects the collagen count of skin cells and helps to make the skin look younger and fresher. This vitamin is responsible for healing the cracks in skin and wrinkles which appear from deep down inside the skin.

9. Vitamin E (antioxidant)

This antioxidant efficiently fights fine lines and wrinkles and helps to maintain youthful skin. 

10. Vitamin K

Thanks to its role in blood circulation Vitamin K is capable of reversing the aging signs appearing on the skin.

11. Epidermal Growth Factor

It is responsible for the growth of new skin cells and blood vessels, the same as for creating and distribution of collagen and elastin. Some cream producers state that cosmetic products based on the mentioned growth factor stimulate the skin to regenerate eight times faster.

12. Niacinamide (antioxidant)

This antioxidant reduces water loss in the skin and at the same time improves skin’s elasticity. 

13. Coenzyme Q10

It helps to create energy in skin cells, and also is capable of small wrinkles’ reduction around your eyes without any side effects.

Above mentioned active ingredients are essential and also the most popular anti-aging creams’ components. However, those are not all ingredients able to fight signs of aging.  Anti-aging products’ sphere keeps on developing so you might follow the latest researches to make sure that you have not missed any of the most recent discoveries in wrinkle reduction.

How To Choose Anti-Aging Cream


There are plenty of factors you can take into account when choosing anti-wrinkle cream; we will point out a few worth to take into account.

1. Start With Your Skin Type

While buying an anti-aging product, there are several things you should look for in them. The most important thing is that you should also know about the type of your skin and its nature. Only then you will be able to decide the right kind of product that suits your skin and which will be able to give you the best results. After that comes the selection of products that may suit your skin and provide you with the best results regarding the anti-aging signs.

2. Research Ingredients

Among the various things which you should look for in an anti-aging product, the second most important is the ingredients, and the ratio in which they are in cream as higher is the concentration of active ingredients as better results you can expect. If ingredients in anti-wrinkle cream are FDA approved that would be a good sign.

Discover does anti-wrinkle cream contain ingredients that will moisturize your skin. Find out does anti-aging cream includes antioxidants as they are essential for protecting your skin.

In the beginning, it would be good to find out is any of the mentioned active ingredients included in the specific cream that you have chosen. The next step would be already more complicated  – to evaluate the number of components added in this cream. The truth is that quite a lot of these creams contain a very insignificant concentration of anti-aging active ingredients, so in the result, you physically can not expect some dramatic aging signs’ reduction results.

3. Make Sure Anti-Aging Cream Does Not Cause Allergies

Find out is anti-wrinkle cream proven against allergies and irritations as nowadays lots of people do have a different kind of allergies this is a pretty significant point.

4. Check If There Are Not Any Side Effects

Check out if there are not some side effects that you should know about before you start using the cream. Not always you will find these on the label of the product so you might have to find out them from reviews of real users of the product. Still, keep in mind that side effects might appear differently as for one person it can be dry skin and for another maybe even redness of the skin.

If you already have bought the cream, it always is advisable to test it on a small part of your skin.

5. Do Not Expect Miracles From Anti-Aging Cream

Don’t be overexcited about any new anti-wrinkle cream as if some cream works for somebody else you do not have a guarantee that it will work for you with the same results. The promises to become ten years younger overnight, unfortunately, is just a marketing trick.

If some cream did make your friend’s skin smoother and wrinkles almost disappeared it does not give you a guarantee that you will get the same results. A perfect example of such anti-aging cream is LifeCell. Hundreds of thousands of people every year over the world use it, and there always will be people who will not be happy with the results and at the same time others who will love it.

6. Read Real Reviews

Whenever possible check reviews from the real users of the specific anti-aging cream. You have to start by reading and maybe even by watching such reviews. Of course, there is a chance that you might find false testimonials from people who are willing to sell their product, but if you search harder, you definitely will discover real ones.

7. Start With The Use Of Weaker Cream

Start with weaker cream and then go to the stronger anti-aging cream. Our suggestion would be to start your way of getting rid of wrinkles with not so powerful method like anti-wrinkle creams, for example, in the beginning, if your lines are not deep you even can try to reduce them with the moisturizing cream. As there are studies that have proven that even such type of cream is capable of reducing wrinkles. Of course, it will not help everyone, but why not take a try if some people did get rid of the lines in such a way?

8. Do Not Take Price As One Of The Main Factors

Not always you have to choose the most expensive anti-wrinkle cream, as there is research that proves – even a cheap moisturizer is capable of some wrinkle reduction. There are many anti-wrinkle creams available that promises even Botox injections’ effect. Should you trust such promises? In the case, the cream costs only a few tens of dollars, probably not. If it costs more than a hundred of dollars, then these promises already might be closer to the truth.

Do not forget that you can expect any results from anti-aging cream only if you use it daily and in many cases even twice a day.

Click here to read a review of so-called Botox alternative anti-aging cream – LifeCell!

List Of Few Popular Anti-Aging Creams You Can Check Out

We offer you a skincare product list which is pretty popular amongst users, these beauty products are arranged randomly.

Yves Saint Laurent (with sun protection)

Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Kate Somerville (skin firmed, firmness and elasticity)

Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Mario Badescu (suitable for a sensitive skin)

in stock
2 new from $20.00
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Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Aveeno Positively (night creams)

Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Charlotte Tilbury (wrinkle repair for eyes)

in stock
9 new from $61.80
Free shipping
Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Cindy Crawfords Meaningful Beauty (reducing fine lines)

Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Estée Lauder

Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Olay regenerist microsculpting

Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Perricone MD (eye cream)

Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am

Vichy Liftactiv

in stock
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Last updated on June 4, 2021 10:36 am


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