How Fast Skin Whitening Products Actually Work


There are several skin whitening products, varying in their mechanism of action, according to the active ingredients included in these products or their nature, either creams, serums, etc.

That’s why each skin whitening product is different in the efficacy and usage duration from the others.

This article discusses whether the skin whitening process can be fast and if we can trust instant or overnight skin whitening products, showing the average usage duration some skin whitening products have.

But first, we have to admit that the skin whitening process is not permanent and sunscreens are recommended every day or even every couple of hours in order to avoid sun tanning and therefore, re-darkening of the skin.

Not following such recommendations may affect the speed and efficacy of the whitening process. Also, some skin whitening products may cause more hyperpigmentation if not used correctly.

Skin whitening is a gradual depigmentation process. It is not an overnight miracle. Daily skin whitening routine is recommended, especially with a combination of skin whitening products, choosing the right products for the skin type, and excluding the products that have harmful active ingredients.

Sometimes, a skin whitening regimen starts with one product and after a reasonable period, another product is used for more efficacy, which means a longer time to get the best results.

Moreover, some skin areas may even be resistant to depigmentation that may need much effort, taking several months or even years to lighten their color. Many skin products claim to be so effective that skin whitening can be noticed instantly.

However, most of them don’t actually whiten the skin but just “color” it literally. They are more like primers, white ones, just to paint the skin white, with no actual effects on the skin tone.

How Fast Skin Care Products Actually Work?

First of all, natural remedies take much longer than skin whitening products that contain chemicals. Also, natural remedies are applied on the skin for only a few minutes and then washed off, not like skin whitening products that stay in contact with your skin the whole day, which contributes to the speed of skin whitening.

It also depends on the skin type as some skin types show results faster than others, even with natural remedies.

Some testers for natural remedies reported whitening their skin only after 2 or 3 weeks, while others reported skin whitening in 2 or 3 months. Natural remedies are as effective as over the counter chemical skin whitening products but they just need a longer time to get the preferred results, with the advantage of not having side effects.

Skin Whitening Creams

As a topical skin product, it is considered of slow action, slowly penetrating the skin, fading out dark spots, lightening the skin tone, and making it evener.

However, it’s considered a long-lasting option for skin whitening, especially those containing hydroquinone, but definitely not a permanent one.

Some skin whitening creams can achieve skin whitening changes, if used twice a day, in just 2 to 4 weeks, with the preferred results in just 4 to 6 months. While others may take a longer time or even don’t work at all. Hydroquinone containing skin whitening creams even take 4 to 6 weeks to just start working.

Therefore, skin whitening creams are not the fastest option for skin whitening. However, they are still the most commonly used products and one of the safest options as well. But always remember that the skin whitening process may take some trial and error, depending on the skin type and tone.

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Skin Whitening Pills

Some research studies stated that the efficacy of glutathione pills or capsules is high enough to achieve the desired skin tone in a short time as they are working systemically not topically. It’s advised to take 2 to 4 pills a day for optimum results.

Medium to the brown skin can achieve the preferred skin tone in just 3 to 6 months of regular intake while dark brown skin needs only 6 to 13 months of the continuous daily administration. However, the dark skin should continuously use these pills for 12 to 24 months for the best outcome.

Another skin whitening tablets infused with placental protein were stated to be twice more effective than glutathione pills. Taking 4 pills a day can visibly lighten the skin in only 14 days. Testers reported achieving their desired results in only 2 to 4 months, however, dark skin can be more resistant to the whitening process and take a longer time.

Skin Whitening Soap

Another topical skin whitening product which is characterized by washing off the active ingredients in the soap layer after a couple of minutes so it doesn’t have the advantage of leaving the skin whitening active ingredients on the skin the whole day, which makes its action to be a bit slower.

Using a skin whitening soap twice daily for at least 8 weeks is recommended to feel a change in the skin color. However, in order to get the ideal results, 16 weeks of continuous use is advised.

Skin Whitening Serum

Despite being a topical skin product, it’s rapidly absorbed into the skin layers, especially water-based ones. Some skin whitening serums start making a change in 7 days only and achieve the preferred skin tone in just 2 months.


Sometimes, some skin areas resist the depigmentation process, needing more time and a combination of treatment in order to even start getting lighter. Underarm skin can be that resistant so, dermatologists recommend using a combination of skin whitening creams and exfoliants for at least 3 months, followed by laser treatment in order to achieve the best results, taking several months of treatment.

Finally, there are some other skin whitening procedures such as laser and microdermabrasion treatment. These procedures are considered the most effective and the fastest skin whitening means as whitening the skin takes only a few minutes, even if in separate sessions of 2 or 3.

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