7 Tips How To Find The Real Foundation For Your Skin


Nowadays, cosmetic manufacturers offer us very promising foundations, which even are capable of making the look of our skin younger, radiant, with reduced acne signs, and definitely with reduced signs of aging. So which to choose from thousands available out there?

Although the make-up of the skin decoration, leaving the care caring cosmetic sense, the modern trend is a major boundary violation – connecting disparate. More and more women want to take care of and beautify your skin at the same time, so the foundation will be purchased in a variety of means caring ingredients. Composition tends to be supplemented with vitamins and minerals, which help the skin to fight the manifestations of fatigue, as well as softening and various other ingredients. However, they are not designed for large skin defects (deep wrinkles, acne scarring and large) masking.

In order not to get confused in the wide range of foundations, you should aim for what exactly are you looking for in the foundation.

1. If You Want A Radiant Skin

These foundations are especially recommended for evening events; if the facial skin looks tired, like after a hard working period, as well as the changing seasons. Then choose a very light consistency foundation, which is often referred to as lotions or fluids. They illuminate the face of increasingly pointing to a newer, fresher and healthier. Creams are usually optical pigments – hiding the light, however, does neither wet or greasy luster, but easy to make the skin matte. Light reflectance properties of skin become less noticeable unevenness, lines, and minor defects.

The Choice

  • L’OREAL PARIS TRANSLUCIDE evens out skin tone, thanks the Lumiere technology – specifically designed colored particles reflect light in all directions while the translucent light particles are attracted to the surface of the face.
  • REVLON Skinlights Face IIIuminator tinting lotion – free of oil, composed of reflective crystal complex and necessary minerals to the skin, which together illuminate the skin and gives it a radiant and make silent minor defects. Similar effects are also Max Factor Colour Adapt Sheer Radiance, NINA RICCI Flawless Control Foundation.
Last updated on July 24, 2021 2:08 am

2. If You Want To Fight The Signs Of Aging

Fighting the signs of aging, decorative cosmetic creams manufacturers increasingly include components that protect the skin from environmental exposure, and the packaging will certainly indicate that it contains moisturizing ingredients, protective factors. (It is important, whether it contains SPF as foundation, especially if it is not powder over the row, which is the first perception – and, hopefully, also repels – UV energy shocks.)

In turn, the anti-wrinkle cream tonal effects based on two principles: both optical masking wrinkles, making them less noticeable, as well as wrinkle removal, combining tonal cream and anti-wrinkle product effects.

The choice

  • Maybelline foundation Instant Smooth Result – composition of natural silk fibers running up and relaxes the skin, caffeine extract it awakens and pulls up, moisturizers and vitamins draw to a newer and fresher.
  • MAX FACTOR Hypersmooth – improves skin texture. Not only optically, but also physically smoothing out wrinkles.
  • L’OREAL PARIS foundation VISIBLE LIFT also has a powerful anti-wrinkle cream lifting effect and use it when wrinkles become more pronounced.
  • LANOCŌME Renergi Teint Lift – the foundation for skin with signs of aging. Lifting effect. SPF 20th
  • REVLON Age Defying Makeup with Botafirm – the anti-aging foundation reduces mimic wrinkles and wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.

3. If You Want A Natural-Looking Make-Up

It is still the most popular make-up – do not change easy, but a cover sufficiently. To designate a woman who wants to take care of your skin and protect it, but who do not like traditional makeup feeling on the skin. The capability to cover is not achieved with thick make-up, but with new technology. In terms of tone and ease of spreadability product, it is important, how it will behave – on the skin – or does not clog pores and will not contribute – formation of black spots or pits will not create skin, wrinkles, and wrinkles, highlighting them even more.

The choice

  • Maybelline foundation – Dreem MATTE foam with a light, delicate texture that gives a sense of weightlessness, make-up, and elastomeric silicone polymers, which includes in its composition does not occur thickening.
  • REVLON Even Out Make up – natural, imperceptible foundation.
  • Max Factor Seamless Make Up – composed of particles ensure a smooth merger with cream leather.
Last updated on July 24, 2021 2:08 am

4. If You Want A Long Lasting Foundation

Many of foundation makes skin smooth, but at the end of the day, they have disappeared from the face, thus becoming visible wrinkles and all small facial defects. Durability most often achieved through the use of essential oils during application provides gliding, but after a while, being volatile, persistent leaves the skin layer, which is now no longer able to be smeared.

The choice

  • L’OREAL PARIS – foundation INFALLIBLE with 16 hours resilience, resistant against moisture.
  • REVLON Stay Natural Make up – keep a natural and fresh look to the skin is not felt, does not change the tone of the day.
  • Lancome Teint Idole – especially resistant foundation that leaves skin prints and provides comfortable feeling all day.
  • Max Factor Flawless Perfection – two-step foundation special two-chamber package. First applied to passenger Skin Perfection, which tightens pores and make less visible minor unevenness, then apply the light-bodied liquid dyes that will not create layers, wrinkles and fade during the day.

5. If You Want To Mask Oily Skin

Oily skin afflicted women inherent problem: the face of rapidly begins to shine, and makeup escapes. In this case, a light bodied Frosting foundation that covers skin with a thin layer of cream, without heaviness. The skin becomes dull, but the surface of the skin – leveled. Oily skin intentioned foundation does not contain oil, it contains antiseptic components as well as components that regulate sebaceous gland activity and absorb the excess fat. Women with oily skin appreciated by the foundation with powder effect. Storing them in liquid cream texture, easy application and fast, but the skin turns a light, well-fitting powder layer.

There is also the foundation for combination skin which performs two functions at once: 1) providing the necessary moisture; 2) controls the secretion process and eliminates shine fatty facial parts.

The choice

  • L’OREAL PARIS – a foundation with powder effect CASHMERE PERFECT. Frosting stronger effect provided more employed to cover foundation, for example.
  • MAYBELLINE FRESH MATTE that not only provides a matte skin but also fresh complexion all day long.
  • NINA RICCI Sheer Shade Foundation – gives a matte and velvety appearance.
  • Biotherm MATTE SOUFFLE – matt finishes makeup – foam with a powder effect, which will matt and velvety skin of your face, and avoid even the smallest flaws throughout the day.

6. If You Want To Moisturize Skin

In drier and thinner skin is due to be the richest foundation, with a greasy cream – the texture, but it does not mean that hard. The product eliminates the feeling of tightness and ensures all-day comfort, as stimulates sebaceous glands.

Foundation maintains the long-needed moisture level of the skin, and it looks fresh and strong.

The choice

  • VICHY Lumineuse – a moisturizing foundation with fruit acids and vitamins. Improves skin tone, stimulates cell renewal, moisturize and protect. The skin acquires a fresher, more transparent look.
  • VICHY Aerateint – available in both normal and combination skin and dry and sensitive skin – soothing ingredients of the product, which is suitable for sensitive skin and prevents dryness.
  • KANEBO Cream Finish – recommended for the dry and very dry skin.
  • LANOCŌME Aqua Fusion Teinte – moisturizer to tone both skin care and makeup, moisturize your skin all day long, natural effect with SPF 15th.

7. If You Have A Variety Of Skin Problems

We recommend foundation or foundation compact glass form. These products contain more powder and pigments, so your skin is covered with a dense layer of cream. The importance of antimicrobial components – heals existing inflammation and reduce the formation of new.

If there are more serious skin problems such as acne, it is better to choose a medical foundation, which is only available in pharmacies. Their primary mission is to treat, but they also tone the skin. Available for purchase without a prescription. It is best to consult a dermatologist.

The choice

  • Dercome Simplex – Foundation medicated cream daily, used for the oily and sensitive skin as well as skin with large pores. Exposed to reduced inflammation.
  • Aknecolor – skin color colored foundation, for a typical phenomenon acne – pimples, nodules, and purulent vesicles treatment.