Dandruff Is Not Just A Cosmetic Defect


They are all over your shoulders like a snow. Dandruff is an aesthetic problem, the cause of which tend to be with a medical in nature – they also can be a symptom of skin diseases. It is, therefore, important to determine the real cause of a problem to find a suitable way to get rid of dandruff.

A Natural Process of The Skin

There is not such medical term “dandruff” at all. However, almost every other person in your life is faced with this rather unpleasant, unsightly and disturbing problem. Experts estimate that from dandruff suffers about 40% of the world population. Increased dandruff scalp flaking is more common in young adulthood and middle-aged, children and older people with these problems facing rare.

Dandruff can be a messenger of a different process. First of all, the formation of dandruff is a natural upper layer of the skin regeneration process. Skin cells sharing, they gradually get like rock and peel off the dead skin layer. Desquamation of dead skin layer protects the body from various harmful microorganisms.

This process is not happening only on a human scalp but, on the whole, body. Occasionally, if the skin is too dry, for example, from the summer sun, one can notice that the skin separates small particles. If the skin is healthy, then this does not interfere with the natural desquamation, it is not even noticeable. The problem becomes visible and sometimes felt in the event of an increased scaling.

The hair is attached to each of the sebaceous glands. When the sebaceous glands for some reason is working improperly, the horn cells clump, as a result of changes in skin pH, resulting from inflammation and scaling become apparent. Dandruff can also be a symptom of a number of skin diseases.

Dandruff Tells About Skin Diseases

There is a whole range of serious skin diseases about which dandruff can warn you about. One key is called seborrheic dermatitis resulting from the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands or produced chemically altered the fat structure. Changes in the sebaceous glands can also be a variety of reasons.

They can cause hormonal changes, so often reinforced scalp flaking observed in adolescents and women during menopause. Similarly, the sebaceous glands can be affected by stress, overwork, diet, lack of vitamins, digestive, and intestinal disorders. For example, consumption of caustic or pickled or smoked foods, there is a possibility that the scalp increased peel.

Dandruff can be caused by a heredity – increased scalp flaking observed in the same family for several generations. You may find that scaling is symptoms of psoriasis or Psoriasiform. In such cases, it may also appear as the scalp itching, redness, and peeling. A common cause of dandruff is a skin pittosporum fungus that infests the scalp and caused inflammation. However, not all cases of inflammation can be blamed by the fungus.

This may be due to irritation of the skin which is caused by hair coloring or washing with unsuitable means. The typical mistake that often make people in a daily care, active exposure use shampoo. Eager to hair and scalp are more beneficial, but actually hurting. Also, hairdressers tend to say that gross hair is worse than not fed at all.

Which Shampoo Could Help

Many quite well living with dandruff and do not pay attention to this problem. Specialists recognize that women are more attentive and careful, so often encourages his men to solve it. The most common first straw at which collates those struck by scaling, it is anti-dandruff shampoos.

These funds are in the wide range available both in pharmacies and cosmetic stores. Note that the effect is different – it may be a cosmetic or therapeutic. Cosmetic anti-dandruff shampoos usually contain zinc and sulfur, which are struggling with unwanted scalp flaking. If dandruff is not a symptom of more serious skin diseases, then the cosmetic effects of anti-dandruff shampoo problems can be solved.

However, if improvements are not visible, do not worry – the shampoo will not cause any harm. Still, with a special medicated shampoo or use should be treated with care, especially for children and pregnant women. In addition, ask your doctor to choose a shampoo – medicated shampoo compositions differ. Your doctor will choose the right, taking into account the disease.

If you choose to manually inappropriate shampoo, the scaling will be impossible to get rid of. Therefore, if you tried the cosmetic store a commercially available anti-dandruff shampoo, but it does not help, go to a dermatologist to find out the cause of scaling. More importantly this is if the scalp started to itch, or scabs appeared even begun to fall out hair.

The Cause Should Be Treated

So, first of all, important to find out the reasons why the scalp reinforced peeling. It is therefore of great importance is the first conversation with a doctor who will listen to any of your complaints. It is not enough that a specialist examines the scalp condition. Perhaps the problem is not limited to the scalp, even in some other place on the body of a rash, damaged skin, may also have links with dandruff.

These are important features that should be asked that the treatment would be successful. Sometimes scalp flaking is detected in the doctor’s office, where the patient has arrived at the total of the other complaints. After consulting specialist will mean the necessary analyzes. One of the most traditional investigations in such cases is a fungal tests, but also possible other tests and examinations.

It is often performed with dermatoscopy to view the magnification of the scalp and hair roots. When the test results are known, a decision on the optimal treatment method. Fungal diseases, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis – each of these problems requires its own method of treatment.

It can be both a special shampoo, ointments, medications or any of the physical therapy methods. Often the treatment of dandruff is a complex process. It is very important to find out the true cause of dandruff, otherwise the treatment process can be a fight with windmills.

How To Protect Yourself From Dandruff

Wash your hair and scalp combined with the appropriate agent. The most common mistake – wash your hair every day with inadequate means. If you want to wash your hair every day, just choose a daily or frequent washing is required funds. Do not wash your hair, in hot or cold water. The optimum water temperature is 104 °F/ 40°C. This temperature not only destroy the dirt and dissolved in fat but also positively be exposed to the scalp blood circulation.

Sweat and water make the skin soft, and it becomes susceptible to fungal infections. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to care for hair, if you like sports, going to saunas and swimming pools. After such activities is recommended to wash your hair with anti-fungal shampoo. Timeless, most difficult recommendation – avoid stress, captures things easier. It really applies to scalp health.

IMPORTANT: Refuse from greasy, strong food and smoking.

Avoid hair products that contain alcohol, such as hair lacquers and foam. These funds dry the skin and may cause flaking. It is not recommended for daily use hair wax and gel.


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