Creams to protect your skin from cold


Cold weather brings in changes in our wardrobe, and the face is the only which has direct contact with the harsh weather, that is the main reason why face needs special attention. We had three volunteers who tested six creams, and we will present you their findings. Laura (35 years old with combined skin type), Patricia (22 years old with normal skin type), Angela (29 years old with combined skin type).

1. L’Oreal Nutri-Gold intensive nourishing day cream for dry skin

L: Interesting color. I would not be surprised if in its formula would be, for example, carrots oil or something like that, which gives your skin light tan effect. By its structure, it is thick, little reminds me of body butter. P: Thick cream with a strong fragrance. It has to be massaged for a long time that it would get into the skin. After that on the skin stays shiny a little fat layer. It doesn’t completely absorb for a longer time. Very appropriate for colder weather, for summer it could be too heavy cream. It is appropriate for dry skin, for oily skin I would suggest to avoid it because this cream could make the skin more oily. In the cream is lots of coloring, also fragrances, because the aroma on the skin stays for a long time. A: As this cream is recommended for the age group from 30 to 50, I would give it as a present to my mum, about which she probably would be happy. For my skin, it is not appropriate as it makes it more oily.

Organix_cream2. Organix cosmetix nourishing night cream

L: It absorbs in the skin fast and good. The fragrance is pretty gentle and neat, the texture is pleasant, it doesn’t make the skin oily. All these qualities show that this product could satisfy the needs of very cranky customer wishes. P: It gets into the skin very fast, it is thick and nourishing, appropriate for all skin types. It will suit for sensitive and cranky skin because in its formula is aloe juice, which calms the skin and removes the redness and this butter ensures soft and smooth skin effect. It has a natural, light aroma. This cream doesn’t contain parabens, coloring, and fragrances. A: As this cream is recommended as a night cream, the first time I tried it to the night. At the morning after wake up, I felt marvelous. I presume that this cream is also appropriate for cold weather conditions also in the day. It has a specific natural cosmetic’s aroma.

Bio_you3. BIO2YOU Organic Nutritive Seabuckthorn Cream with Panthenol

L: Solid and thick cream, probably that why it also is nourishing cream. It is good that the skin doesn’t care about calories! You have to wait a minute while the cream is completely absorbed. For my skin type, this nourishing cream probably is not appropriate, still for the walks in the mountains and woods and in the strong cold it could be a pretty good cream for protecting the skin. P: This cream is suitable for dry skin and also for normal skin type. It has a creamy texture and also intensive aroma. Panthenol will create a feeling of soft and protected skin. It suits for colder weather because the oils in its formula protect the skin from cold and keep the skin’s comfort all day long. It doesn’t contain coloring, and in its formula are not included products of animal origin. A: Natural aroma. I like a lot that in its formula is seabuckthorn oil, which is very appropriate for my skin. I’m making a mask of seabuckthorn berries and honey by myself when my skin is asking for the rest from stage makeup. Charming handy packaging.

Bioderma_cream4. Bioderma Atoderm Nutritive

L: I would like that after applying it would not leave a sticky feeling on my skin. Still, the aroma is nice, consistency is pleasant. Cream without complaints. P: Light consistency cream without fragrance. Appropriate for cold weather and also summer season. It absorbs very fast and doesn’t leave a shine on the skin. This cream is suggested for dry skin, but I think that it would also be good for normal skin and also a little oily skin as well because the consistency is light and is not oily. The butter and avocado extract nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, glycerin, and vaseline deeply moisturize the skin. This cream can be used by people with sensitive skin and allergic skin because it is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben free. A: I use Bioderma products daily but from a different product line. This cream for my combined skin type didn’t look suitable, but I did notice that it has allergy-free qualities, which, in fact, are not so often found in creams. Esthederm

 5.Institut Esthederm Sensi System Calming Biomimetic Cream

L: Great cream – white, thick and goodly just like other skin care products appropriate for cold weather. For a drier skin type, this could be a good choice, unfortunately not for my skin. P: It has a thick consistency, it is appropriate for cold weather for different skin types with an interesting aroma. This product will be suitable for very sensitive skin also for the summertime, because it contains cellular water, which ensures deep moisturizing, it also stimulates cells’ activity and slows down aging factors. It absorbs pretty fast and gives skin comfort and peace. A: This cream for my skin seemed too heavy. Marvelous aroma and packaging. I would like that this cream complements also my cosmetics range, but I guess that for somebody else it could be more appropriate.

panthenol6. Panthenol winter cream

L: I would not choose this cream because of the aroma, it little reminds me drugstore, but I will not deny that my nose is more sensitive than for other people. By its structure, it reminds body lotion or milk, not a thick winter cream. P: Real winter cream. It is suitable for cold weather because panthenol in its formula creates a protective layer on the skin and gives it a comfort. It will protect the skin from the harmful factors of the external environment. It has a light structure, and it absorbs fast. It has a discrete flavor. Clients with dry skin will like it, and it also doesn’t contain synthetic parabens, fragrances, and coloring. A: This is a good cream that I would choose for cold weather. By its consistency, it reminds a moisturizing cream, but still, the skin is thoroughly nourished. The feeling is like it would create a light layer to protect the skin from wind and other irritant factors.