The brilliance and the disaster of the sun


The generated solar light is necessary for all living organisms, including humans, besides it is proven that on sunny days people are feeling better because the more serotonin or the happiness hormone is released. However, often we forget about the devastating power of the sun – UV rays that contribute to the skin cancer, impair sight and hair.

The skin, eyes, and hair are sunlight most exposed parts of the body, which every day receive ultraviolet radiation, even if the person is outside only just a moment. Unfortunately, the ultraviolet radiation is not perceived as the heat from the sun and we cannot see it as a sunlight, so we rarely think of its impact.

However, dermatologists around the world rightly worried, because the biggest damage caused by ultraviolet radiation is direct to the skin.

Let’s decode ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet radiation has three wavelengths – A, B and C;

  • UVA – penetrates deeper into the skin by causing wrinkles;
  • UVB – leaves a negative effect on the skin cells, also form a tan;
  • UVC – remain in the ozone layer and does not reach the people.

Two proven cons – photoaging and skin cancer

When ultraviolet rays reach the skin, it launches a defensive reaction to form pigments “cap” that covers the cell nuclei to avoid unwanted mutations. We call it tan, but in reality, it is a skin fight against the negative effects of UV radiation. So there is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” Scientific evidence shows that UVA and UVB radiation has carcinogenic properties that may contribute to skin’s cancer development. According to the society’s “Dermatologists against the skin cancer” provided information the skin cancer now is the most common oncologic disease.

It would be completely enough with the risk of skin cancer, that dermatologists would suggest avoiding the sun, but ultraviolet radiation also accelerates skin aging. Skin makes substances that cut collagen – the elastic substance is not harmonious, so the skin becomes flabby. Sunscreen, unfortunately, is not compatible with the desire to have beautiful and healthy skin. We are glad that women around the world are starting to realize it. Everyone has to take into account his hereditary skin condition and specifics, that’s the reason why the most beautiful and the healthier is natural skin color.

As dermatologists explain not for nothing melanin in the skin is in equal quantity for all people, but for dark-skinned people, it is released much more, because for them the sun exposure is bigger all the time. The lighter the skin, the more dangerous for it is a sunbathe, because its natural protection is weaker.

The myth of vitamin D

The most popular myth about the positive effect of the sun is the intake of vitamin D as the result of tanning. Ultraviolet radiation is not a source of vitamin D, but the assistant for vitamin D synthesis in the body, so it is completely enough to open palms to the sun for 15-20 minutes a day.

The savior – sunscreen

In the view of dermatologists, the sunscreen is an ingenious invention of the science, as it protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation adverse effects.

Thanks to it, we also can continue various activities in the sun, gradually gaining a light tan.

However, remember that sunscreen is only effective when you use on a regular basis and with the right protection factor. In order to get confused by the wide range of sunscreen, the easiest thing to remember is the truth – the higher the protection factor of the cream is and frequently applied, the lower is the risk of getting a sunburn. In addition, the cream should be applied evenly to all sun-exposed parts of the body. This is often done carelessly, so many creams for kids are white or bluish to make sure that it is applied to the necessary places. More than ten years ago very good protection could be achieved by using creams with SPF 6. Now, it is not enough, because solar activity is higher, so we are reaching more ultraviolet radiation. It is important to remember that any cream should be re-applied at least every two hours as it absorbs part of the radiation, so the cream’s effect becomes weaker with time. If you are concerned that the creams with the protection factor greater than 50 contain harmful substances you can consult a dermatologist about the choice of the cream and its chemical composition, but there has not been scientifically proven any negative impact of such sunscreens.

In any case, the most damaging ultraviolet rays are in the middle of the day, when they reach unprotected skin and can quickly cause a burn.

The cream will not help for the burn

Usually, we do not worry about a slight redness on the skin and you also do not need to. It is enough to cool the skin after sun exposure and to apply a special moisturizing cream that helps prevent damage caused by the sun. It is important to remember that you should not use fats on the burn. If the burn is severe, you can use a variety of panthenol – containing creams or so-called SOS creams. If necessary, you can temporarily use the anti-inflammatory or pain killers. Still, if you do have a serious burn you should visit a doctor.

In a case of burn of any degree, sunbath must be terminated for at least a week or even longer and you also should avoid the steam bath. The peeling of the skin is a sign that it is only releasing from the sunburned layer, but the new has not yet been fully renewed.

It always is the safest not to lie in the sun at all, however, if you do it, follow these three rules:

  1. always use sunscreen, re-apply it every two hours;
  2. do not lie in the sun from 11:00 until 15:00, when the sun is the most active;
  3. after sunbath uses a special moisturizing cream that helps to organize the damage caused by the sun.

Protect the scalp and not the hair

The health of hair lies at the root of it because the ultraviolet light can do much less damage to hair than to the skin. It should be remembered that especially men should protect the area of the head where is not hair because the scalp sunburns faster than the rest of the body. Hair is also influenced by the solar infrared radiation, similar to curling, digesting them. As a result, the hair begins to lose pigment or fade. Blonde and red-haired people’s hair fade faster and more because of the hair, like the skin, different concentrations of black and red melamine. The more red melamine because of more skin burns and hair fade. Hair protection currently available in a diverse range of cosmetic products with ultraviolet filters to protect hair, like skin creams.

Save your eyes for good eyesight in old age

Thus, the average life expectancy rise, it is increasingly important to protect the eyes in order to maintain good eyesight to old age. As we get older our eye lens can thicken and become muddy (cataracts). If left untreated, unfortunately, it significantly reduces the visual quality. Bright sunlight can accelerate the formation of cataracts, so the importance of eye protection is very big. Bright sunlight can also affect the retina, stimulating its dystrophy. It is also influenced by other factors – high cholesterol, excessive fat intake, and a sedentary lifestyle. When planning trips to the mountains, take into account that high-altitude environments, snow sunlight brightness is particularly high and because of the following circumstances may cause damage to the cornea of the eye.

Sunglasses are a simple and effective tool to protect your eyes from bright sunlight damage. It is important to remember that the most important is the choice of sunglasses frames rather than design, but the quality of the lens – they must be with an ultraviolet protective filter. Using sunglasses without UV protection, your eyes are caused more harm than not wearing sunglasses at all. If the glasses have not protector and the man enters the twilight conditions, the dark spectacle lens of the pupil expands but is not protected, so the sun can cause more damage to the eye. Sunglasses Carrying need to be assessed for each well-being. If your eyes are tired, red, watery or demolition feeling, then they were exposed to sunlight for too long without protection or has been used in inappropriate sunglasses. In order to improve the well-being of an eye, and an appropriate solution is to use artificial tears, which are available at any pharmacy as a non-prescription medication.