Botox In A Bottle Or Jar – Is That Really Possible


Botox in a bottle or jar is what people are searching for in a case, they do not want painful procedures in a form of Botox injections. Unfortunately, scientists still are working on creating a Botox gel, and so far we are able to talk just about a different kind of means that promise effects almost the same as Botox injections, and of course, that would be a great alternative to cosmetic surgery.

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Botox face skincare cream is something that so many people over all the world would like to use as a means of stopping the aging process that becomes pretty obvious at a certain age.

Unfortunately, we do not have good news for you as until now Botox face cream has not been developed. Of course, demand for such a Botox face cream would be huge as at the moment Botox injections are so popular cosmetic procedures.


Botox Face Cream

There are many reasons why people are searching for such anti-aging Botox injections’ alternatives. Some of them probably do not like the idea of feeling the moments of injections at their faces others are afraid of side effects and another simply cannot afford this way of getting younger!

Still, as Botox injections are extremely effective (as anti-wrinkle botox treatment) there has been researching made to develop other means, which really contain Botox. Right now there is a process of creating Botox gel which could be the closest thing to botox.

However, we still have to wait for the results of this research. That was already for a long time ago when was given an explanation about that how Botox works and at the same time, there was cleared out that any kind of cream cannot do that as it is impossible to get so deep in skin’s cells as with the help of injections.

Botox Face Cream Does Not Exist?

If you really are searching for a face cream that would be a real Botox face cream then, we have to say that such cream does not exist. However, there are at least some pretty effective creams developed so far that some people are comparing even with so popular Botox injections.

If after taking some anti-aging cream people around are asking did you have Botox injections then probably effect even of the cream is very impressive.

As so far for our top-rated anti-aging product has become LifeCell cream we can suggest you exactly this cream as one possible alternative of having Botox injections. We think that comparison with Botox injections was no accidental as this is a completely different anti-aging cream from all developed before.

We have reviewed the LifeCell skincare product in detail so you are welcome to read all additional information available at our site! It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also dark circles and sunspots.

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Better than Botox cream? You might wonder what we are talking about? Let’s start with the truth that we already have revealed to you in the previous articles, so far there is not the real Botox cream developed.

The scientists are working on developing Botox gel. However, that also is just in a process. So if you have intended to get the results on your skin very close to the results you could get with Botox injections you might think of trying out one particular anti-aging cream, which has an incredibly high concentration of active anti-aging ingredients. As a result, you can expect an amazing skin smoothing result.

There are so many people that are having Botox injections, we think that it is not the most pleasant way of getting a younger look, so we are looking at the latest developments in an anti-aging sphere and there really are some pretty impressive ones. In the beginning, it was even hard to believe the numbers that are mentioned on the official website of LifeCell eye cream.

In the beginning, it sounds even unbelievable. Only after finding out the real results what people have gained with this cream, there is not a choice anymore, you simply have to start to believe it. We will share just some of them that you could get some idea, what are we talking about!

“This really works. My lines are smoother. I’ll have my wife use it too.” Chazz

“I totally see a difference. This is awesome.” Ashian

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Ten years ago, the famous film directors Martin Scorsese and Baz Luhrmann complained that it is increasingly harder to find about 35 years older actress who would have a wrinkled face.

Now, you don’t have to be an actress, that botulinum toxin injection would become a regular beauty procedure.

Poison, syringe, and muscle paralysis. It just sounds like torture, but in fact, botulinum toxin injections are one of the last decades safest and the most popular beauty procedures. It is enough with one or a few very small stitches to get rid of wrinkles from your face for several months, and it gives a chance to look much younger than you are.

The sausage poison

None of the new treatment methods in the fight with the lines and wrinkles has not thrown from the pedestal the queen of beauty procedures – botulinum toxin injection. In 2010, Americans received five million botulinum toxin injections, which is for 12% more than in 2009, besides 337 thousand out of five million customers were men.

But the botulinum history is very countrified. The German doctor and poet Justinus Kerner called botulinum toxin a “sausage poison” or “oily poison” because the bacterium from which the poison is often derived can be found in meat products. In a small German town in 1793, 13 people were poisoned from eating a sausage. Six of them died, but later this disease was called botulism (in Latin botulus means “sausage”).

The Clostridium botulinum bacteria was identified in 1897, but only after many years – in 1949 – was revealed that botulinum toxin could interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles. First of all, toxins were used in animal experiments, until in 1980 was officially accepted that it is a medicinal product used to treat strabismus and uncontrolled blinking.

About the fact that botulinum toxin can also be used to fight wrinkles for cosmetic purposes, for the first time wrote Californian plastic surgeon Richard Clark in 1989 at his study “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”.

A miracle cure at the stitch distance

Most often the botulinum injections are chosen by people at the age of 35 to 55 when it is enough with few injections to gain back a couple of years. If the botulinum toxin is used for aesthetic purposes, it is injected into the muscle at the specific area where is necessary to smooth the skin.

This effect is most needed, to delete the so-called anger wrinkles in the forehead furrows between the eyebrows, surprise wrinkles at the forehead, and “crow ’ s feet” at the outer corners of the eyes. At the procedure, which takes on average 10-15 minutes a doctor uses a thin micro-needle to be able accurately to inject a botulinum toxin in a very small amount.

As the needle is very thin and only a very small amount of liquid is taken, the pains related to the injections are so small that there is no need for anesthesia. Averagely after 45 hours, it is obvious that the skin has become firm in the areas of injections. If the injections were held at your forehead, then wrinkles will not appear there even if you will try to frown in anger. The natural aging process is stopped for a period of three to eight months.

The efficiency of injections depends on both the doctor’s professionalism and the patient’s ability to follow after injections’ directions. It is clearly known that after these injections, you should avoid the use of alcohol, too frequent walking to the bathhouse, and also facial massage reduces the effectiveness of the procedure in the first days after the injection.

As the botulinum toxin is a protein in nature, it is able to gradually disintegrate, by not leaving behind negative consequences for the human body. When the effect of injections is over, the wrinkles are recovering much slower, because the muscles are rested.

By the data available for doctors there is no restriction for the number of injections for a single person. There are people who have done it more than 30 times. So far, there is no evidence that the botulinum toxin would create an addiction.

Is it really safe? Yes!

In the September of 2005 in the Journal of American dermatologist College has published a study, which by reference to the US Food and Drug Administration data, reported about 28 deaths during the period from 1989 to 2003, which were caused by Botulinum toxin. Though none of them were associated with the toxin for cosmetic use.

In February 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the serious side effects of Botulinum toxin injections, however, they refrained from prohibiting it. After all, these injections really consist of a natural poison that occurs at the blowing process, and it is 40 million times stronger than cyanide.

Then, there was distributed a statement that it is allowed to inject a botulinum toxin only six times during a lifetime. The plastic surgeon says: “I’m not counting the times, they depend on the person. On its own manner, botulinum toxin is healing the muscle if it can be characterized by hyper movements, botulinum calms it down and it “forgets” that it has to move so actively.

And then the therapy can be combined – even to reduce wrinkles with the injections of hyaluronic acid. Thus, botulinum toxin injections, probably might not be needed to take more time. One ampoule contains five nanograms of botulinum toxin or roughly a millionth part of toxin dose capable of killing a person. It has been scientifically proven that in the dosages like plastic surgeons work with it, a toxin is not harmful.

Besides, any drug use in unreasonably high doses can cause serious health problems. Very small doses of Botulinum Toxin are injected in a minimum volume. The area of its distribution is very small.

If it is bigger then the possible side-effect is muscle rigidity affected by injection, and it lasts for only a couple of weeks. It just shows how important it is that the doctor’s injection would be accurate. That’s why you should choose to trust these injections only to the certified surgeon.

When Botulinum Toxin injections are not recommended

  • at the period of the pregnancy and lactation;
  • after the age of 65, because the loss of flexibility in the muscles increases the likelihood that the eyebrows or eyelids can fall down;
  • if there is an inflammation at the preferred injection area;
  • if you have high blood pressure;
  • if you have a blood clotting disorder;
  • people with mental health problems.

In A Short About Botox Injections

Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. So many of us want to look like in their 20s no matter they are already around 50. Between celebrities, these procedures are extremely popular and probably that is the main reason why they become so popular around other people.

The disadvantage of Botox injections is that they still are injections and that would be strange if you would not feel how Botox is injected with the needle. Another disadvantage is some pretty nasty side effects that you can experience with Botox injections.

Alternatives Of Botox Injections

Mainly as alternatives to Botox injections could be considered some anti-aging creams. Lately, pretty a lot of them are promising results almost like after using Botox injections. It would be very far from the truth if we would say that all these promises really can happen in a real life.

Maybe you know that the real secret of Botox injections is in the fact that they are injected deeply into your skin. By that, we mean that only a very effective cream could promise at least some effect achieved with these injections. However, just recently there really has been developed unique anti-aging cream. Its secret is in the active ingredients’ concentration that is even thousands of times bigger than in similar creams developed before.

If you are interested in finding out more about this specific cream that we advise our visitors, you are welcome to read all the additional information available at our site. You will find a review of LifeCell cream which is of those miracle creams and other important information that will let you decide to trust your skin to this amazing discovery or not!

Absolute Botox Alternative Without Needles Or Pain – Nobel Prize-Winning Anti-Aging Cream Formula

There is more than one product out there that claims to work as effectively as Botox injections. The only question is do they work as effective as beauty injections. Far not all of them really work so effectively as injections, which get into the deepest layers of the skin.

We want to reveal to you one specific product, which works as powerful as Botox injections, it is developed already 10 years ago and contains a Nobel prize-winning formula. Those are hundreds of thousands of people who already use LifeCell cream and even more are only to find out its power.lifecell trial

When it comes to aging signs like wrinkles, the appearance of fine lines, age spots women and men are searching for the best possible solution for how to remove them.


Our suggestion for you if want to get a real Botox alternative is to try out LifeCell anti-aging cream.

You should take note that the producers of LifeCell cream are so confident that LifeCell works, they offer for everyone to try it for 30 days. If you would like the effect of LifeCell, you will be able to continue receiving it, however, if you will not get the results that you were expected you can simply cancel your trial.

Before And After Botox Alternative Cream (LifeCell)

These are amazing changes after LifeCell cream experienced Etta, she is 41 years old and LifeCell gave her the second youth back.

Etta before and after LifeCell (41-year-old)

Is Botox Available In Other Forms Than Injections

In fact, there isn’t and if somebody claims that they have developed, for example, Botox cream then that is not the truth. The only thing that might be offered is an alternative to Botox injections and then can come up creams, serums, and other products. You should be careful with choosing one of these products as far as not all of these products really works as effective as Botox injections.

If you are a fan of Botox injections, then you probably know that Botox injections get into the deepest layers of the skin and block the signals from the nerves to the muscles. People often even say that Botox paralyzes muscles, so they cannot move the specific area of the face where it has been injected.

So it is pretty obvious that any kind of anti-aging cream cannot get into the deepest layers of the skin, but active ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams can be effective in reducing signs of aging.

What Other Botox Alternatives Are Out There

In fact, there are lots of product producers who claim having developed Botox alternative. You have to be very careful before you are putting all your hopes on any of them. Few other product brands that are claiming to have developed Botox alternatives in the form of cream are Brazilian Miracle, Skin 2 Skin, Cosima Flawless, and Biokos.

Where To Find More Information About LifeCell

As LifeCell wrinkle reducer cream is one of our top choices in reducing aging signs, we have pretty lots of information about it on our website. Even more, you can read a detailed LifeCell review and check out more before and after photos.

lifecell trial

Advantages Of LifeCell Anti-aging Cream Comparing To Botox Injections

  • money guaranteeLifeCell cream will not bring side effects at the time of using it;
  • You will not have unpleasant feelings at the time of applying it;
  • LifeCell cream is affordable if we take into account the price;
  • You can use LifeCell cream wherever and whenever you want;
  • The 120-day money-back guarantee offered;
  • 30-day free trial offer available.

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Botox Prices

Botox prices are often one of the most important factors why people decide to refrain from trying it as an anti-aging means. And that is a solid reason as the price of Botox is pretty high compared with other alternatives.

As we found out the best approach to comparing Botox prices would be by comparing the price per unit of Botox. Of course, there will be significant differences depending on where you decide to do make them as there always are cheaper and more expensive places where you can get such procedures.

So there is not a surprise that the price interval that we found of Botox injections was starting from $125 up even to $1,125 depending on the area where a procedure has been held.

If talking about that is necessary for such a procedure, the price per unit is approximately between $10 and $15. Depending on the area you decide to make procedure it can need from just from 10 units even up to 75 units in some special cases.

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Botex, Bottox and Botax

What really hides behind these so often misspelled Botox variations like Botex, Bottox and Botax? In fact, we will find out what Botox really is and why it is so popular around the world instead of talking about these misspelled names.

Botulinum toxin – a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum is considered the most powerful neurotoxin ever discovered. Popularly known by one of its trade names, Botox or Dysport or Xeomin, it is used for various cosmetic, medical procedures. [Source]

How the power of Botox was revealed?

The very beginning was in the middle of the 80s when Botox was created, however, it was tried to prevent muscle spasms and uncontrolled blinking eyelids, and had nothing to do with the reduction of wrinkles. Just later in medical experiments, scientists noticed that for some patients after Botox wrinkles around the eyes were reduced, and then Botox was really born.

How does Botox work?

Botox paralyzes facial muscles and prevents the so-called dynamic wrinkles – wrinkles that appear, for example, frowned or laughed. The Botox injections’ effect lasts from three to six months.


How popular is Botox?

Botox’s largest market is America. Just a few years ago the number of people having Botox injections reached five million. It was predicted that the injections will shrink due to the crisis but was just the opposite. Cosmetologists explain that people want to look better when going to job interviews.

Is Botox popular only among women?

Not at all! As data shows, approximately 10-15% of Botox clients are men. With each year, their proportion is increasing.

Botox injections compared with shopping once in four months?

We think that addiction to Botox injections can become excessive. Because more and more often people are having Botox injections, even if they do not need them. As one example we can mention British reality television star, Katie Price, who has Botox injections for her eyes every four months. The more surprising is that she compares Botox injections with everyday shopping.


How to gain a natural-looking face after Botox injections

Main factors that could help you to gain natural-looking face after these injections:

1. Professional must apply Botox at the right points;

2.A person who performs the injection must have a good knowledge of the muscles of facial expression;

3. Your doctor also must know, which muscle function should be suspended or reduced, but which, on the contrary – should be maintained to give the face extra charm.


Botox alternatives

Are there really any Botox alternatives developed? In fact, there are, just so many people have not an idea that something so powerful is revealed.

As the best alternative to Botox injections, we would like to suggest, very powerful anti-aging cream, which is capable of ensuring your Botox effect just without all those unpleasant and painful feelings.

We are talking about LifeCell a real breakthrough in the sphere of reducing signs of aging.

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    • Hello, Robyn! Sorry for our late reply! You cannot actually obtain a real botox in a jar, you can simply try some of the powerful anti-aging products developed which claim to be botox alternatives. As an example, we have mentioned LifeCell but if choosing to try it you should keep in mind that effect will not be equal for everyone who tries it. Still, there are people who are very satisfied with the effect and are actually comparing it with botox effect.

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