Best Skin Care Routine For 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s And 70s


Nowadays, people at first look at the condition of the skin and only then to the years of the woman. Find out what in the skincare recommend professionals, but of course, decide and act on your own.

It is not a secret – that your psychological, as well as biological age, may well be different from your passport data, as you certainly can look ten years younger than are. Although we have set up a table with a minimum of beauty care for women of different ages, the reality often does not fit so specific frames.

So look at yourself with a critical eye and, if necessary, without mercy take away a decade, but maybe it is worth to borrow something from the next? Be fair but flexible! It all depends on genetics, bad habits (such as whether you smoked), the effects of stress, diet, and at the end, of course, your skincare regimen, so the skin condition of two different women of the same age can be quite different. Professional cosmetics brands offer a means by it, the condition of the skin, such as young – around 20-30 years of age – as antioxidants suggest vitamin C or collagen if needed to restore skin firmness and density and smooth out wrinkles (indicated age from 30 to 45 years), or stem cells to regenerate and restore the skin, smoothing out deep wrinkles (indicated age from 40 to 55 years), or the DNA helix to restore and remodelētu skin and smooth out wrinkles very deep (60+).

Professional cosmetics brands offer skincare products by the condition of the skin, such as for young women – around 20-30 years of age – as an antioxidant is suggested vitamin C or collagen. If you need to restore skin’s firmness and density and smooth out wrinkles (indicated age from 30 to 45 years), or stem cells to regenerate and restore the skin, smoothing out deep wrinkles (indicated age from 40 to 55 years), or the DNA helix to restore and remodeling skin and also to smooth out very deep wrinkles (60+).

IMPORTANT! At any age remain the same “three whales”: facial cleansing, moisturizing, and protection.

Skin Care Routine For the 20s (15+)

The girl should start to take care of her skin when she begins to use make-up.

First skin care cosmetics – micellar water. Experts point out that at the 15-year age girls can still have a normal skin type, but in 18-20 years of age, this already is rare, because the skin is affected not only by what we eat and drink but also by that we breathe and how much electromagnetic fields are around us. If the skin type is normal and is used make-up, it is sufficient with micellar water. Nowadays, it can also be even earlier than 15 years of age. If the girl is only using a lip gloss, face care can wait, but as soon she begins to anything on the eyes, even if only to use mascara, make-up should be removed, and the eye area should be started to hydrate. At present, a great tool is micellar water, which can both cleanse and moisturize not only the eye area but also the face.

Purification. If at the age of 15 the skin is oily, it requires specific cleansing products (mostly they create foam), which helps to degrease the skin, while allowing to maintain balance, but if also, the skin is problematic, you have to look at products with anti-inflammatory agents. If the skin is very oily and observed in inflammatory processes, the optimal solution is recommended to look for along with an expert. However, if you have the desire to find an answer by yourself in the shop, you should look for keywords – for oily problematic skin. These products will never be milk, but gel foaming agents. If the skin is dry, it is advisable to clean with the milk that is purifier and humidifier at the same time. Since dry skin is prone to a variety of dermatitis, you should consult the professionals – dermatologists or cosmetologists.

Moisturize and protect. Normal skin without micellar water does not need anything else. If the skin is dry, you need moisturizing lotion or emulsion. If the skin is oily or combination, use moisturizer for combination skin (with reagents which absorb the skin sebum production or regulate overproduction). The skin not only is cleaned but also protected. That means in the summer to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays in the winter – from cold. In both cases, it is recommended to use BB cream, protective wax mineral powder with SPF.

Skin Care Routine For the 30s (25 +/-)

You have to begin to take care of the skin with the aim to maintain the current condition as long as possible. As it is known, to take away something from a “time guy” it is much more difficult than to take care of preventive steps.

Stop time. It is considered that physiologically the body develops until the age of 25 and formation processes prevail over the degradation processes. Then gradually, depending on genetics and lifestyle starts the opposite mechanism.

Main skin prevention – protection against the sun; unfortunately, there often is a desire to get a nice tan. Experts warn – no skincare will help in the combination with an insatiable sunbathing or tanning. Also, the face and the neck is subjected to ultraviolet radiation, not only on the beach or in the solarium, but also in everyday life. Ultraviolet radiation adversely affects the capillaries and damages the small blood vessel walls, but they are responsible for the nutrient transfer of skin, like ultraviolet radiation damages the cell membrane and nuclei (genetic material). So task number 1 – to choose skincare products with SPF 35-50. And no less! Low SPF does not make sense; it is self-deception.

We purify and hydrate. Eye area still can be cleaned with micellar water, and if at this age you still have a normal skin type, it can also be used for facial care. Treatment principle remains the same – if the skin is dry, use milk, if it is oily and combination – of gel foaming agents. At this age, the face already experiencing lower or higher skin pigmentation and is no longer entirely in one tone. Therefore, the main rule is moisturizing and protection. Compared to 20 years of age, this age group is changing moisturizing intensity. They may no longer be first-grade moisturizers (liquid products – lotions, emulsions) but already gels or emulsions kind of creams containing hyaluronic acid used as a moisturizer.

Peeling. If the woman does not go to beauty salons yet, she still weekly needs to remove dead cells or to peel (scrub or enzyme exfoliant) and use a moisturizing mask for all skin types, such as oily skin – masks of different clay base with the aim to purify pores.

Skin Care Routine For the 40s (35 +/-)

At this age (from 30 up to 45) you have to try to do everything to not only keep the cells of the skin condition, but it already needs the stimulation of the synthesis of collagen as the regeneration process-  – stimulation.

Purify / moisturize / protect. Compared with the previous period, nothing much in this section changes – twice a day face is cleansed. Do not forget that the face and neck is one whole. It is important to adhere to the skin type, so choose your cleansing and moisturizing products, as well as the protection against the ultraviolet rays based on your skin type. Vitamin C, collagen, stem cells, DNA helix – all of them can be anti-aging cream ingredients, protecting your skin from free radicals. In youth is recommended to use vitamin C and collagen. In any case, you can start watching in the anti-aging direction. Do not forget that the skin requires care not only in the day but also at night when the creams to cleansed skin work much efficiently.

Eye area – light skincare products. At nuanced facial care at this age joins the eye area care. The skin around the eyes is very thin, so the signs of aging can be observed directly at the beginning of the eye area. Should not you start to take care of your eye area faster? Specialists point out – there are many tools – both micellar and cellular waters and mild moisturizing emulsion for the face – which can be used in the eye area. But only from 30 years of age, is recommended to start using special skincare products marked for the eye area. At first, they are light – gels, emulsions creams, but at the age of 35-40-year-olds can already use serums and creams for the eye area. You have to read directions on the packages carefully. If it is highlighted that you should not apply the product near the eye area, it means that the product is intense, active and it should be spread by compression movements over the bone edge.

New ritual – a beauty salon. If you if, you have realized that that face care is an integral part of your life, in this age group you should already have your beautician. Specialists point out – in fact, you even can not do without it, because at home you are no longer able to do everything you need for your skin to maintain the current skin condition for at least another ten years. Ideally, you visit a beautician once every 4-6 weeks, which purifies the skin, moisturizes and stimulates it. Whereas it may be a variety of problems – swelling or flabby skin – the specialist will recommend the most appropriate skincare products, choose the most suitable procedures, or will combine them for the best outcome to help prolong the youthfulness of the skin. Sometimes women think – instead of going to the beauty salons, better they will buy expensive creams, but experts are adamant – no cream can be a substitute for the professional cosmetic procedure, no hand massage, or any electro procedure.

Beauty injections and chemical peeling. From 35 years of age, it is recommended to have first beauty injections, if necessary – the first laser procedures, but once or twice a year depending on skin type and skin condition suggests to have chemical peeling – it is a procedure that provides a visible peeling of the skin, and effective way to reduce and eliminating pigmentation spots, skin unevenness, and mimic wrinkles.

Skin Care Routine For the 50s (45 +/-)

Here begins the most interesting because the beauty principles of 50 years are highly similar to those used in 40 years of age

Cleansing, moisturizing. Purification basic principles have not changed since the age of 20, but moisturizing cream should be chosen depending on the age group or beautician’s recommendations.

Serums and masks for the eye area. The serum is recommended to use when starting to develop wrinkles, and it is always is used before the cream. The eye area in addition to the daily care of the serums and creams joins the use of masks. The most simple solution for home use is widely available eye strips, which are applied to the eyes.

Creams. During this time, not only around the eyes but in the entire facial skin are observed pronounced wrinkles. Cream to choose must be sufficiently active to slow down this process. Creams intended for this age period is suitable for medium and deep wrinkles and contains concentrated active agents (retinoids, retinol, pro-retinol), which improves the condition of the eye area, the skin elasticity, also creating a lifting effect.

Once a month – beautician. If in 35 years you can afford to visit beautician once in every 4-6 weeks, this age group suggests to do it once or even twice a month. Specialists assess whether there is a need to make classic facial treatments or use the laser, beauty injections or chemical peels. The possibility of improving the skin are many, and each skin condition prefers an individual approach. Thus, it can delay and prevent the age-related changes in the deep nasolabial wrinkles, deep wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes.

Intensive course once a year. In parallel to visits of beauty salons are recommended procedures in intensive course way.

Plastic? Specialists do not recommend plastic before the age of 40-50 to intervene surgically because there are plenty of other beauty treatments that can be used.

Skin Care Routine For the 60s (55 +/-)

First, cleanse the skin, then moisturize it, and finally protect it. Without it is unthinkable women’s facial care at any age.

Purify, moisturize, protect. Nothing has changed and will not change the basic principles of daily skincare – cleansing, moisturizing, and protection. Creams with active substance composition (stem cells, DNA helix). Seasonally can use different serums, one on the eye area, and the other – the face, such as DNA serum third – neck and neck areas, such as collagen or stem cell composition.

Controlled skin damage – recovery. In this age group up to date is also used targeted and controlled skin damage with a view to stimulate and restore (used for a variety of treatments ranging from ultrasound and radio-frequency and ending with laser procedures and chemical peels). Chemical peeling should not take more than four times a year.

It is recommended the first plastic. No matter how strange it may seem, this is the right age to make the first plastic surgery to specific problem areas. Perhaps, however, left to the next life period (65+)? Experts have categorically – not to miss youthful appearance retention since the age of 65 can no longer acquire the desired effect.

Beautician – once a week. Beauty salon visits have become an integral part of life in the same way as physical activity and exercise a few times a month. In this age group are mostly menopause. Changing the lifestyle seamlessly adds 5-7 kg of a subcutaneous fat layer. In turn, the skin produces less fat in the skin, so that it can become thinner and more fragile. Therefore beauticians are advised to visit once a week to evaluate the best solutions for skin stimulation.

Intensive course – twice a year. Recommended procedures for a course after beautician recommendation twice a year.

Skin Care Routine For the 70s (65 +/-)

Everything almost like in the previous age group when we tried to take something away from “time guy,” but now important is to continue to maintain the results obtained.

Masks for decollete. Masks for all age groups covered as often as specified by the manufacturer, but the professional cosmetics manufacturers also offer masks, which can be applied daily.

Specific injection. World trends show that beauty is developing, and is now available in the beauty of the injection even for earlobes because by years they become thinner. There is even a saying: “If the diamonds will not look forward but down, it is the time!”


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