11 Important Anti Aging Skin Care Tips


Finally, there has been found an answer to the question – are changes in our look that appears by years determined by heredity or lifestyle. If you think that you are not capable of influencing the fate of your beauty because it is determined by genetics, you are completely wrong: genetics is responsible only for about 10 percents of wrinkles while 90 percents are the result of environment and our lifestyle (including your healthy eating habits) .

Genetic heritage is the thickness of our skin, which affects its flexibility, as well as the wrinkle problem areas. The remaining ninety percent gives you the opportunity to significantly control the aging process. To prove this claim, there was cared out a study in New York with single ovum twins, which revealed that in a case of equal lifestyle, their skin is aging equally fast, but when lifestyle habits differ, the aging results are also dramatically different.

Twins participated in the study, one preferred tanning (and, of course, prematurely obsolete), the other didn’t tan so often. When looking at the photos which were put near experts seemed to be looking at the same woman photographs just before and after plastic surgery. Nothing can change your DNS, but only you can change your lifestyle, that’s why in this article we will reveal you lots of antiaging tips or you can also say beauty tips that will help you to maintain your youth for a longer time.

Tip #1 – Avoid The Sun (Protect Your Skin)

the_sunExperts unanimously admit, although the skin is detrimental to many habits, the sun is its worst enemy. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays gradually destroy skin “support structures,” the collagen and elastin, as a result, the aging process becomes faster. Still, even if you have already gained a big dose of harmful radiation, it is never too late to start using sunscreen. Using it regularly can reduce the damage. Of course, you have to keep in mind that sun in large amounts can also cause skin cancer. So be careful about your health and protect your skin from the sun.

In addition, it is not enough just to use cream to prevent sun damage – you have to find the most effective. You should search for a cream containing, for example, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and Parsol 1789. All of these components partially block ultraviolet A (UVA) rays which are responsible for the aging of the skin. The range of such skincare products is large, you can try, for example, Clinique Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer with SPF 25.

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Tip #2 – Put Down The Cigarette

Most smokers can be identified by wrinkles around the mouth, which are caused by the lip tightening while smoking, but that is not all. After the examination of the smokers’ skin, dermatologists found that smokers more likely than non-smokers have wrinkles around the eyes, the reason is pretty simple as ‘cigarette smoke, like the rays from the sun, breaks down collagen and elastin, by that accelerating the formation of wrinkles and skin lax. To reduce skin defects, try the Estee Lauder Perfectionist Concentrate for Lip Lines, which smooths wrinkles and helps lipstick to look smoother as well.

Tip #3 – Stop To Grimace

grimaceImagine that your skin is a soft, subtle surface of expensive shoes. When walking each little wrinkle in the surface of shoes permanently deepens. Your skin reacts just like to the often repeated facial expressions. For years, training the specific facial muscles, in the skin is created almost like a crack. To minimize the body lines, you can use the botulinum injection which paralyzes “culprit” muscle, denying you the opportunity once again to grimace. But of course, it is cheaper to get rid of the habit to grimace.

Try to relax the muscles of the face every time you catch yourself when you want to grimace. In order to reduce the lines, you can find the help in cosmetic, such as Avon Anew Clinical Deep Crease Concentrate, which replaces the botulinum injections because it also aligns the deep wrinkles. Just remember that it is only recommended if lines are expressed, after 35 years of age.

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Tip #4 – Don’t Be Nervous

Stress has an impact on the appearance is no longer necessary to demonstrate – it destroys the immunity and weakens your resistance to disease. Sufferers also your skin, because stressful situations the body begins to function austerity – narrower capillaries, blood flow to the skin decreases: in preparation to defend against stress factors, the body conserves blood in the internal organs.

  • Chronic stress deepens the grooves in the face of concern, and if it is also devoid of sleep, the aging process will accelerate dramatically. Stress also contributes to the occurrence of acne, including adult acne. Most of it though is because that under pressure we tend to give up good habits, such as fatty or select the sweeter products, sleepless, and bad emotional response to the situation and are more easily irritable. This is all happening because of the tensions in our body produces the hormone cortisol, which in itself can lead to the occurrence of acne, because it stimulates inflammation – hence the abandonment of the skin to a healthy lifestyle is a double blow. Of course, there are lots of acne treatments available but it always is better to prevent something than fight with the consequences.
  • So try to reduce the level of stress in your life, find out how your body is best freed from stress. Not worth it for hours every day to practice a variety of stress remover ways to meditate or sit in yoga poses, if you do not like (although they are all recognized forms of nervous tension reduction). Instead, find a loosening technique that is easy to incorporate into your daily routine so that it becomes a habit.
  • Try, for example, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for four seconds, hold their breath and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Exhaled try to feel how relaxed your body. Another effective technique is to imagine yourself in the upcoming stressful situation. Imagine that you are free and self-confident – it is not excluded that the arrival of the real situation, you’d be in a reality.
  • Or the time freed by going ten-minute walk through the neighborhood – it’s enough to cortisol levels fall. The key is to find a method that fits directly to you, and then stick to it. In addition, you can try skin care products that help restore skin tone and liveliness, such as Biotherm Line Peel Nuit, which speeds up the natural skin cell renewal process.

Tip #5 – Sleep As Much As You Can

If you look in the mirror after you have not got enough sleep, you can get a rough idea of what your face will look like in ten years. Fine wrinkles appear deeper, light circles under the eyes transformed into bags. If you do not sleep enough, the skin looks outdated and in poor physical condition, especially treacherous is the area around the eyes. During sleep, your body renews with increased blood flow to the face. Should sleep seven to nine hours each night of sleep on the other signals not only dark circles and bags under the eyes, but also the appearance of acne, and an insufficient amount of sleep will hinder the healing.

The good news is that these effects can be eliminated if the next night I go to bed earlier and continue to endeavor to follow a regular sleep mode. In order to facilitate your own skin “night work” in the morning and look to make the best bedtime completely removes all makeup, because makeup clogs the pores and dirt that accumulates during the day on your face. Before going to bed night cream is applied, such as Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.

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Tip #6 – Feed Your Face

Often say, you are what you eat. Your face is really a mirror image of your diet. Antioxidants (particularly vitamin C and E) are the main skin helpers in the fight against free radicals. It is also shown that omega 3 fatty acids (found mainly in oily fish such as salmon) reduces inflammation and improves skin texture. It is equally important to avoid alcohol and sodium-containing products in the diet. Alcohol expands the capillaries and makes them brittle (putting thy face look flushed and bluish), while saltwater retention in the body (which results in swollen eyes and puffy cheeks). Combining these hostile skin products such as dining, a sushi restaurant and a large amount of soy sauce on top with a smaller amount of sake is not, you are risking the next morning wake up swollen.

The best way to keep your skin clean and healthy is a balanced diet with a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Some tips on how to realize it.

  • Use plenty of vitamins. A healthy diet means a lot of minerals and vitamins, especially A, C and E vitamins, which are directly responsible for clean and smooth skin.
  • Vitamin A group is used to treat acne and facial treatment in different ways both orally and topically. Vitamin A promotes skin cell regeneration, found in broccoli, red peppers, spinach.
  • Vitamin C helps the body to develop the most skin clamping connection collagen and protects skin from free radicals, which destroys the DNA of skin and the bad effects of increased environmental pollution, solar ultraviolet radiation and cigarette smoke. Vitamin C rich citrus fruits, quince, sauerkraut.
  • Vitamin E acts as an orally and topically as a free radical scavenger. It stabilizes cell membranes and reduces inflammation, which may in time develop into a pimple. Vitamin E can be found in almonds, avocado, and wheat.

Tip #7 – Use Plenty Of Fluids

Every day, drink at least two and a half liters of liquid (including a range of beverages and liquids contained in the dish). Water is very important for every part of your body, including the skin, fluids do it soft and supple. The first dehydration – water scarcity – symptoms: facial discoloration, skin is too relaxed and looks tired.

Tip #8 – Moderate Chocolate And Greasy Foods

Acne outbreak often is the result of stress when chocolate, fried potatoes, and chips are becoming attractive food. However, if it appears that your skin condition aggravated by a certain product, try not to use it for a few weeks – and it opens, whether it has any effect.

Tip #9 – Restrict The Consumption Of Products And Medicines That Contain Iodine

It is a substance that can truly increase the number of acne on your face if it is used too much. Iodine-rich shrimp and other seafood, but they will not harm you unless used in each meal. There are also creams that compensate the lack of substance, which the skin is unable to obtain through diet alone, such as Garnier Nutritionist – it contains an effective, energy-cell activating complex with Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids and magnesium.

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Tip #10 – Believe In Miracles

“We live in a golden age of chemistry,” feels a dermatologist Dennis Gross. “Even if genetically you should grow old just like your mother, there are available in a wide range of features that help to supplement the supplies of collagen, effective cream that protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as well as cosmetic procedures that can be changed even by thee down heredity.

“Gross suggests constant use in modern” miracle “such as antioxidant vitamins C and E, lycopene and green tea extract (to prevent free radical damage), retinol or genistein (collagen and elastin supplement), as well as AHA, that promote natural cell renewal process. For example, L’Oreal Wrinkle De-Crease Collagen Filler – an intensive wrinkle reducing agent with bio balls collagen that fills the wrinkles from the skin surface and reduces the depth of wrinkles on the skin inside.

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Tip #11 – Exercise And Take Care Of Your Skin

Sports activities are good for your health and well-being, they improve blood circulation and, no doubt, does your skin healthy. However, some women have experienced the opposite – after sports activities appear acne outbreaks. It is important to remember not to cause skin irritation same exercise, but unsuitable for skin care before and after exercise, and the time to.

  • Before exercise clean your face – before the workout always remove makeup – except cosmetics that do not contain fat, it contains special non-comedogenic substances or substances that prevent comedone (black pore) formation. Otherwise, the pore blockage by sweating is inevitable.
  • Wear suitable sports clothing – large heat, sweating during exercise and other factors sebaceous glands leads to work in full swing. Increased sebum excretion and bacterial activity, which are often located in the hair follicle, causing acne and pimples. To avoid this, wear fabrics that absorb sweat and body ensure sufficient ventilation.
  • Rinse in the shower after a workout – cleanse your body with an exfoliating agent.

Conclusion About Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

  • A dermatologist Dennis Gross describes as impossible to predict its appearance in several years. He recommended remarking the risk factors in order to create a personalized skin care plan meant for your skin problems.
  • Research their family members to find out if you have common facial features such as wrinkles between the eyebrows or bags under the eyes. Find out which parent looks more like you – it might tell you how you will look at his age. But do not forget that by slowing down or speed up the aging visible signs are very important for your lifestyle.
    Be aware of what you look no expression on his face, and compare it with their usual grimace. There is a good chance that by the time constant becomes visible precisely those lines, which now appears when you squint eyes or frowned.
  • When you’re tired, the face reflected in the problem areas, for example, have softened the skin around the mouth or old acne scars on the cheeks. Aging skin regenerates more and more slowly because they are defective or become more prominent.
  • Facial area, which seems like with thin fine lines, although wrinkles are not yet noticeable (either all the time or when the skin squash fingers), point to areas of skin that have suffered the most in the sun. With time, most likely, the skin in these areas and diminish subtle lines develop into wrinkles.

We hope these tips for your skin were useful and now you will be able to make your beauty routine more effective.