Adjusting Your Diet To Help Your Skin


As you grow older, you discover that keeping your skin looking great becomes more and more of a challenge. While a robust skin care regimen can better fight the signs of aging and natural skin damage, and part of that skin care routine includes what you eat. Try making a few dietary changes as suggested below and you will be surprised by the impact they have on your skin’s appearance

General Tips

It’s always tricky to give dietary advice for any specific result because there’s such a wide variation in people’s dietary needs. However, there are a few broad eating habits that show up time and again among people with great complexions. A review of this general information can point you towards a diet that’s geared towards skin health, as well as, whole-body wellness.

One interesting factor that contributes to your skin’s overall health is your blood sugar. Frequent changes in your blood sugar levels cause massive shifts in your body’s production of insulin and other hormones. These changes interfere with the constant, natural repair and replenishment going on in your skin, slowing it down and making it harder to overcome all sorts of skin damage. Frequent blood sugar changes also make acne outbreaks.more likely.

In order to keep your blood sugar low and steady, you will want to eat foods with a low glycemic index. While completely overhauling your diet based on glycemic index data is a lot of work, you’ll see some great results if you simply cut back on the amount of sugars and refined carbs you’re eating. Increasing the proportion of vegetables (especially antioxidant-rich dark green veggies) in your diet also helps.

Finally, when you want your skin to look your best, you shouldn’t neglect the most important universal dietary advice: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Being well-hydrated helps your skin both directly and indirectly. Good hydration ensures that you are able to sweat properly and it keeps your skin from drying out. It also makes you better able to deal with stress, both mentally and physically, which reduces the amount of strain your skin is subjected to.

Specific Foods To Try

You can find some terrific foods for boosting your skin’s health without diving too deeply into the exotic sections of your grocery store. Here are some quality recommendations:

1. Eggs

eggsEggs are a well-known source of protein. When it comes to your skin, protein is the raw material you need to build fresh collagen and make your skin more elastic. Don’t skip the yolks, either. They are packed with vitamins, selenium, and zinc.

2. Spinach

SpinachAs noted above, dark green vegetables make a great foundation for a skin-healthy diet. Spinach is a particularly strong choice. Not only is it rich in antioxidants and folates that help slow down the most visible signs of the aging process, spinach also has plenty of fiber. That means eating more spinach will cut down on your cravings for less-healthy foods and improve your digestion.

3. Brazil Nuts

brazil-nutIf you’re looking for a skin-friendly handheld snack, consider the Brazil nut. This is one of the best dietary sources of selenium (already mentioned above). Selenium is important to your skin because it plays a key role in preserving the elastin that keeps your skin tight.

4. Fresh Fish


You are probably already aware that fish make a super-healthy way to get the protein you need in your diet. Choosing the right fish can also make your skin look a lot better. “Oily” fish that have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids are particularly effective as they help to moisturize the skin and keep toxins out. Mackerel, which is a great source of two of the best omega-3 acids (DHA and EPA) is a perfect example.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to eating for healthier skin. Make use of the general principles described here and start trying specific foods that have a positive impact on your skin and you should begin to see a marked improvement in your complexion.

Stephany Lehman is a skin care and natural health enthusiast. She helps to run a site, that shares her passion and commitment to organic skin and beauty care.