8 Completely Natural And Effective Remedies For Pimples


Having skin problems? You should try natural remedies for getting rid of pimples and acne. A single pimple and more pimples is a nightmare for every human being. The most irritating thing about pimples is the itching, irritation and the effect on your facial beauty. The pimples are the worst enemies of the skin. Your skin is your friend as you always take care of your skin. But the popping out of pimples with regular intervals or at consistent times, these make a person more prone to bad skin and other issues. There are various home and natural remedies for pimples.

The natural remedies for pimples are the most common and usual ways to get rid of skin issues, acne and pimples at home. It will not let the person go and visit the doctor. The people must visit the dermatologist if the conditions are severe and you are not getting any improvement from the use of natural remedies for pimples. There are different types of pimples, but most people recognize the inflamed and red swollen areas with pus inside that can later pop out to give you the worst skin. The home and natural remedies for pimples are the best ways to get rid of the pimples as well as the people do not have to visit the doctor and have allopathic medicines. Some of the natural remedies for pimples are discussed below.

#1 – Apple Cider Vinegar Application

apple cider vinegarThe apple cider vinegar is very important for domestic uses. It is helpful not to fight with pimples only but many other things as well. The apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for pimples. Its application is useful as it is a complete power pack when it comes to the treatment of skin problems, particularly acne. The apple cider vinegar helps to kill the bacteria that were causing the inflammation in the pores leading to severe acne. The nature of the liquid is alkaline that neutralizes and balances the pH of the skin as well as killing the bacteria to make the skin more smooth and subtle.

It works because of the properties of an astringent that the people use to dry the excessive oil. There must be a limit to the use of apple cider vinegar as it dries the skins by the over-application. The negative reaction will cause the glands to start producing more sebum and oil to keep the skin oil other than dry.

Directions to Use

Wash the face and leave it dry. The solution will be used according to the ratios of water and vinegar. The people can use one part of vinegar while three parts of water. The vinegar will dilute that will be applied later on the face at particular places of blemishes and redness. The sufferers can apply the solution for 10 minutes. Apply it at several times of the day and can leave it for an overnight to get rid of the acne and pimples. The skin must be moisturized after that.

#2 – Cinnamon and Honey Mask

cinammon_acneThe honey is a natural element used to treat various diseases. It is called the natural antibiotic that people can use to cure themselves of different types of diseases. The honey has a sticking nature while the cinnamon is spicy. Both elements make a different mixture with their specific properties to act as a natural remedy for pimples.

The combination will kill the bacteria causing the inflammation and pus formation. The antibiotic property of honey and antimicrobial property of cinnamon will help break the bacteria from causing the pimple growth.

Directions to use

Make a paste of cinnamon and the quantity of honey must be twice of cinnamon in it. Wash the face and let it dry to apply the paste. The paste will be created by blending these two elements. The mask is applied for almost 15 minutes. Wash your face and clean the mask by rinsing it off.

#3 – Milk and Honey/ Yogurt

milk_get_rid_acneThe people consider that the excessive use of dairy products causes skin issues like acne. But somehow, the milk has other abilities to break the bacteria and acne as well as gives a good color tone to the skin. The people who believe that milk is acne-causing things have to know that the extra hormones in it will get acne otherwise if it’s ingested; there is no issue of it. The milk is used to reduce the redness and irritation of the skin that’s why in the old times, queens used to take a bath in the milk. The yogurt can be instead of milk because of similar properties while the fat will moisturize the skin.

Directions to use

To use milk or yogurt, it must be at room temperature. People must not give cold shocks to the skin. When the temperature is normal, use the one tablespoon of honey in it and mix it well. Now apply it on the face with the cotton. Pat on the face can be equally good to let the mixture settle on the skin. Now let the mixture get dry and wash it with water. Scrub in the circular motion to rinse it off and get rid of the cells of the dead skin. Moisturizing the skin afterward every natural remedy for pimples is very important.

#4 – Egg Whites

egg-white-acneThe egg whites are widely used to remove the acne spots, blemishes and correct the color tone. The egg white is a very good and natural remedy for pimples. It has the property to counter-attack the pimples and acne. The egg whites are helpful because the egg contains protein as well as vitamins essential for the skin and combating the acne caused by excessive oil and sebum. The egg white will help the people with skin issues and get rid of them is important. Using a moisturizer afterward will keep the skin in a good position.

Directions to Use

Let the skin be clean and clear to apply the solution. Wash the skin and let it dry. About 3 – 4 egg whites must be separated from the egg yolks in a bowl. Whisk the eggs carefully until they create a heavy and frothy substance in front of your eyes. Use the frothy whites to cover your face as a mask in two to three layers. Let the mask get dry before you start to remove it off. About 20 minutes are enough to settle down the mask and then wash it off with the warm water. Dry your skin again and moisturize it later to get the best results from the use of the natural remedy for pimples.

#5 – Papaya

papaya-acne-pimplesPapaya is known as the best and essential ingredient to being used in the cosmetics and beauty products. The papaya is widely used for different diseases because of its combating properties. The raw papaya will help the skin issues and fight the acne. it is a natural remedy for pimples that removes the cells that are dead and reduces the oil from the surface of the skin. The fruit will help reduce the lipids that are a form of oil for the reason that papaya contains an enzyme known as papain. The enzyme will help to decrease the inflamed and swollen areas and help the skin fight against pus.

Direction to use

Use the papaya on the washed and dried skin. The papaya’s flesh is taken out and mash to use it on the skin. Apply the papaya on the skin and leave it for about 20 minutes. Leave the mask to settle it down and let it dry. Afterward, rinse the papaya off from the skin with the warm water. If your skin is dry and, you need a moisturizer always to keep the skin moist.

#6 – Orange Peel Paste

orange-pimple_acneThe oranges are refreshing and full of vitamins. The oranges counter the pimples. The fruit has the astringent properties as well as it has citric acid and vitamin C. The bacteria clog the skin pores and the dead skin cells also enhance the process. The orange peel mask will combat the bacteria and improve skin conditions. The orange can improve the growth of new and healthy skin cells that give the skin a better look and condition with regular use.

Direction to use

The orange peel mask is easy to make. The orange peel is blended to grind it. The dry powder form of the peel will be mixed with the water to make a paste. Wash the face or any part of the affected skin and pat it to get it dry. Apply the mask to the clean and clear skin for about 25 minutes. The mask must be firmly applied and let it dry to get the best results. The mask must be washed off with the water, get it dry to apply the moisturizer.

#7 – Strawberries and Honey

strawberries-and-honeyThe strawberries and honey make a natural remedy for pimples. The strawberry and honey make a great combination to combat diseases like acne and pimples. The strawberries are used in cosmetics like scrubs, cleansers, and facial products. The fruit has natural properties that help clean the skin with salicylic acid. The acidic properties can shed the dead skin cells that have blocked the pores. It will help to unclog and reduce the pimples on the skin. It shrinks the pimples and reduces the redness. The cell growth will be increased, and it will enhance the skin to be healthy. The honey will combine more good effects with the use of strawberries. The honey has anti-inflammation properties that keep the pimples reduced to the natural state.

Directions to use

Strawberries and honey are the main ingredients of the mask. The washed strawberries are mashed to a certain limit so they might not become runny and thinner. The honey will add two spoons in about three strawberries. The mask will be used on clear skin to get the best results. Let the mask dry for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with freshwater and warm water. Use the natural remedy for pimples twice in a month to get the required results.

#8 – Sodium Bicarbonate

baking_sodaThe sodium bicarbonate is wonderful for acne and pimple treatment. It is also known as the baking soda that can do wonders for the skin. The natural remedies for pimples include this as the best option to combat the disease. The sodium bicarbonate is a chemical that has the properties of being antiseptic. It can fight against the bacteria that clog the pores as well as any of the fungus grown in the areas. It can dry the skin that has excessive oil and exfoliates to get smoother and subtle skin.

Directions to use

It is easier to use. Get a box of baking soda and some water to make a paste. The paste must not be runny and thin that will settle on the face. The facial mask will be used for 2 minutes. Massage the mixture in circular motions and then leave it to dry. The mask will be then washed off with the warm water. The skin must be moisturized afterward.

The natural remedies for pimples are of several types. The remedies discussed are some of the best ones, but there are many others that can be used to counter the effects of skin issues. The pimples are a sign of bad skin. The bacteria are formed, and dead skins clog the pores. There are rare chances that the other diseases of a body will produce acne as their symptoms. If the reason for the acne is not known, go and visit the doctor. Use the natural remedies for pimples. If the acne is worse, people must go for medical treatment.

The medical treatment is expensive than the natural remedies for pimples. It will be easier to use, but the side effects will be more. The home and natural remedies help the skin get better with time. There are no side effects of the usage so we would definitely advise you to go for natural methods of treating your skin.