13 Skin Bleaching Celebrities – Who Are They


Skin bleaching celebrities? Are there many of them? Actually, there is! With that much light shed on skin whitening, many celebrities have confirmed whitening their skin, paying thousands of dollars to get a lighter skin color.

Even, some of them started their own production line of skin whitening products.

It’s found that they usually use glutathione supplements, either oral or intravenous injections, chemical peels, laser sessions, and even skin whitening surgeries to be a couple of shades lighter and with maintenance, they are able to keep this lighter color.

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Also, taking care of the skin via exfoliation, to remove the dead, hyperpigmented skin layers and leave that less pigmented, healthy skin underneath, and moisturization, to prevent skins’ drying, cracking and hence, hyperpigmentation, is advised by celebrities, as well as applying regular sunscreens with high SPF to prevent the damage caused by the sun, preventing hyperpigmentation of the skin.

So, here are some examples of celebrities who whitened their skin and what products they may have used to reach such results.


Rihanna with a fan

To a music star like Rihanna, having a new look is what she always has been fascinated with, however, her fans noticed that her skin was getting lighter. However, she didn’t comment on her skin color change at all.

Her fans guessed that she might have used skin whitening creams with high concentrations of hydroquinone with the addition of retinol creams, blocking melanin production, to look this white.

Also, it’s noted that her skin color changed drastically, which can occur with glutathione supplementations, replacing the dark melanin with a lighter one.


This picture of Beyonce

Another famous celebrity who was noticed to have her skin lightened. However, her new skin color doesn’t give evidence that she used bleaching products as it’s a little lighter than her skin color in the past.

Therefore, it’s obvious that she used skin brightening products rather than skin bleaching ones. Her fans guessed that the combination of good exfoliants, alpha hydroxy acid-containing products, chemical peels, and high SPF sunscreens is what she used to get her new skin color.

Just taking very good care of her skin enabled her to reach a lighter color with no harmful skin bleaching products.

Lil Kim

Is Lil Kim trying to be adopted by the Jacksons?

The famous rapper has also whitened her skin over the years. Such drastic skin color change cannot be only because of makeup but skin whitening products have definitely a role in such change.

However, Lil Kim didn’t comment at all on her skin color issue. Her fans suggested that she didn’t stop at skin whitening creams or soaps but she may also have used laser skin whitening treatment where laser beams are directed to the skin, superficially or more deeply, to lighten the skin color.

Nicki Minaj

No makeup nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj’s skin color has clearly changed over the years as her skin was much darker in 2010 when she first started to become famous. However, her skin color is not drastically changed, just a couple of shades.

That’s why some of her fans say that such change can be done by some makeup but most of her fans have another opinion. They suggest that she has used some natural ingredients containing skin whitening products such as those that contain kojic acid, alpha arbutin, mulberry extract, licorice extract, and so on, especially if combined with regular sunscreen application and good exfoliants.

Mindy Kaling

SPORK and Mindy

Mindy was also noticed to have lighter skin color over the years as her skin was getting lighter and healthier than she first appeared on the screen. However, her skin color change is not that drastic as if she just took better care of her skin, using skin brighteners with natural exfoliants.

Also, sunscreen application and sun avoidance can really change the skin color into a lighter shade. However, some of her fans suggested that she may have used melanin blocking skin whitening creams, maybe hydroquinone containing ones or those that contain natural ingredients, for lighter, healthier skin.

Keri Hilson

For Black Friday Keri Hilson

Also, Keri’s skin color has gotten lighter and lighter over the years. Some of her fans have suggested that it’s just the makeup and lightening effect, while others guessed that she might have used melanin inhibiting creams to get that light skin shade, combining them with sunscreen application and makeup camouflage.


Another celebrity whose skin color was noticed to be lighter than her past photos, however, this time, she confirmed using skin whitening creams to reach such results.

Trina McGee

Everyone was concerned about her new look with lighter skin color. However, she denied using skin whitening products and that color was only makeup, nothing more but some of her fans still don’t believe that such skin color can be achieved with makeup only but she definitely added some skin whitening products into her skin care routine, blocking melanin production, for the sake of getting lighter skin.

Vera Sidika

Just like Mshoza, Sidika has confirmed whitening her skin, spending over 170,000$ on skin whitening creams to get such skin color.

Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa, a retired professional baseball player, also confirmed using skin whitening creams daily, giving him that light skin color, saying, “It’s a bleaching cream that I apply before going to bed and whitens my skin some”.


Dencia appeared in striking, lighter skin color, not only confirming using skin whitening creams but also creating and endorsing her newly launched skin whitening cream production line, “Whitenicious”, for lightening dark spots or even other skin areas, she stated.

Vybz Kartel

The Jamaican dancehall reggae artist has also confirmed whitening his skin by regularly using skin whitening creams. He even produced a new production line of skin whitening creams, proudly confirming that this cream is for lightening the skin color, not just fading out dark spots or having an even skin tone.

Michael Jackson

I would like to remind everyone that Michael Jackson was the preferred actor to play the Doctor in a 1988 Doctor Who movie

On the contrary of other celebrities who whiten their skin to follow the skin whitening trend, Michael Jackson has confirmed having vitiligo, which is a disease that destroys the pigment cells in the skin and hence, whitens the skin.

Therefore, it’s suggested that he might have used skin whitening creams only to even out his skin tone, applying them on the normal skin to be as white as the diseased skin.

Overall, there are many examples of celebrities who have lightened their skin color. Some of them have confirmed doing so, while others didn’t comment on such issues or even denied using skin whitening products even though they’ve achieved a fair skin color that cannot be obtained via makeup or other camouflage makeovers.

Moreover, some celebrities have used skin whitening products as a part of their treatment plan for vitiligo such as Michael Jackson.

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