11 Secrets Of Youthful Skin Or What Should You Eat To Stay Young

11 Secrets Of Youthful Skin Menu

Nutrition affects the skin aging process – it’s been proven in many scientific studies. What kind of diet to build and what to put on the plate, so that the skin would look young? Definitely not sweets and cakes! Studies have shown that skin damage is found the less in people who tend to eat more vegetables, olive oil, fish, and pulses, but little of – butter, margarine, dairy products, meat, and pastries. Products such as whole milk, red meat, potatoes, soft drinks, sweets, cakes and other pastries have a negative impact on the health of the skin. You also should not eat junk food, burgers, made from the meat of unknown origin bad oil, chips, products made of poor quality oil.

1. Sea Buckthorn

buckthornSea buckthorn is one of the few berries that contains both water and fat soluble vitamins. The large amount of vitamin E, which is found in both berries and Sea buckthorn oil, is the main reason why Sea buckthorn is called a miracle anti-aging product and often is used in various cosmetic products. Important antioxidants also are in K1, P, group B and C vitamins  which also are found in these berries. Sea buckthorn is one of the richest sources of vitamin C available. Besides doctors recommend to use is not only in cases when you have a cold but also in times when you feel fatigue – it also reduces fatigue traces on the skin.

2. Nuts And Seeds

cashew-nutNuts and seeds are one of the best protein and good fat sources unless they are roasted and salted. For the best selection of nuts consider almonds, which are rich in vitamin E, so it enhances both skin and hair condition. Vitamin E increases skin protection from the sun’s damaging effects. An excellent source of vitamin E is hazelnuts. By contrast, from the seed choose linseed which celebrated as an excellent source of essential fatty acids. Add nuts and seeds in the morning porridge, eat them as a snack, sprinkles salad. But take into account – you should eat the nuts and seeds only at the first half of the day because they are rich in calories.

3. Goji

gojiTibet, which is the birthplace of goji berry, they consider it a very important youth source. They have a lot of vitamin C and iron. Goji berry promotes the use of the immune system, reduces fatigue and exhaustion. They are full of antioxidants, which delays the aging process. Add goji to your morning muesli, salads, and desserts.

4. Black Chocolate

chocolateTo pamper the skin, you should not only eat dark chocolate but also spread it over the body – currently, in salons, there is a wide range of treatments using chocolate. Eaten chocolate prevents wrinkle formation process, softens the skin and improves its defenses against the ultraviolet radiation. It contains substances that are effectively able to fight free radicals, which are the biggest enemy of the skin. However, remember – chocolate would be good for the health of you pick one which is composed of at least 60% cocoa, and sugar content would be minimum. Besides valuable antioxidants, black chocolate also contains iron, calcium, Magin and various vitamins. But take into account – although healthy, black chocolate is rich in calories, so eat a day preferably only a few pieces, not the whole bar of chocolate.

5. Spice Queen – Turmeric

tumericIf you want to improve your skin color, you should look in your spice shelf for a turmeric. It contains iron, magnesium and is rich in vitamin C, providing supple skin. It has the ability to prevent the formation of wrinkles and create an anti-inflammatory effect. You can add it to the stew, rice, vegetables, even tea. You can also experiment with a little turmeric and add it to your night cream. Those who tried admit that skin really liked it.

6. Ginger Root

gingerScientific studies have shown that ginger root has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps fight against skin aging. It also contains a lot of zinc, which gives its contribution to strengthening the body’s immune system, improves the condition of the skin and protects it from the subcutaneous small blood vessel ruptures. Add ginger root in soups, casseroles and vegetable juices or sipping ginger tea.

7. Fats And Oils

olive-oilEnsuring a beautiful and healthy skin, do not forget about the oil. They also help to get shiny hair, pink skin, and strong nails. In addition, the greater the benefits will be if oil will be used oral, rather than externally. Caring for beautiful skin popularity earned Coconut, evening primrose, fish, linseed, hemp, and olive oil. Interesting that evening primrose oil in combination with zinc is a great tool in the fight against acne. Fish and linseed oil contain very important omega – 3 fatty acids, which cares for strong hair and healthy skin. If so valuable fatty acid intake is inadequate, nails become dry and brittle, the skin – pale, dry, sheds and various wounds heal longer. In turn, linseed oil makes the skin silky and healthy pink. Skin, which is fed with irreplaceable fatty acids, is smoother and softer.

8. Green Tea

green_teaGreen tea is an excellent tool in the fight against acne because it is a powerful source of antioxidants. However, remember – if you want to gain from tea the maximum antioxidant intake, drink it hot. When it cools down it loses its antioxidants. In 2007, a study published in the journal Nutritional Biochemistry show that 2-6 cups of tea a day, not only reduces the risk of skin cancer but also can improve sun-damaged skin. Antioxidants also help fight other skin irritants, such as smoking, air and sun pollution detrimental to the skin. Irritants affecting skin aging more rapidly appear wrinkles and pigmented spots, but antioxidants are able to maintain skin youth longer.

9. Sweet Potatoes

sweet-potatoesThey are not only delicious but also real vitamins bombs. One medium-sized potato contains 65% of vitamin C daily norm. And Vitamin C helps keep skin smooth and supple. It helps the body produce collagen, and the more collagen is in the skin, the smoother it is. A recent study, published in the American journal of clinical nutrition have shown that volunteers who every day three years received four milligrams of vitamin C (which corresponds to about half the size of a small sweet potato), the appearance of wrinkles decreased by 11%. By eating sweet potatoes, your body will not only caves vitamin C intake but also calcium, potassium, B group vitamins and beta-carotene.

10. Freshly Squeezed Vegetable Juices


  • Red beet juice, often recommend to drink with a view to purifying the liver, also makes its contribution to the skin, improving its condition. Juice may be squeezed from red beet leaves and stems, there are many minerals, especially iron, manganese and potassium.
  • Carrot juice is one of the main alpha and beta-carotene sources. Alpha-carotene is the best natural sunlight protector, thus slowing down the sun-induced photoaging and inhibiting the formation of pigmentation spots.
  • Cucumber juice is an excellent source of silicon, which improves the appearance of the skin. Cucumber pH is similar to the skin’s pH level, so its juice prevents wrinkles.
  • Green leafy vegetables – parsley, spinach, kale, mustard leaf, as well as wheat grass juice contain much chlorophyll, antioxidants and alkaline minerals. Green vitamin cocktail will make your skin feel like spring – flowering and radiant.

11. Sweet Peppers And The Chili

chillisSweet or fiery axis – pepper is exuberant with antioxidants. Paprika and chili are excellent A, C and K vitamins source. Chili used to be called not only for metabolic accelerators and circulatory enhancer because it really makes the blood circulate faster and cheeks become rosy healthy, but also about the natural lip magnifier, for a moment of course. With hyaluronic acid fillers pepper can not compete, but just eaten, they make the lips become fuller and redder due to blood circulation. Add sweet pepper and paprika to salad, cut peppers in fresh crunchy pieces and bring a box to work – it will be a healthy snack between meals.