ZsaZsa Luxe Noir Mineral Exfoliating Cleanser review


ZsaZsa Luxe Noir Mineral Exfoliating Cleanser is a face skin’s cleanser suitable for everyday use it is special with Black volcanic sand as one of its main ingredients. You are welcome to read ZsaZsa Cleanser review to find out more!

ZsaZsa Cleanser is one of five exclusive ZsaZsa anti-aging product line’s products.

How does it work

Zsa Zsa Cleanser’s ingredients let to cleanse, detoxify and polish your skin at the same time. ZsaZsa Cleanser is suitable for any kind of skin types, also important is that it is dermatologically tested that it is free of allergy or irritation.


ZsaZsa Noir Mineral Exfoliating Cleanser as main ingredients contains Marine Water, Black Volcanic Sand, Black Carbon, Silt and Bioavailable Mineral Complex.


  • ZsaZsa Cleanser’s formula lets that minerals, which are part of its ingredients are effectively absorbed;
  • It effectively cleanses and purifies your face’s skin;
  • Cleanser’s minerals help balance moisture levels of your skin;
  • It enhances your skin’s elasticity and helps strengthening your skin at the same time;
  • It let your skin to feel healthier and smoother.


  • As this is a new product, there are not customers’ testimonials found on ZsaZsa Luxe official website;
  • It is a little costly (£22.95/ $34.95).

Where to buy

Only place where you can buy ZsaZsa Noir Mineral Exfoliating Cleanser is from ZsaZsa Luxe official website. This is also a way how producers protect you from any kind of fake products that could be offered elsewhere as real ZsaZsa products.

Clinically proven


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