ZsaZsa Anti-Aging Cream Review


ZsaZsa Luxe Anti-aging cream was presented to the public quite recently. However, we are not sure about the exact data when it was released, as this information differs even in ZsaZsa official website.

We read at the Sun that it is released just some month ago, but at the same time there is even more than one year old information available about this cream. So who is not telling the whole truth to us and you as well?

Producers of ZsaZsa wanted that it would stand out from others creams with its charm and exclusiveness , but did they managed to do that? Or is that what have they managed to do is product with an extremely high price and not so many proves that it really is worth of that?

Zsa Zsa cream or in its real brand name ZsaZsa Luxe cream is recently developed anti-aging or wrinkle cream. No matter that at the beginning it sounds impossible, producers are saying that as one of its ingredients it contains a volcanic soot.

Zsa Zsa cream is a face cream, which is capable of reducing wrinkles and lines, what is really good that these results are proven with clinical trials.

Considerations about Zsa Zsa cream price

No matter that this cream is promising very good results, we think that its price is too high. Of course, there are both more expensive and cheaper creams available. However, everyone is looking for the best results that can be received for the money, they are ready to spend for it.

Zsa Zsa cream price is around $99, and if you will like the effect it gives you, you will have to invest money in it again and again, as the effect will last at the period when you are using it. And after you will stop using it, gradually all results reached will go away.

What consumers are saying

One of my clients saw me a month ago, and then again, on Saturday, she wanted me to confess to having Botox!!! Sadly, I had to disappoint her and confess my secret. Having been given ZsaZsa Luxe to try, I was amazed at how my skin was starting to look and feel in just a couple of days. International Interior Designer, G. Murphy, United Kingdom / Source:ZsaZsa official website/

ZsaZsa testimonials

ZsaZsa testimonials will reveal you all the truth about the effectiveness of this anti-aging product! As ZsaZsa Luxe Cream is a pretty new product, we cannot offer you plenty of testimonials. However, those that are available are pretty impressing if not to say even more!

Only two days into using the product I was amazed at how my skin was looking – the texture and the plumpness, and most of all the hydration. The reaction from my crew was quite astounding. Now 6 months on, I’m hooked and so are they!  E. Duffy, Barcelona

It’s just one of many testimonials that you can find on the official ZsaZsa Luxe Cream website!

How does it work

ZsaZsa Luxe Cream’s formula contains high concentration of anti-aging ingredients. Producers of Zsa Zsa are saying that  others anti-aging creams contain from 0.1 to 0.5% of those active ingredients then ZsaZsa Luxe Cream contain from 5 even to 40% of anti-aging ingredients.


ZsaZsa Luxe Cream formula as main ingredients contains Black Caviar, Black Pearl, Black Algae Extract, Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Grape Stem Cells and Sea Fennel Stem Cells. These all sounds pretty impressing, however, are there really volcanic ashes as one of its ingredients as was stated in Sun? One more unanswered question from their side.


  • ZsaZsa Luxe Cream penetrates your skin deeply;
  • In official website there is information that it has higher anti-aging ingredient concentration than in others creams;
  • As producers promise ZsaZsa Luxe Cream is capable of fighting wrinkles, textural problems of skin and enlarged pores.


  • There always is a possibility that your skin will not react to the anti-aging cream as you hoped, for some people, there are observed some changes on skin after starting use of ZsaZsa Luxe Cream;
  • We think that the price of ZsaZsa Luxe Cream is far too high (£59.99/ $99.00);
  • There are not before and after photos available on the official Zsa Zsa website, so we do not have any real proves that it works so great as producers are promising.

ZsaZsa Luxe Cream side effects

ZsaZsa Luxe Cream side effects

ZsaZsa Luxe Cream side effects? Are there any?

You probably should take a look on a list of ZsaZsa Luxe cream ingredients to make sure that this product contains only extremely high quality ingredients.

People who developed Zsa Zsa Cream have worked really hard to be able to present to people exactly that what they were waiting for already for long years. Now you are available unique anti-aging product that can be used by women and men as well and there are not side effects detected at the time of using ZsaZsa Luxe Cream. You can find out more about ZsaZsa Luxe cream by reading our other articles!

Where to buy

Only place where you can buy ZsaZsa Luxe Anti-aging cream is from ZsaZsa Luxe official website.

Are there any ZsaZsa cream bad reviews?

ZsaZsa bad reviews

ZsaZsa bad reviews – is there any bad review at all that we could share with you? At least so far we have not found any bad review about this anti-aging product. Image: anankkml / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Here you may wonder if that is possible at all, because there always is somebody that is not satisfied with any kind of product or service that is available in any sphere.

ZsaZsa Luxe cream is different from similar type of products, it has a high concentration of anti-aging ingredients, and it will be almost impossible for you to find any other product with such concentration of these ingredients as they are very expensive and other producers are trying to save money on them. That what lets ZsaZsa Luxe cream to stand out from the crowd.

If we will find any bad review about ZsaZsa Luxe cream, we will definitely update this information as we want to provide you with the whole information, which is at our disposal about ZsaZsa Luxe product line that you could make the best choice of anti-aging products that are available. Only thing that we do not like about ZsaZsa cream that there are not available any before and after photos, as we think that as a very important prove that this particular cream really works!

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ZsaZsa Luxe results

ZsaZsa Luxe results are the main question that interests any potential ZsaZsa Luxe line products’ consumers.

Let us share with you some information that could give you a closer idea about Zsa Zsa Luxe results that you might expect! Image: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Probably, the most of you are interested exactly in the reduction of wrinkles that ZsaZsa Luxe is capable of ensuring.

Even more, it will not just decrease the amount of wrinkles that could appear it will also improve the overall condition of your skin. It even will improve skin tones, not even talking about the skins’ smoothness and firmness.

If you are interested how soon will you be able to notice first results of ZsaZsa Luxe cream, then averagely it will take no more than 2-4 weeks in a case you are trying to get rid of deeper wrinkles. However, you will be able to notice the difference in that how your skin feels already after the first times of using it.

As with any kind of anti-aging products, if you will stop  using ZsaZsa Luxe cream, gradually your skin will get back to the previous look as it will not receive those active anti-aging ingredients that ZsaZsa Luxe was supplying to the skin in a very high concentration.

Does ZsaZsa work?

ZsaZsa Luxe - does it work

ZsaZsa Luxe – does it work? It would be wise to clear that out before buying any of ZsaZsa Luxe line products that include ZsaZsa Luxe Anti-aging cream, Noir Mineral Exfoliating Cleanser, Instant Skin Smoother, Noir Mineral Moisture Gel and Eye Serum.

The secret of that how ZsaZsa Luxe works is in ingredients, these products from any similar products that are developed before differ with much higher anti-aging ingredients’ concentration.

Zsa Zsa Luxe cream contains even thousand times higher concentration of anti-aging ingredients than similar type products, for example, in other products it is just from 0.1 to 0.5%, but in ZsaZsa Luxe Cream from 5 to even 40%. It makes an obvious difference as many other creams contain those ingredients just to be able to say that they do contain some of them, unfortunately such a concentration cannot give expected results.

Each of ZsaZsa Luxe line products contains high quality ingredients their names even talk by themselves:

  • Luxe Cream contains Black Algae Extract, Black Caviar, Black Pearl, etc.;
  • Luxe line’s Moisture Gel contains Moorea Minerals, Marine Water and DermaLift Complex, etc.;
  • Luxe Mineral Cleanser contains Black Volcanic Sand, Marine Water, Black Carbon, etc.;
  • Instant Skin Smoother contains Cyclopentasiloxane, Polymethylsilsesquloxane, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Cycleomethicone, etc.;
  • ZsaZsa Eye Serum contains Eyeseryl, Matrixyl, Eyeliss, etc..

Probably, the best proofs of Zsa Zsa Luxe products’ effectiveness are those great testimonials that we can find about all mentioned high quality products. It could seem even suspicious that there is impossible to find any bad review about ZsaZsa Luxe products. However, if there is possible to find any exception in a range of anti-aging products that really work and do help reduce the signs of aging then this would be the one!

What customers are saying

“I’m using ZsaZsa Luxe Eye Serum, and I love the consistency. I am very pleased with the results and have been using it now for over a month. My lines are starting to lift and look softer, and I have noticed my dark circles are starting to fade. It’s definitely having a firming effect. S. Gilmore, Australia”

“I am always on the lookout for very good quality skin care products and tried ZsaZsa Luxe Rejuvenating Crème on one of my stops over long haul flights to Los Angeles. Only two days into using the product I was amazed at how my skin was looking – the texture and the plumpness, and most of all the hydration.  E.Duffy, Barcelona”

“Like every good woman out there I tried it all, and nothing worked. La Perla was alright, maybe a slight improvement over Crème de La Mere Passe. But ZsaZsa Luxe has rejuvenated my skin and not only have I got my dew back I look radiant and my skin feels amazing. Ms P. Barclay, United Arab Emirates”

All above cited ZsaZsa Luxe line customers are pretty excited about these products and results that they have gained. We think that it is the best proof you could find to make sure that ZsaZsa Luxe does work!

Clinically proven


  1. I think that producers of Zsa can maintain what they want but I still do not believe that it has such concentration of active ingredients. It simply cannot be so high, it is not possible!

    • Hello, George! You should contact the producers of Zsa cream to find out more detailed information about ingredients of this cream.


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