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Zeta White reviews will reveal you the truth about Zeta White, which is a three-step brand new skin whitening system that contains 100% natural ingredients and is absolutely safe for lightening your skin. Skin lightening products included in this line is a face wash, a moisturizer, and a night cream, so the use of all line makes to work for your skin lightening all day long.

Zeta White products do not contain hydroquinone, which is very widely used in many skin bleaching products and can result in increased skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays and can lead your skin to uneven skin pigmentation or even a skin irritation.

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Why Choose Zeta White

As you already know there are lots of different products available to lighten (whiten) your skin, for example, creams, serums, lotions, toners, lightening masks, gels, also soaps and even supplements which all promise to give you a lighter skin tone at least after long-term use.

The range of skin lightening products is rather large, so at some point, you might even get confused what to choose. We offer you only a small insight in few of skin lightening brands and you can see how Zeta White products compare to them.


Another advantage of Zeta White is that you can get a whole kit to treat your skin as mainly other brands offer only one or up to two products but none which would work starting from the morning even through all the night. Of course, you will get a better skin whitening results when more products are working to achieve skin lightening results.

Lately, the number of people looking for skin lightening (whitening) products is increasing day by day.  No wonder that there are developed new revolutionary products to give people an option to get a lighter skin and Zeta White is becoming a solid player in this sphere. There is not any so efficient and at the same time safe alternative which can be ordered worldwide no matter where on earth you are.

How Does Zeta White Work

dark-skin-lighteningThere is such pigment deep in your skin called melanin, which can become more noticeable when the skin is exposed to the sun. Also, it’s production is affected by age and genetics. For lots of people who live in hot countries, skin becomes very dark because of the sun exposure, especially in the areas like elbows, knees, ankles, and knuckles.

Fortunately, Zeta White lightening products contain effective natural ingredients (papaya, lemon, liquorice extract) which all together help to reduce (and even to stop) the production of melanin in the skin and in the result you get a lighter skin tone.

You might expect skin lightening results pretty fast – usually, you will see changes on your skin already after 2 up to 4 weeks of Zeta White use. Still, you can expect the best results after 2-3 months of Zeta White use. These products should be used on a daily basis to maintain the skin tone gained with Zeta White as in a case you stop using them gradually the factors affecting the production of melanin will give the skin the darker tone back. No matter that Zeta White results are not permanent the use of these products is much safer for your health, and it entirely is your choice when you want to lighten your skin.

Step #1 – Lightening Face Wash


  • With natural ingredients, this face wash will lighten your skin and at the same time will reduce the production of melanin in your skin.
  • Lightening Face Wash is a gentle face wash which not only cleanses the skin but also works by creating a base for the next skin lightening steps and will help your skin to absorb the moisturizer and night cream better. It works with good results for all skin types.
  • You should use it two times per day (in the morning and the evening).
  • Main ingredients include oils of apricot, coconut, avocado, and extracts of papaya, cranberry, strawberry, lemon, and mango.

Step #2 – Lightening Moisturiser


  • Full of strong ingredients this moisturizer will lighten the skin also will work as a sunscreen and will protect the skin from darkening.
  • You should use it one time per day, preferably in the morning. It also can be used as a base before applying makeup.
  • Main ingredients include oils of sunflower, olive, coconut, apricot, extracts of papaya, cranberry, strawberry, lemon, licorice, also shea butter and hyaluronic acid.

Step #3 – Lightening Night Cream


  • Night cream will remove the dead cells from your skin, lighten your skin and prevent it from a further darkening.
  • You have to apply it once a day in the evening after you have cleansed your skin.
  • Main ingredients include oils of sunflower, olive, coconut, apricot, avocado, wheat germ, evening primrose, argan, arnica, also hyaluronic acid and green tea extract and allantoin.

Zeta White Ingredients


Zeta White skin lightening product line contains only natural ingredients, and that definitely can be considered as a huge advantage over other similar products on the market. Let’s take a closer look at the most effective ingredients included in these products: Papaya extractLiquorice extractLemon extract and Allantoin.

  • Papaya extract – effectively removes the dead skin cells and helps to renew them at the same time also lightening the skin tone.
  • Liquorice extract – is well known for its skin whitening properties, it helps to lighten dark spots and also to even out the skin tone.
  • Lemon extract – effectively reduces the amount of melanin which is produced in the skin which results in a lighter skin.
  • Allantoin – also helps to remove the dead skin cells by giving the space to new and lighter skin tone at the same time it helps to prevent your skin from a further darkening.

How To Use It

If you choose to use all three Zeta White skin lightening products available, then you have to start your day by cleansing your face with a face wash in the morning, then apply the moisturizer and wear it until the evening when you would clean your skin with a face wash again and apply lightening night cream. For gaining the best results, you have to use these products daily.


  • 100% natural ingredients included in their formula;
  • Vegan-friendly skin lightening product line;
  • Zeta White products are FREE of parabens, alcohol, and sulfate;
  • These skin care products are suitable for all skin types (men and women);
  • 100% safe for regular and long-term use;
  • Your Zeta White orders would be delivered for FREE worldwide.


  • A brand new skin lightening (whitening) product line;
  • You can order it only online from the official website;
  • Repeated applying of these products is necessary to maintain the lightened skin results.

Zeta White Reviews With Before & After Photos






  • guaranteeZeta White products are 100% natural and safe skin care products;
  • 100% Cruelty-FREE of animal testing;
  • 100% money-back guarantee (LIFETIME) – none, other skin care company, offers something like that.

How Long Zeta White Skin Lightening Products Last

Averagely every Zeta White bottle lasts between 30-45 days.

How Much Does Zeta White Cost

  • Lightening Face Wash (50ml) – now $38.64 (standard price $64.44);
  • Lightening Moisturiser (30 ml) – now $38.64 (standard price $64.44);
  • Lightening Night Cream (30 ml) –  now $38.64 (standard price $64.44);
  • 3-Point Lightening System (includes Face Wash, Moisturiser, Night Cream) + FREE Face Wash  – now $116.07 (standard price $180.58).

Where to Buy Zeta White

The only place where you can buy Zeta White skin care products is from their official website. Of course, by ordering from the producers, you do have a guarantee that you are ordering a genuine product.

Click here to order Zeta White from the official producer and get the skin tone you have dreamed about!


  1. Thanks for your honest Zeta White reviews! I always like to read about new skin care products and this line looks very promissing to me. If they can lighten the skin with natural ingredients then what more could we wish for? It looks that there is something really big comming up from this brand.


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