Maximum effect for your skin – wrinkle reducer technique


It is the right time to clean the skin after the summer. Right now, when solar activity is over, we can use beauty wrinkle reducer techniques that are effective and suitable only for dark autumn months.

Removing traces of the sun

No matter how we have tried to protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation – it can be judged by our-self, in spite of the high degree of protection protector we use – but unfortunately the sun this summer has been very active. The skin has become rougher, and other women complain that even on the forehead developed such as little wrinkles, but the location has appeared previously not existed pigment spots.

It should be noted that the ultraviolet radiation contributes to the thickening of the epidermis. On the other hand, if the horny layer of the skin is thicker, not normal fat drainage and develops solar generated comedones. This is also the reason why the skin looks rougher. When the tan disappears, some noticed that the facial skin is pink, thanks to the sunlight blood vessels become wider and therefore, more visible. While others complain that the fading tan, remained the spots the summer, which is the superficial epidermal pigmentation.

Although experienced professionals can determine the face or sun damaged skin, there are also specially designed for these purpose registers, which reads the damaged surface of the face, and it allows you to more accurately determine how much bad things with the help of the sun are caused to your skin. However, it can be fought – one summer sun activities are quite effective to be overcome, it requires only time and patience.

The first step – peeling

First, the skin should be exempted from the thick horny layer in the coating grown during the summer. So first – focus on peeling. And instead of almond peeling, which could be used in the summer, but stronger, depending on the facial characteristics. This procedure is better to entrust the beautician, who is taking into account skin type and degree of the problem, will select the most appropriate. Applied peels at home will be too weak. The peeling procedure may be once or more in a course as required. Peeling renewed, visibly smooths out skin tone and promotes rapid cell regeneration.

The second step – administration of substances by ultrasound

Ultrasound promotes skin renewal. It is a moisturizing complex or antioxidants, which are highly sought-after summer (C, E, vitamin A), getting deeper into the skin and works more efficiently than if they were simply deposited on the skin. Very good on the skin exposed to vitamin C – is now available in many high-quality compositions that are not as allergenic as it was before.

Vitamin C is generally available in special ampules whose contents with the help of ultrasound is put into the skin. It is injected evenly all over your face. Vitamin C acts as an excellent cosmetic antioxidant and skin regenerator, which promotes the formation of collagen, reduces aging and improves skin elasticity.

Vitamin E in cosmetics is considered a “beauty vitamin” – it not only acts as a skin protector against free radicals, negative effects, but also improves skin elasticity, promotes wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

Total A, C and E vitamins improve collagen synthesis in the skin, reduce the aging process accelerates wound healing different.

The third step – the laser photorejuvenation

To this end, helps photorejuvenation, unlike the ablative – grinding or flaking – lasers gently stimulate skin renewal, do not damage the epidermis and do not need to set the healing process. With this procedure may remove superficial pigmentation and vascular networks. It should be noted that the following procedures may be somewhat edema, develop darker spots, which disappear after a few days.

To get good results, a number of procedures are required. Their number depends on the skin condition, within 2-4 weeks apart. Photorejuvenation is about the upper layer of the skin or epidermis, and dermis top layer is not deeper than 2 mm. If you want to handle derma deeper to remove years of accumulated pigments, papilloma, etc. growths on the skin to be taken to the rescue raging machine – ablative.

When not to use?

The laser procedure fails during pregnancy acute skin infections. Similarly, if there is glaucoma or cataracts, skin sensitivity to light and malignant tumors. Laser procedures are not held on tanned skin.

We continue to use SPF

As to how it does not want to recognize that the sun is harmful to the skin and anti aging begins with filters, then the rest is subordinate. To turn off photo-aging, throughout the year to follow, so the facial skin is protected from UV rays. This time of the year no longer needs to use SPF 50, it is enough with SPF 15 or 20.

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