What causes wrinkles


What causes wrinkles? If not getting into very deep detail of our skin structure and the smallest details of skin’s structure in cellular level then we might take a look on the main reasons and environmental conditions which affect our skin in a manner that it makes a good stimulus for the formation of wrinkles. Image: graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

No matter we already have mentioned main reasons and also things should be done to prevent wrinkles, let’s put that all together and repeat for those who have missed it before.

Factors that we cannot change in the formation of wrinkles

  • They depend mainly on our genes;

  • After reaching certain age our skin cells regenerate slower than before, this process cannot be completely influenced and stopped, just with some anti-aging means made a little faster.

Factors that we can change in the formation of wrinkles

  • Smoking – this is a harmful habit, which already of itself harms our body in so many ways, and skin cells are just one of them. There is not necessary to mention and describe how smoker’s skin looks, by the time it obtains completely unhealthy look and in many cases even get a little yellow shade;

  • Time spent at the Sun – no matter how much we like tanned skin, there is not any other “better” way how to make your skin aging faster than take a long sun bath or even worse to get the tan in the solarium. You probably have seen a lot of elder women or men whose skin is dark, but at the same time they look elder than they are, in reality. The same applies to young people who visit the solarium too often.

  • Performing of facial exercises – we have used that exercises really are good for our health. In any other case that would be 100% truth, just not in a case when it relates our face muscles. There really is not a necessity to perform some extra exercises to make your face look better. On the contrary, if you would like to have fewer wrinkles you should avoid any kind of facial expressions just as even doctors – dermatologists have admitted it really would look a little strange and make your life odd if we try completely live without such expressions. Simply decrease these expressions as much you can.

  • Sleeping habits – at the first moment that seems unbelievable, how you’re sleeping habits can influence that when will show up wrinkles. However, as it finds out it really can affect these processes. Advised position at the night rest time is on your back, as if you would sleep with your face to the pillow you would make one step closer to the formation of wrinkles on your face.

  • The overall lifestyle – that include your sport activities, eating habits, attitude to the life and so on. If your general heath condition will be good quite logical that your body will be stronger and skin cells will be able to regenerate faster than in the case if you would not supply your body all necessary nutrients and would live very inactive lifestyle.

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