Tips To Get Beautiful Teeth – More Beautiful And More Expensive Than Pearls

Even the most beautiful woman will not be pleasant for herself and others if her teeth are not in order.

Timely and proper care of the teeth and regular visits to the hygienist, tooth decay process can be zooming for many years.

  • Cleaning – to prevent tooth and periodontal diseases are of particular importance to good oral hygiene, which is achieved by elementary mainly brushing your teeth at least twice a day – after breakfast and before bedtime. Ideally, teeth should be cleaned after every meal and after each use and sweets.
  • Brushes – preferably choose a particular soft or soft toothbrushes. Brushing your teeth with the average and solid area will be called, can injure the gums and tooth enamel. Toothbrushes should be changed after 2-3 months.
  • Dental floss – to be an effective area of plaque removal from all tooth surfaces must use dental floss. Unfortunately, even regularly and conscientiously brushing your teeth, on its own can not fully clean all that has landed on the surface. Thus twice a year to visit the hygienist. However, if the trend tartar hygienist to go every three months.

What Actually Happens At The Hygienist

Dental or oral hygiene is carried out in several stages, those are:

  • Tartar removal,
  • Soft plaque removal,
  • The use of dental floss,
  • Fluoride application.

Tips To Eliminate Tartar

Tartar is hardened and soft plaque stratified mass at the neck of the tooth and gums are removed both mechanically with special hand tools (so-called scrape) and ultrasonic scalers or apparatus that helps tartar cut like a knife. A dental hygienist may use one or both cleaning techniques, mixing them, but it is determined by the specialist in assessing the condition of teeth and gums.

Even if the teeth are as white as pearls, tartar can also be found on the ideals of the teeth. In tartar more admitted as an unpleasant cleaning process. Well if it is formed only above the gums or to root on the stage. Worse, if tartar is developed below the gums also what we can not see but that can lead to a variety of dental diseases – periodontitis, caries. No tartar or hard plaque is not possible to eliminate its own forces; this may be done only at a dental hygienist, but regular and proper tooth cleaning prevents new tartar formation.

The earlier the tartar is removed, the less the emergence of dental plaque and gum disease as well. As tartar can be formed with varying intensity (depending on lifestyle diseases) should not be surprised if, at the same doctor for removing the various methods are used.

The Abolition Of Soft Plaque

This process may also be called polishing, but regardless of the name of the main task of the tooth surface of the release sheet from the adhesive, pulp plaque, as well as a dark pigment (smoking, coffee, tea, red wine footprints). Possible dual dental polishing methods: with a rotating brush and fluoride mail or soda blasting (also known as sand blasting). If the rotating polishing brush suitable for almost everyone and all cases, soda blasting may be used only if no below the gums tartar, expose the tooth neck and severe gum bleeding.

If these difficulties are not and dental pigmentation is expressed, polishing with a rotating brush can be replaced by soda blasting. By soda, blasting can eliminate pigmentation, but at the same time can upset the tooth surface normal microflora, so teeth can become more sensitive, and contrary to expectations pigmentation can develop faster.

The Conclusion – The Use Of Dental Floss And Fluorine Application

For between the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned, they clean with proper dental floss. Finally, the teeth are coated with a fluorine-containing preparations -gel or varnish strengthens teeth and protects against acid (stomach, food) exposure.


  • the oral cavity is generally acidic (stomach exposed), but after dental hygiene (including daily brushing with toothpaste) mouth is provided an alkaline environment, which reduces tooth decay.
  • CALCIUM salivary composition works like a buffer, protecting teeth from soft plaque, so try to avoid speaking with a dry mouth. Also, regular drinking water protects teeth from decay.
  • dentition affects one of us, regardless of disease conditions, stress, hormonal changes, but regular dental cleaning and maintenance of the control of our forces.
  • lemons, sour apples, rhubarb Coca-Cola on the teeth whitening effect, but after use (about 15 minutes) teeth cleaned, otherwise they become sensitive. Brushing your teeth can be replaced by eating hard cheese, but it is recommended to do so in an emergency instead of regular.
  • Dental hygiene procedure takes about an hour and a half an hour after they should not eat, drink or smoke.
  • ACCESSING hygienist during menstruation, the gums are more sensitive and more blood, but it does not prevent the performance of dental hygiene.
  • intense hormonal changes during pregnancy and after the teeth can deteriorate faster than usual, so it is likely that a dental hygienist should visit more often.

Whitening of Your Teeth

Dead teeth whiten only the dentist’s office. Such a procedure lasts 30 minutes, it can be repeated after 5-7 days. The effect is usually achieved after 1-4 treatments. Also, live professional tooth bleaching is performed dental office. The whitening effect lasts for 12 months. There are also whitening strips and gels, use special climbers that can be used at home. Best lightening budding yellow-tinged (also age-related) teeth. Worse grayish hues whiten teeth, but the worst affected by tetracycline colored teeth.


  • Smokers teeth by the time obtained tawny hue. It can make regular brushing your teeth and use toothpaste for smokers.
  • Your teeth can be colored and strong tea, coffee, red wine.
  • May also be observed tooth discoloration (yellowing) associated with aging.

Sealants Prevent Tooth Decay

Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings put to side tooth bite  surface. This imposition is simple and painless. Side tooth bite part coating surfaces with sealants, protects them from feed residues and microbe reproduction, which in turn leads to tooth decay. Sealants should put children on their permanent teeth as soon as they are hatched, or in the next six months. Sealants can protect your teeth up to 5-8-10 years, but the situation should be monitored regularly, dentist. They can wear out or fall off.

If You Really Want a Hollywood Smile

At first, the dentist appointment or need to make orthopantomogram OPG (panoramic X-ray teeth) see all the teeth in general, upper jaw  mandible. In order to make changes to the smile must be not only aesthetic but also functional. First take the diagnosis, planning and then begin preparations containing dental treatment, if necessary endodontic, implant.

Although prosthetics lasts only 10 days, the preparation time to it sometimes requires an even year and a half. In more severe cases, the sequence is gradual -Can be in need of surgery, after which the prosthesis can be made only after 4-6 months, can be used in orthodontics (to change the bite), finally implant application, after which half will walk with temporary crowns (currently we have a wide arsenal with provisional versions).

And only then will begin surgery. If the teeth are alive, one day in the tooth surface grinding. The procedure is not painful because the anesthesia is used. Then man goes in their dealings with temporary crowns and four days later comes to fitting. After another three days to complete the changes are inserted into the real crown (or half-crowns or plate), depending on the finances and the selected material.

How much does it cost? Changes most commonly affect the upper row of teeth (but can be transformed to bottom). For example, if there are five teeth on one side and five to another, using the cermet, one tooth 200 is the price of the euro. This means a total 2,000 euros. By contrast, using zirconium in a number of your prices up to 500 euros per tooth. Prices depend on the specialist and the clinic. Nowadays, many are willing to use an interest-free loan.

Crowns, Half-Crowns, Plate – Veneers

Veneers are plates, which makes the tooth surface. Half-crowns, in simplified terms, is a plate with the edges, but the crown makes the tooth around. The plate is used if necessary to change the level of the tooth. If the tooth is sealed and the color gray, but next teeth whiter, better use half-crowns. The decision to choose a particular case, adopt professional. There is also a Lumineers (a new generation of ceramic veneers), by means of which almost do not need to grind their teeth, and they are commonly used when you change only the tooth color.

Implants Are Root Substitutes

Dental implants are substitutes for tooth roots, and they needed to keep the bone level, for example, where the mouth is a few or even no teeth. Also, pulling teeth, the bone may begin atrophy which gradually affects the facial appearance. Although considered – If a tooth is lost, it is not advisable to leave a space for a long time, because the bone is not enough time, it can atrophy and next teeth can begin to walk, it is very individual.

How exactly it knows the best dentist. If this is not done, it changes with time even in the face oval. One will recommend implants, the other – not because, like the different look any different from us in the jaw bone and teeth. For example, if there are no front teeth, the same situation will choose to put the implant, the second – the bridge, the third – the plate. For example, if large root, which means that the tooth can lead to load, so do not be put implants, enough with the crown. Implants have very different costs – one cost around 1,000 euros.


Serious manipulation, such as implantation, with their teeth, surrender only experienced highly qualified dentists


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