Start regeneration of the skin with the forces of plant stem cells


Garnier discovery that will change the future of the skin care

Garnier laboratory is continually striving to discover the best of nature inspired science news. One of the most striking cells – Plant stem cells – which scientists have observed Garnier, has long been known outstanding recovery abilities, which allows plants to regenerate indefinitely. More than five years research has confirmed the plant stem cells, the effects on the skin cell renewal and strengthening of the skin.

This is a new word in the beauty of science

New Garnier skin care anti-aging lines are present only in the plant stem cells from apples grown in Switzerland, which is known for outstanding retention capacity.

4 months after ripening they are still smooth and rounded – not at all withered.

Did you know?

Garnier switched from glass to plastic cream jar, reducing packaging weight by 80% in order to lower the mass transport, less pollution and a greener planet.


Smoothed wrinkles, delayed their formation – Wrinkle Corrector 35+

Plant stem cells + tea polyphenols. A powerful antioxidant that strengthens the skin barrier protection.


Smooth and visibly firmer skin – Lift Expert 45+

Plant stem cells + sea buckthorn oil. Nourishing effect, enriched with Omega 3 and 6 oils restores skin’s beauty.


Intense restored skin – Intensive Regeneration 55+

Plant stem cells + rice peptides. Restores the skin’s natural fibers. Nourishing and softening effect.


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