12 Obvious Signs of Aging


Signs of aging might surprise you just sometimes as in the most cases we all are already waiting for these signs reaching certain age.

Of course, there are situations when even young people do have Gray hair and deep wrinkles, but those are less or more exceptions and consequences of some specific circumstances that have caused these signs of aging already at a young age. Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

More common understanding of these signs is as about some  inevitable process that reaches every one of us very slowly and unnoticeable. We all want to feel young as long as possible just nature make its corrections and clearly say when it is time to rest for our bodies.

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No matter that today we do have plenty of opportunities get rid of the most signs of aging far not all people do use them, so let’s take a look at the most evident of them after we will try to find out from which of them, you easily could get rid or even better to prevent their occurrence!

Types of Aging

There have been scientifically proven that exist two types of aging:

  • Internal aging, which depends on your genes;
  • External aging, which is caused by all our surrounding environmental factors.

Signs of Internal Aging

The first signs of internal aging that you will notice be in the structure of your skin, as the process of skin cells’ renewal becomes slower and creating of new skin cells gradually slows down. Even this process does start already after the age of 25, normally people do not notice these signs.  The main internal aging signs include:

  1. Fine wrinkles;
  2. Broken blood vessels;
  3. Skin laxity;
  4. The skin becomes rough;
  5. Plan and transparent skin;
  6. Firmness look loss of your arms and neck
  7. Skin’s drying cause itchy feeling;
  8. Hair loss;
  9. Change of hair color;
  10. The appearance of unwanted hair;
  11. Changes in the nail shape and thickness;
  12. Possibility of obesity and inability to lose weight.

Causes of The External Aging

This aging usually comes together with internal aging. Often these external aging processes have been observed already at young age. The main reason of so early skin’s aging is that it’s protective layer is gradually reducing. That is caused by many negative environmental factors, not even talking about detergents and skin’s contact with the water. All mentioned disrupts the structure of lipids.

The most of premature aging is involved with:

  • The Sun influence on your skin – without any protection from the sun, even few minutes daily spent in the sun in the period of many years can cause obvious effects on your skin, for example, wrinkles, rough skin, freckles, skin laxity, etc.;
  • Repeating of specific facial expressions over and over – will result in fine facial lines and wrinkles on your face;
  • Smoking – facial colour changes to yellow, and also it causes the creation of wrinkles;
  • Your sleeping position – if you are basing the face on the pillow in the same position every night it can cause the formation of wrinkles.

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