The Secret Code Of Your Youth – How Important Is The Growth Factor


All of human history, scientists have tried to discover the means to be able to stop the aging, the miracle is still not found, and hardly ever find such, but if you are looking for something which can also be found and one of the most revolutionary discoveries in cosmetology is considered a growth factor.

The growth factor is the human body’s natural protein – protein having the ability to bind to their receptors, thus activating the cell division and regeneration of different types of damage to the case.

Why is this so important? So that as the years go by, our skin cells become “lazy”, resulting in wrinkles, skin looks tired and gray. And peptides are the ones that this lazy stirs – stimulates the connective tissue cells, promote collagen and elastin formation and regenerates tissues. The skin becomes more flexible, smoother, firmer and more moisturized. With this growth factor complex nature (53 amino acid chain), cell regeneration is growing up to eight times.

Sometimes there have been speeches that growth factors can cause the body to an unfavorable mutation occurring. There is no reason for concern since it is scientifically proven that they respond only to those cells that are damaged. Figuratively speaking, protein goes straight to tired cells that no longer look after tennis balls, but after a raisin, and attachment to at this “ruined” the cell wall, with his special ability to awaken and update its vital functions.

Youth Lies in The Blood

bloodPeptides naturally present in the human body. No wonder both medicine and aesthetic dermatology defects and prevent signs of aging are used with platelet-rich plasma injections, which are used in the individual’s blood.

Plasma is obtained by centrifugation of freshly removed blood – separating the red and white blood cells and calcium chloride is added and specific amino acids. This level remains plasma, platelets containing growth factors with all its merits. After injection increases man’s own hyaluronic acid formation, it attracts water, and the skin looks firmer.

Plasma injection attracts stem cells, which promotes regeneration and collagen production. This procedure is particularly effective in combination with other rejuvenating methods – ELOS technology (fractional radiofrequency combined with infrared radiation therapy), hyaluronic acid injections, chemical peel and fractional laser surgery. It can be applied in different areas of the body (face, neck, décolleté, arms, abdomen, etc.).

Creams With Growth Factors

Synthetically produced human peptide copies obtained from the fermentation process and is 100% identical to the human protein is used in cosmetic products – serum, concentrate, and also creams for everyday use.

For example, a hexapeptide or muscle relaxants perform botulinum alternate functions, relaxes muscles, creating a link between the epidermal cell receptors and the place where the damage is. It is, of course, can not be equated with botulinum injections, but long-term use, it has a beneficial effect on the small mimic wrinkles, as well as prolong the effectiveness of botulinum injection.

Speed Fillers

A size of the protein molecules containing fillers is effective in that they are quickly absorbed into the skin. Thanks to the different sizes of peptides, these products quickly and penetrates the different layers of the epidermis. They can fill small wrinkles and visually skin looks much smoother.

Of course, no one is a magician, and to understand that it only works for some time. However, such fillers are a great tool before going to an event or an important meeting, when will look especially good. Of course, every day they can be safely used as filler composed of natural proteins – mostly they have been taken from fish, caviar, seaweed. It is an effective tool for the eye area.

Just remember that the fillers are covered with cream on top, and instead of massaging, but slap it in your skin. The effect is immediate. Modern cosmetics distinguished by the fact that a large proportion of cream is also intended for home use, the efficiency is increased.

With platelet-rich plasma injection recommends:

  1. The moisture level of renewal;
  2. The skin elasticity and color improvement;
  3. Wrinkle reduction and smoothing;
  4. Expand the pore closure;
  5. The cause of acne skin lesions to reduce the active phase;
  6. The skin healing process improvement by various rejuvenation procedures (mean deep chemical peels, laser surgery, fractional radio frequency, etc.).


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