Only the scalpel can do it


The are not two equal faces, so each face is ageing on a particular way, and that is the reason why plastic surgeon will develop an individual operation plan for each patient.

Until now, about the plastic surgery talked as about the most radical method used against the aging, which should be left only as a backup option. However, nowadays it can be called as one of the most expensive prevention methods, which allows you to gain time.

Now, all around the world facial surgery is made for more and more younger customers, because it is found that the ageing of the population comes as an avalanche, which is hard to stop. If at the age of approximately 25 aging starts at the level of cells, then at 30 years, it can already be seen with the eye.

There has been revealed one nuance – the operation is detected not only to lock the tissue, and do not let the muscle and skin to fall dawn, but also stops the avalanche. Of course, the ageing process continues, but if the operation was carried out earlier, then visible signs of ageing will be noticeable for about 10-15 years later.

That is the healing process, resulting in gaining the time. If before plastic surgeons said to wait, there is still a time for a surgery, then now after detecting the first signs of ageing, they perform an operation, correct the faults and stop these first aging signs from becoming visible.

Make a smooth forehead and lift eyebrows

Plastic shall be carried out in the forehead area when there is a lot of excess skin. They take it away and ease the muscles from exaggerated activity resulting from the negotiations with the active involvement of body language. However, there are times when it is enough to raise eyebrows, which are very low and forcing down the eyes. It is done by small cuts in the area behind the hair line and by lifting eyebrows up.

To be able to see the mirror of the soul

There are cases when the plastic surgeon selects the combined operation when upper eyelids are corrected, and eyebrows are lifted. The following operations should be chosen if eyebrows were nearly dropped to the lashes, eyelid outer corner is so low that the eyes look sad, even when smiling.

Upper lids shall be adjusted, if they have excess skin, which makes sad eyes. There is a variety of methods — you can remove only the skin or, in addition, a small part of the muscle, if an eyelid looks very thick. There are times when the eyes seem empty causing old appearance, then eyelid fills with fat, which is taken from other parts of face where fat it is too much.

Although talking about too much of fat on the face is not quite right, because it always has to be filled. A popular saying tells that the nose grows the whole life. However, it is not the true! The nose consists of bone, which as the years passes looks bigger, because, it loses fats.

Away with bulldog’s cheeks

When the face oval begins to fall down and starts to appear so-called bulldog’s cheeks, usually is performed an operation, which plastic surgeons call a facial plastic, by arranging the muscles, soft tissues, or placing them in the previous location to the periosteal.

This operation also has different methods staring from simpler when with small cuts around the ears and hair line can be lifted corners of lips, by that also raising the oval of face, and finally with a complex facial plastic, which includes the chin line, neck and cheek correction.

Very often such operations are combined with hyaluronic acid injections, because there are areas, which cannot be removed with surgery, for example, lips, which, over the years, lose volume, but filled with hyaluronic acid, they recover the volume. A complex face plastic also includes chin and neck adjustments. If a chin has fallen, use liposuction by removing fats. If it is necessary, the excess skin is removed from chin and neck as well.

Surgery for young women

The so-called mid-face plastic is new throughout the world it has been held for younger patients, when the first signs of aging are becoming noticeable: you look in the mirror and understand that something is wrong.

You can see the shadow around the eyelids, face is a little fallen, you look like you didn’t have enough sleep, there are like small bags at the corners of cheek ends, also there are lines around the mouth. This operation gives the skin firmness. It shall be carried. It is a minimal intervention, but with very good results. For older people, it is combined with other facial plastic surgeries.



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