How to get rid of aging signs?


Wrinkles, fine lines, sad and sunken eyes, featureless smile, the loss of skin tone … practically we all face these signs by the years. Still, we have great news as nowadays, you are able to get rid of these signs.

What are fillers? And how do they work?

Fillers or hyaluronic acid gel filler is a natural substance. Half of all the body’s hyaluronic acid is directly in our skin. It attracts the water, moisturizes the skin and give it a volume. Over the years, natural hyaluronic acid production in the body decreases. Filler injection replaces the lost volume and improve facial lines, makes lips fuller, smooths out wrinkles and fine lines. In the areas of the injection improves the quality of the skin, the skin is additionally moisturized and it gains a radiant glow.

If taking about the choice of fillers the most common and well known fillers are Juvederm Ultra produced by company Allergan. This is a pharmaceutical company that in an aesthetic medical industry offers high-quality, effective, proven and safe products. Millions of patients are satisfied with these products.

The new VYCROSS patented technology is the low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid combination crosswise links as a result of injected hyaluronic acid gel gives a natural and long lasting results. Now, there are available 3 JUVEDERM VYCROSS technology products:

  • JUVEDERM Volbella – appropriate for superficial wrinkles smoothing lip and upper lip adjustment (practically does not increase lip volume, but very naturally hydrates the lips and restores lost volume and liveliness).
  • JUVEDERM Volift – medium deep and deep lines and wrinkles smoothing with a natural skin firming (lifting) effect.
  • JUVEDERM Voluma – facial contours and volume restoration and strengthening. In order to achieve the desired result for the client, these products can be combined.

Are these injections painful?

New technology developed by VYCROSS fillers contain lidocaine, as a result, you can feel only a small prick. It depends on the client’s pain threshold and sensitivity, but most customers recognize that this procedure is virtually painless.

How long the procedure takes place?

The procedure takes 20-40 minutes. Immediately after the procedure you will be able to return to your daily activities.

How robust is the effect of this new generation of filler injections?

Thanks to a new patented technology VYCROSS injection effect lasts from 12 up to 24 months, according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Doctor’s advice

  • There are not an age restrictions for hyaluronic acid filler injections. If wrinkles have already developed at 25 years, it can be prevented in early period, to fight against wrinkles at 85 years is not too late as well.
  • We recommend to use today’s technological advantages offered to every woman and man.
  • Hyaluronic acid filler injection does not solve the problems of aging in general. You have to continue to care about your skin, using other beauty treatments.


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