2 Professional Procedures For Your Skin Beauty – Stem Cells And Mesotherapy


There are plenty of professional procedures that can help you to improve your skin’s appearance two of discussed further are stem cells and mesotherapy.

Stem Cells

In the cosmetology, stem cells are used to restore the skin cell function. With stem cells, it is possible to improve the condition of the skin, remove the aging process, treating dry skin, pigmentation spots, acne, inflammation and heal the skin after serious injuries, such as burns.

The Result Is Seen Immediately After The First Treatment

Mostly used in plant stem cells. Also, plant stem cells produced in laboratories. European cosmetology salons are most commonly used apple seed stem cells. The manner in which these plants are grown and how they obtain the stem cells, the producers held a great secret. All these preparations contain a variety of additional substances that have a positive effect on the skin. They typically contain protein, minerals, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which is also a natural way in our skin.

How Stem Cells Work?

Where lies the stem cell miracle, if the result is visible at once? They contribute to skin cell regeneration and growth. During the procedure, stem cells only stops at the What cells with the defect and restores. Therefore, this procedure is a unique way by means of which can be carried out not only preventive measures for improving the skin, but also to combat problems such as dry skin, pigmentation, acne and even scarring.

In addition, this procedure can be applied to children. Babies most often used in cases where treated ugly scars left by injuries or surgery. After laser grinding procedures, botulinum toxin V2 mesotheraphy injections and plastic surgery stem cells speeds up the recovery process and serves as an additional therapy for complete results. Stem cells reduces wrinkles, and they are also used for lifting procedures.

With What To Start?

One of the most important conditions for success -Discoloration is perfectly cleaned. The raw and unprepared skin stem cells will significantly reduce exposure. In addition, if left on the skin for something a little cream or make-up, their influence not only in fall but in the face of an alien chemical compounds, will be destroyed. So just surrender this procedure experienced professionals who will appreciate in advance your skin condition. Possible before stem cell insertion specialist will carry out other cosmetic procedures in order to achieve optimum results.

How Does It Happen?

As the importance of stem cells administered perfectly, purified skin specialist first cleanses your skin with special cleansing products that do not contain preservatives. After the tone, and then the skin will be ready for stem cell therapy. The procedure is pleasant. During the course of a patient lying on the couch and enjoy the process as a gentle massage. Beautician works with a special pipette and gloves, each valuable stem cells drop of massaging the skin. The procedure takes about an hour, but it depends on the size of the treated skin.

How Often?

If stem cell therapy is used wounds or burns treatment of 6-12 times. In other cases, depending on the problem. Sometimes it is sufficient with a single procedure. Usually, the procedure is followed for 7-10 days apart.

How Much?

The cost is dependent on both the amount of product used and the manufacturer’s price range is varied. The most expensive are animal stem cells. One ampoule price can go up to 300 euros. Herbal products are cheaper. One procedure is the price of 50-60 euros.
themselves checked

On stem cell miraculous effects made sure ourselves, when we performed skin renewal procedure with the Fraxel laser. Feelings were pleasant, because after the procedure the skin sites itch, but liquid, containing stem cells, itching prevented. Stem cells also reduced the swelling and redness, which were formed after the laser exposure. Four days after the laser procedure and every week stem cell therapy repeats.

It has helped to regenerate skin faster, and as a result they had lost all the scabs and skin completely healed, the feeling after each procedure were fantastic getting up from the couch and looking at yourself in the mirror, the skin looked smooth, soft and radiant. Given that a few hours after the stem cell therapy may not be present on the skin make-up, after it also was not necessary. The skin looked great. While running on a date! However, stem cells do their work at least eight days and then also shows the greatest effect.

For stem cell exposure to be effective, there are certain prerequisites:

  • cosmetics and make-up should not be used for at least two hours after the procedure;
  • the first two days is prohibited to sunbathe and visit the solarium.

Other Sources Of Stem Cells

Cosmetology used in mammals group stem cells, which, like plant stem cells in the laboratory. They come from fertilized cows during the first trimester of amniotic fluid mass separates the stem cells, they are filtered several times and grown in the laboratory. These animals are grown in ecological conditions of staying in the fresh air, eat green food and are not exposed to stress.

The way in which the material is obtained, it is considerate of animals. Therefore, representatives of animal protection should not be afraid that the cows were wronged. Moreover, this method has received the Nobel Prize. Given that these cells is a time-consuming, complex and expensive process, the product price is relatively high.

In many places in private clinics in Russia and Europe wealthy people in search of the secret of eternal youth, willing to donate huge sums of money and the use of uncertified techniques with human stem cells. We will definitely do not recommend. Here it is not only about ethics but also about life. Sometimes such measures are fatal.

Stem Cell Dossier

  • This may freely reproduce and evolve into other types of cells, tissues, and organs to ensure viability.
  • The human body contains 50 to 100 trillion cells. They are divided into 220 specializations ways. Stem cells in certain circumstances, are capable of being converted into any of the following ways.
  • The most widely used medicine somatic or adult stem cells. Newborn umbilical cord cells can be saved in a special cell in the bank, if necessary, to use the treatment. Embryonic stem cells are multi capable, so can form all cell types of specialization, but in many countries clinical studies in this area are limited for ethical reasons.
  • Or somatic adult stem cells, researchers found throughout the body in the bone marrow, blood, fat, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, brain, skin, intestinal epithelium, liver, nasal, pulmonary epithelium and elsewhere. It considers that the bone marrow has the most. Stem cell replacement is not endless, with age it becomes less. However, a small number of full cells persist throughout life.
  • They tend to be called a living grass as important cells are taken from the parish, or the donor organism and the poorly administered.
  • medical use began in the last century, 50 years -transplanted bone marrow of leukemia patients to whom they was destroyed chemotherapy. Wider use of stem cells, begun 30 years ago. However, in most cases, only the method of Experimental Medicine clinical trial program undesired general treatment.

What Exactly Is Mesotherapy

Microneedle rollerAlthough the microneedle therapy is not widely used around the world it is known at least for eight years. Microneedle roller is covered with at least 200 pins (tend to be up to 545), with a length of 0.2 to 2 mm. Needles are made of surgical steel, which does not cause allergic reactions. Microneedle rollers are used individually and is intended for 6-8 doses.

Use Of Mesotherapy

  • skin rejuvenation,
  • narrowing of pores
  • skin lightening pigmentation spots and skin strengthening,
  • smoothing of wrinkles,
  • elimination of scars,
  • stretch reduce,
  • cellulite treatment,
  • hair loss prevention.

Microneedle therapy is a type of mesotherapy, where the needle is used instead of medical roller or microneedle roller. It acts on the skin in two ways: fine microneedles pierce the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and promoting self-renewal of skin, while the developed micro-channels contributes to the therapeutic level and other products from entering the deep layers of the skin.

Accordingly, any cosmetic effect of this procedure is being much more effective. Because of these properties, microneedle therapy has been treated with a laser. Only facial treatment with microneedle roller is much cheaper, painless, and -which are not minor skin deep layers is restored, but the upper layer remains almost untouched. In addition, after the procedure it is safe to continue running daily.

How Is The Procedure Of Mesotherapy

First, the skin was treated with a special tool to clean the face of cosmetics, then was chosen reel – a completely new, just removed from the package. It is very important to rule out possible contamination. First, the process began with rolling neck movements from the bottom up, then face one side, then the other, and finally the forehead.The procedure should not be painful, especially in the sensitive part of the forehead close to hair.

The first moment when processed neck feeling was twofold as tickle while prod. Before this procedure is offered to the skin treated with an anesthetic (usually recommended when the pins length ranging from 1 mm). Many customers from refusing, in cream form on the surface of the skin layer unnecessary and leads to a small swelling, which reduces the effectiveness of the procedure. The skin was treated with a roller that is covered with 1 mm long needles, so the procedure without anesthetic seemed painful.

Pins length tends to be from 0.2 to 2 mm, depending on what they are being used and how much effect intended. For example, a roller to 0.2 mm in length needles works as a massage tool, used for skin regeneration and cosmetic performance. In turn, roll, starting with the 0.5 mm long needles, are already hard at work developing new collagen formed 0,5 – 0,6 mm deep, as well as help prevent small wrinkles and pigmentation spots. However, scars are left, such as acne, roller designed to 1.5 mm long needles.

The aim was to improve the color, smooth out the pores and, of course, picking up the shape of the face, because, as said the beautician, unfortunately we have at the carriage, which rolls down the hill. But we have little ability to stop the procedure and with microneedle roller is one of those options. After each treatment area looking at yourself in the mirror, my a couple of places both on the neck and forehead barely visible blood droplet.

The reaction might be. For this reason, the procedure is not recommended during menstruation, occurs when increased bleeding, and these specific days, we are also sensitive to pain. As the following procedure all means better absorbed into the skin, and my face and neck listen to a special serum that stimulates collagen synthesis and helps the skin to recover better. After the procedure the skin had acquired a pink pleasing appearance, the pores have leveled off, it seemed, also face oval had gained stronger shape.

On the neck where the skin is more delicate, in some places seemed roller footprint as small dashes, as if the skin is a little rake. Also in the poll at the temples, it was noticeably small dots where the skin slightly above bleed, and here was more sensitive. Feelings resembled those which tend to be in the sun, and the visual skin was a healthy pink as the sun bathing.

Of course, with one procedure it is not enough to judge the effectiveness of these methods. We recommend a course of 6-8 procedures once a week, but the supportive effect will be enough to once every three or six months. However, as we know, none of the pro-procedure in the case can not accomplish miracles but to delay the aging process though. “Another concrete rule everything to do complex,” stressed cosmetologist. “The basic premise is our way of life, and not least, is what we eat and drink.”

Mesotherapy For Face

Under the skin 2-4 mm deep dermis level with very thin needles are injected a small amount of a therapeutic “cocktail.” Its composition is selected individually depending on the problem. Mesotherapy is used in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and other substances, that restores skin healthy look.

Also, the course length depends on the problem, but it consists of 8-12 sessions. If, after the injections caused bruising (which is normal), you can use special tools that accelerate their disappearance. On the first day after injection may be small stitch foot, but this slight discomfort completely outweighs procedure effectiveness. The method is a little painful, and in no way limit the ability to work. Injections will not move away from social activities.

What Can Mesotherapy Do For Your Face

  • Increases skin tone.
  • Smooths and reduces wrinkles.
  • Eliminates edema.
  • Strengthens the face oval.

Unique Simple Method

Microneedle roller executes the same work of collagen in terms of the development carried out by the laser with minimal skin protection barrier damage after the procedure does not require lengthy rehabilitation and there are no complications. The healing process takes no more than one day, but the ups stitch foot can not see right away after the procedure. because micro canals closes instantly.

The Advantages Of Microneedle Roller

  • no side-effects;
  • complete preservation of the epidermis during the procedure;
  • relatively short healing process (usually one day)
  • can be used in people who are thin and Couperose skin;
  • can be used after laser polishing procedures;
  • can be used all over the face (including the area around the eyes), neck, body, scalp;
  • already a few hours after the procedure the patient can notice a positive result.


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