The Power Of Garnier Nutritionist


There is a lack of the necessary substances to the skin, even if the diet is balanced. You know the saying “you are what you eat”? It turns out that this is even truer than you think.

We maintain a vital role in supplying the body with the necessary substances that the same can not synthesize. Today we know that the skin is one of the last to receive this substance from the diet – so often felt the lack. This simple fact may forever change your attitude to food.

Why should you think about this issue? It is known that the lack of certain substances affects skin health: chances are that you are missing vital nutrients, especially if you follow the diet. And so, as your body must first take care of other organs, it is first of all reflected in skin conditions – it can become dry, color may deteriorate.

Of course, it is important to strive for a balanced nutritious diet. Enough fruits and vegetables in your diet will help maintain the health of both the whole body and the skin. However, there is a possible solution, even if the skin condition you are still a concern: Garnier Nutritionist supplying vital nutrients directly to the skin and rejuvenating effect has been demonstrated.

Did You Know That You Cannot Take By Food All Your Skin Actually Needs?

In western countries, 75% of people do not bear enough magnesium – a substance that is found in nuts, grains, and beans and other legumes and is vital to keep the skin in good shape. By following a diet that is wholly or partially excluded from the diets of different product groups of the body sooner or later from vitamins, minerals, ballast and valuable fatty acid deficiency.

Nutrients like essential fatty acids omega – 3 and omega – 6, minerals – magnesium and zinc, natural vitamins – antioxidants C, E and A are quite often lacking in our diet and when a diet as well, if we eat a lot of energy dense, but nutritious food to the poor. Necessary nutrient deficiency affects both the skin and our overall health. Garnier Nutritionist no replacement for a healthy diet, but it certainly will ensure a healthy and fresh looking skin.

How To Deliver Nutrients Directly To Your Skin?

New Garnier Nutritionist is a rejuvenating and moisturizing facial skin care product line that contains the cell energy enhancing complex: omega 3 + 6 and magnesium.

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