What exactly is photorejuvenation and how does it work?


Photorejuvenation helps to look good in the long run, it is not good as appearance of express treatment. The progress of science and professional experience in the fight against aging has made exquisitely refined.

This helps to maintain the natural beauty, without the slightest suspicion that the face is something done. One of the methods is gently photorejuvenation – it renews the skin with light.

Doctor’s recommendation after the procedure

  • continue to use a moisturizer daily cosmetics;
  • when going out, be sure to use a sunscreen (SPF 30-50) in order to avoid new pigments;
  • makeup and tonal resources can be applied immediately;
  • do not go into the sun until the next procedure, the lighter the skin, the better the effect will be;
  • if there is a desire to make the facial injections with Botox or fillers, better to do it in 2-3 weeks after the procedure photorejuvenation course, because heating contributes to the degradation of the input preparation;
  • possible redness and swelling reduces black tea compresses.

Like a wrinkled paper

The skin is wrinkled paper similarity with the phenomenon. After you wrinkle white sheet of paper, it can be ironed something ten times by driving the paper by hand, the page will be perfectly smooth, but the eye will always be able to see the crease lines. The same thing happens in the skin.

If permitted develop deep wrinkles, skin can no longer get a perfectly smooth, so early should use all possible methods to maintain skin elasticity and prevents deep wrinkle formation. When the normal procedure does not work anymore, you can use photorejuvenation, radio frequency treatment, helps to prevent the right of botulinum toxin injections, which for a time suspend the mimic wrinkles, but deep wrinkles filling can be used for filler injections.

How Jane did it to her

Her life suddenly pelted somersault. At the time, it seemed that the only salvation is the work. It became a patch not only problems, but also as a pretext to go out in public, meet friends, have a good sleep and eat properly. After two months of life stabilized, she had lost several kilos in weight. Then she finally looked at myself in the mirror. Although she had used a good make-up, she looked toward gray shadow – hollow cheeks, bluish rings around the eyes and slack skin.

Since she had never wanted to look like. Beauty rescue plan was ready in a short time. She started a diet – fresh squeezed vegetable juices, fruits, nuts, fish, herbs, she began to breathe more fresh air and signed up with cosmetics. After a facial massage beautician recommended additional procedures for skin rejuvenation try photorejuvenation.

First of all it is necessary to improve the skin’s overall condition of the skin, then it would be able to disguise wrinkles with Botox and fillers. The only prerequisite – to trust a professional, experienced medical professionals who know what they are doing.

Other experience

What is Jane’s friend, it started with a desire to remove pigment spots obtained reckless sunbathing. The first time had been a little scared, but now going once a year, every spring on the 2-3 procedures. She loves it because the skin is fresh and pleasant. After the first session, they were not seen at once, all in the process. Obvious results can be felt only after 2-3 weeks.

And it’s so inspiring that will more and more because the skin every day just gets better. Each subsequent time complements the resulting effect throughout the summer and feel fantastic, because the skin looks perfect even without make-up sequence. It is a good alternative for those who do not like yourself not puncture or cut.

Moment of patience, but then there is no wound that killed the look. You can do anything a lunch break and get back to work quietly in the evening or go to the event.

First experience with photorejuvenation

Already after a few days Jane go to a dermatologist. They will assess the condition of her skin and says that be enough with three procedures which are recommended for three weeks apart. She tells in detail of the procedure, see Jane’s eyes light dismay, shows the video recording.

Procedure using a laser takes about 45 minutes. It is intended not VIEBI improvement of skin structure, small superficial wrinkles smoothing, but also to reduce pigmentation and vascular. The biggest plus – the procedure does not leave lasting traces on his face, which requires specified healing time. Looked stunningly simple, and she indulged.

How does it work?

Procedure room nurse puts to lie down on the couch, cleaned his face with a cleansing agent and a metal binding brillītes – so protecting your eyes from the laser beam. The doctor reported that the first part of the procedure begins, the aim of which is to heat the collagen layer under the skin to improve skin elasticity and smooth out small wrinkles.

Doctor warns that soon will be a kind of tingling feeling pins and if it is very unpleasant to say. On his forehead feels pleasantly warm, it becomes more intense, a bit like a hot hairdryer air. Tube-like device does not touch the skin, heat slowly moving around her forehead, then moving to one cheek to the other and finally circling around the lips – it was the small wrinkles around the mouth. It hits on the lips, and there needs to stimulate collagen.

The doctor is comforting that there is little jāpaciešas because the skin becomes red and it should be. If the procedure is not painful, it means that it is not effective. Laser rhythmic hum reminiscent of an electric sewing machine. She suspects that the moments when processed more sensitive spot, the doctor asks Jane issues to divert attention.

Then comes the second part of the procedure, the task of the light pulses to remove visible blood vessels in the skin and pigmentation. Doctor on her face spread over a thick layer of gel to the device would be better contact with the skin. Video does not cause the seen no emotion, but Doctor warns that this part will be a bit unpleasant. Light flashes will be painful, but tolerable.

The first is to touch the chin. Even through the glasses can be seen exploding red light, the feeling is that the chin would hit electricity. She shrinks in fear, so Dr. reduce the laser power and continue to process her face. It is a little painful, but once you get used, it is not so bad. The doctor explains that the laser beam destroys the pigments, visible blood vessels and collagen warming continues. When everything is finished Jane removes the glasses, allows you to get up and look in the mirror.

Cleaned with a tissue gel coat – everything is in place, only the facial skin becomes smooth and slightly pink sūrst. She applied bepantēnu it on top of a thin layer of cream with SPF 50 protection against the sun. After just half an hour Jane sits with friends cafeteria. Sore feeling is cleared, ends a little pink blush, and after a quick nāciena. Is a great feeling. In the evening, she takes off her make-up mirror and looked forward, searching for the face of the obvious changes, but nothing.

The next morning she rushes to the mirror. Doctor’s recommendation for black tea compresses if there is redness or swelling does not arise. Only a few pigmented spots on the cheeks have become more brownish. His call to the clinic – it was a good sign, pigments was noticed, it should be. After a week of pigment spots disappear, there is a feeling that facial skin begins to accumulate, it becomes stronger and more flexible. She uses moisturizing cosmetics, sunscreen and looking forward to the next session.

Jane’s questions a doctor

What are the limitations of facial care?

There is no, because there is no wound. Only after the procedure should not be sore skin with cool compresses ledusaustām.
Or better effect prior to the skin should be prepared with a cleansing scrub or a mask?

No, nothing is needed, above all, the skin should not be tanned and inflamed.

Can I go in the sun?

Of course, only until the next procedure should use a sunscreen with SPF 30-50. it certainly jāleito and then to protect the skin from the new pigment production, it protects collagen fibers from UV radiation asinsvadaus disruptive influence.

Are there possible complications?

Burn before the procedure if the skin is tanned.

How stable is the resultant effect?

About a year. It also depends on the lifestyle and care for the skin.

Photorejuvenation professional perspective

After the plastic surgeon’s words photorejuvenation to improve skin texture and quality, causing superficial skin lesions. Unlike ablative lasers, this technique gently stimulates skin renewal and it is not necessary to set the healing process.

For reasons of clarity

There are two major groups of laser: one – ablative laser that destroys the tissues that are evaporating. They are used if necessary to remove moles, papillomas, etc. growths on the skin as well as skin rejuvenation, removal of part of the epidermis. After the surface of the skin remains abrasion which occurs during a 5-7 days. The second – neablatīvie lasers that do not damage the skin surface.

The laser energy passes through the skin and exposed to a certain color pigments such as melanin brown or red hemoglobin. They are used for cosmetic defects disposal caused by unwanted pigmentation, epidermis seen in the network of blood vessels, etc. it is a method of selective photothermolysis.

Historical overview

Both patients and doctors over the years, noticed that the procedure with photothermolisis apparatus performing cosmetic defects elimination, significantly improves skin tone and tissue quality of the leather, it was designed for new equipment, which heats the collagen fiber layer, causing the thickening of the skin tightens and becomes smoother. Nowadays, there are a number of different laser used for skin treatment with light pulses to induce positive changes in the structure of the skin without damaging the epidermis.

To hope for?

Photorejuvenation prevents the signs of aging – skin firmness, elasticity and tone loss, visibly improves skin texture, refreshes the complexion and reduces fine lines. It reduces or eliminates pigment spots, freckles, acne traces of rosacea and vascular asterisks epidermis visible network of blood vessels, dilated blood vessels and reduces pores.


not required. If you have made visible vascular network, the procedure is painful. You can use an anesthetic cream, but it narrows the blood vessels and the resultant effect is not so good, so it is worth trying.

After rejuvenation procedures

There is only a slight reddening, it usually disappears within a few hours. If not prevented serious pigmentation and vascular problems after the procedure can go even to the theater. If so, then there may be redness, sometimes bruising and swelling because this procedure is recommended to be carried out before the holidays. Helps to reduce swelling decongestant products, but bruises – arnica compresses. After the procedure is recommended for supportive treatment of skin with a good quality cream.

How much?

To get a good result, require several repeated procedures. This number depends on the skin condition, mostly 3-6 necessary procedures.

When not?

During pregnancy, when there is an acute skin and general infectious diseases. Laser procedures are not to ieauļotas skin. Also, if there are glaucoma, cataracts, skin sensitivity to light and malignant tumors.

If you have a combination of problems.

Everything – warts, moles, visible network of blood vessels and hyperpigmentation – one machine is not possible to eliminate. Sequence by eliminating the first, does not matter. Time-saving purposes better to do everything at one time.

Or it may take the summer?

If photorejuvenation made several times with an interval of 2-4 weeks, which means that the first procedure and the future can not sunbathe.

Once the course is completed, you can go in the sun

If you definitely want to soak up the sun, this procedure to better perform in the dark time of the year when summer tan has disappeared and no plans to leave by sun exposure.

Is there an age at which to begin restorative procedures

It depends on the condition of the skin affected by genetics, health, hormone balance, as well as lifestyle and many other external factors that can accelerate aging. It is important for the assessment of skin quality. First, look for the reason for aging skin, if possible, try to prevent, for example, a disease, and it can cope with the consequences. On average, women skin begins to age 30 years.

Unlike the male skin, which over the years is aging quite smoothly, women skin aging faster. Any procedure is to increase the aging of the skin, making it smoother. To look at her mother – if her skin is aging early, it is likely that the same will be similar. In order to prevent, limit the harmful factors – stress, smoking, frequent sun, which destroys the skin’s elastic fibers.

If you can not restrict it completely, then need to compensate with good products, which do not just moisturize, but provides the perfect skin care for the missing ingredients. The next step is to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the facial expression, affecting the upper third of the face, eye area and forehead. When it sits deep to deal with them is almost impossible.


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