Peptide. Your skin’s personal trainer.


Peptides enriched cosmetics is one of the last few years the rage in beauty. And justified with indicate deeper experts. Line serving as signal molecules peptides are smart and demanding personal trainer that makes the skin to regenerate on its own potential.

The collagen

To understand the effect of peptides cosmetics, first look into the skin and its natural processes. Beauty experts faint recall – collagen healthy, youthful skin basic foundation. It is a protein that improves the elasticity of the skin, keeps the tone and thus diminish the signs of aging.
In his youth collagen is much and smooth, firm skin that serves as proof.

With years of various adverse factors (such as excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation exposure to the skin or under the influence of smoking) collagen cells decreases or shrinking – it decides biological pulkstenis-, and as a response followed by wrinkles. The aging process begins from the age of 20, just a huge capacity of the skin is able to seamlessly keep yourself in good working condition for a longer one, another shorter period of time – depending on the genes.

As soon as resources dwindle, it appears wrinkles, pigments and other signs of aging. Often, they are noticeable from 25-28 years of age. This means that our collagen regeneration mechanisms and maintaining moisture in the skin limp. First, it realizes a dwelling cells peptides – small chains of amino acids. These mini proteins run immediately and report the synthesis mechanisms of the skin, that now is the moment of collagen and crumbling juk, and manufactured new. However, with time the active molecules and the amount of power running low and need help from the outside.

Peptide cosmetic effect based on the same mechanism as that performed in the skin on the natural peptides. Being signal molecules, they stimulate the processes of skin are already being implemented, but do so inadequately. Just like a regular text message reminder to the skin – is due to take to the starting line and make maximum! The skin is not an option – to respond to the signals.

The goal of peptides

Slight deviations chemistry: protein consisting of amino acids, peptides, but the circuit has the same only significantly shorter – they consist of two (dipetīdi), three (tripeptides) amino acids. Depending on the purpose for which the cosmetics intended active signal molecules, the energy fed from the edge gives the various commands.

Stimulus collagen peptides. One of the tactical and skin look more youthful longer and healthy, is to replace lost collagen with a new one. As spies, peptides filtered cells and tissues in different layers of the skin. Finding the damage they sends a signal to the brain, thus promoting tissue regeneration processes.

Topical application to the skin with peptides enriched cream or serum, which is forced to respond in accordance with the usual way of thinking, that is, if the peptide arrived – Rapporteur, therefore, collagen is lost and must be produced instead of a new one. One of the most popular cosmetics used in the signal peptide is Palmitoul Pentatpeptide (Matrixyl), which prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Copper peptides. Being tiny, peptides are able to break through the barriers of skin and penetrate the deeper layers. It – tail peptide – deep into the skin may get copper, which serves as a natural healer and regenerator. Copper peptides are able to act as intermediaries, helping to remove the damaged collagen synthesis and promoting a new antioxidant effects. At the same time, other probēmzonām used copper peptides effective against cellulite affected tissue and promotes fat cells divisions.

Hexapeptide. These skin doctors promotes healing of damaged tissue, such as post-operative and aesthetic injection procedures, including the effects of acne.

Neuropeptides. They have the ability to block the transmission of nerve signals to the facial muscles, Botox can be achieved as a result of the effect – the skin becomes noticeably smoother, keeping alive mimicry. These are the best known peptide variants, but these molecules are still intensively studies are ongoing and already well-known and joins the growing number of new names and new answers to different areas of the body and problems.

Know your price

Peptides are highly active molecules, thus they are required in small amounts in order to fulfill its function, technologically protein is relatively difficult to obtain. This happens fermentation of organic and botanical world or synthesis. As one or the other way is just as Jewellery, which is produced small amounts of peptides.

Accordingly, – products containing them, are not cheap, but being aware of the potential of avarice soon wears off. However, as the sole and irreplaceable miracle it can not be declared. Like the food basket, we are filled with a variety of products – the body receive adequate nutrition, we can not expect that half of metoties one beauty product on top, the result will be perfect. Cosmetics – they are used topically for skin food basket, which offer diversity. And would be naive to imagine why 35-40 years of age, one cream will be able to provide everything that the skin is necessary.

Popular in procedures

Effective and therefore very popular also in protein and peptide treatments. Specifically recommended by various aesthetic procedures associated with tissue repair and rehabilitation. For example, the amino acids that provide immediate skin contraction, use a points – Cinderella effect (because the effect lasts for 3-5 hours). Other peptides in turn stimulates healing and regeneration, fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis.


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