Simple Natural Hair Care Tips

natural hair care tips

How long to keep them beautiful? Why does all hair not grow equally fast?
Whether and how it can affect the rate of hair growth and quality – thickness, shine, strength? All these questions are in every woman’s head.

Drying with a hairdryer, coloring, perms, straightening

Drying , straightening, and coloring have an effect on the hair, but the exposure is small. To a large extent, it depends on the quality of hair color or avoiding drying at too high a temperature, how often to justify oneself hair as kvalitatītu technique use. What counts is the quality of the hair – if it is fragile, straightening with electric appliances, high-temperature drying, hair breaks up quickly and may even break. Conversely, if it is strong, it will withstand the procedure without any problems.

Undeniably hair after dyeing will be grateful if then feed them with masks that contain keratin or collagen, which strengthens the hair, as well as proteins which protect them from the environment. Of course, if for some reason the hair is fired, which is most often observed in brittle hair, the only solution is to cut them off and grow again. But the question arises – why this person is brittle hair? The reasons may be different.

Hair naughty. Blame shampoo?

The allegation that the hair falls out because the shampoo is not good, it is just as absurd as the argument that the hand fell after they washed with soap. Shampoo aims to clean up the hair shaft from everyday dirt, so it is the smallest of all the saboteur. One should understand that the final three months had to go through an increased stress, health problems because it is the most common cause of hair loss.

In individual cases, it may be an allergic reaction to any of the cosmetic ingredients that can cause dermatitis, but it can not be the cause massive hair loss. Hair caring cosmetic task is to strengthen the short-term, brighten and improve the visual appearance of the hair, so often exaggerated in the cosmetic positive and negative effects, giving it the ability worthy of extremes – healing or harmful. It is understood that unlike medicaments mean caring cosmetics for hair does not cure the hair, not the scalp, but it can protect the hair from environmental exposure in a short term – until the next wash.


The drug is able to activate the hair follicle, which promotes hair growth and hair care products, even if they are potent serums can not. Hair lotions, vitamins provides hair and skin hydration, but not conducive to hair growth, an ability they really do not.

Determine the state of the hair!

To determine the hair slow growth or loss causes, require consultation with a specialist who is assessing the actual situation and provided information on lifestyle and diseases, requires the use of a number of investigative techniques – invasive (blood, hormone, and other tests), apparatus methods research and / or trichogrammatids or hair roots investigation.

It explores the roots quality of resources, evaluates the growth phase relationship in order to understand how hair slides actually able to grow back, what are the factors that affect the extent to which the hair falls out and loss forecasts. From apparatus methods is essential for investigation with a video camera – trichoscopy specially adapted for hair research and contributes significantly to the diagnosis, assessing the condition of the skin and its changes, as well as the hair shaft differences that help to understand whether there is a malfunction blood circulation or maybe observed unstable autonomic nervous system trends.

How often can hair be washed?

It is a myth that the hair can not be washed frequently. If necessary, do it every day. Nowadays shampoo industry has so evolved that many shampoos not only washes your hair but also improves the quality of the cosmetics. It is important to choose the right shampoo, which is like the hair and scalp. One particular shampoo can make your hair shiny, but another sintered.

Only in the light of your experience, you can find the right agent. If necessary, should be used balms, conditioners. But they are not mandatory. If the hair after shampooing is smooth, do not electrizen and does not create other problems without balms and conditioners can be dispensed with. If the hair is dry – the cuticle scales benefited from open – then both recommended balm, conditioner or mask, the hair will be more vivid, more sheltered.

You not required to choose one brand of shampoo and other skin enhancers. In addition, the allergy trigger point of view, it is even advisable to choose cosmetics of different firms lines, because if the product is a base substance that irritates the scalp, with all lines products, sensitization will occur earlier.


  • Human hair grows 3 -18 cm per year, and one of the hair growth cycles is from two to six years (depending on the genetic inheritance, lifestyle), which means that there are people who are able to grow hair in just 3 cm per year and every two nomainīties years.
  • In our latitudes, hair grows an average of 10 cm per year and is followed by 4-5 years.
  • If the rapidly changing lifestyle – stress, illness, diet becomes poor -, hair grows slower. Also during the cold season’s hair growth rate declining as a reduction in blood flow.
  • The hair is thicker and thicker as they grow relatively slower than brittle and thin. This is because of the thick hair root strength unto the hair volume, rather than the length of the building.
  • Adults have 100-150 thousand head of hair. Every day we fall out about 100 hair. So do not worry if, combing your hair or on your clothing, found some hair.

Hair Loss Causes – Let Search The Cause

If apparatus methods possible to assess the condition of the skin – or it looks dry, irritated, inflamed, or around the hair follicles are the scales, which is a sign that the hair growth in obstructing – then it is possible to find a solution. Mata condition diagnosed not only in assessing the skin but the overall human anamnesis – is not so difficult after thorough interrogation to determine the cause.

In order to predict the hair growth perspective, it is important to find out the answers to questions such as eating habits (diet is the second largest hair’s enemies after stress) endocrine  diseases, hormonal agents, smoking, headache, providing important information picture of hair, not growing causes. The reason that the hair is not strong and do not grow, often not just one, but many hairs adversely affecting a combination of factors.

  • Viral infections, surgery, stress. The good news – it transfers itself. The bad – if there are any hereditary causes why hair would not grow, it may appear.
  • Childbirth. Thanks to the increase in female hormones during pregnancy, hair growth is activated, but after delivery, the hormones return to normal levels, the majority of hair loss follicles move synchronously and phase changes. 2-3 months after birth result in excessive hair loss, which can take up to six months. Later hair growth returns to normal.
  • chronic diseases, such as thyroid disorders, chronic stress. While the problem is not resolved, can not hope for a healthy, beautiful hair. What happens to the hair as a result of tension? It becomes brittle. Blood vessels, thanks to the adrenaline caused by stress, are strained and unable to feed normal tissue, resulting in hair is unable to grow strong.
  • Scalp fungus. Paradoxically, it is often seen with young people who are sporty, visiting swimming pools, sauna public. Spending a long time in the pool, the skin loses natural defenses to protect against infection. If any visitors from the pool is a fungus, it can easily stick. The chronic form of cases, a person may not even know then that he is a fungus because there are no symptoms – no itching or redness. Only the hair gradually being depleted, it becomes brittle and breaks.
  • Medicines for depression, heart problems, high The blood, PODARGOS, arthritis, contraceptives, as well as too much vitamin A dose can sometimes cause a temporary, increased hair loss.
  • Diets. Subject too drastic diets, hair may fall out. If a person loses more than 15% by weight, hair loss can be strong. Considers that this is due to the fact that the nutrients in the absence of the body are limited by the power of vital organ, so blood flow to the hair roots is reduced, hair does not receive the necessary nutrients. In such critical circumstances, a large amount of hair loss phase synchronous switch, while the proportion may even die. Therefore, fasting is dangerous for the hair, because after such cures they may lose volume and never again do not regrow as powerful as before.
  • Iron deficiency in the body may lead to increased hair loss. This can happen malnutrition or wrong iron absorption due. Women who have heavy menstrual bleeding may cause iron deficiency.
  • plaque hair loss associated with an impaired immune system. The newest of the methods currently available, treatment with ultraviolet B rays that suppress the immune system to influence hair ganglia. Also assisted treatment with different agents, including hormones to be used externally.
  • Androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss. It is caused by the hormone androgen (sex hormone testereons) level increasing or classic – if there is a hair follicle cell hereditary hypersensitivity to androgenic hormonal effects. Androgenic hormones are formed and the female body. People who suffer from androgenic alopecia, notice that their hair slowly turns into a fluff hair, which no longer cover her head. Often, patients, hair loss does not notice because they just disappear, especially in the back of his head, and formed Hair Loss. Men usually hair begins to fall out in the area of the forehead or the back of his head. Women experiencing more general hair getting less. Androgenic alopecia in women can cause polycystic ovarian disease and, in such cases, treatment must be carried out in conjunction with gynecological problems solving. Previously it believed that genetic hair loss can not be stopped. Now, thanks to the different procedures and medications, can achieve good results.

Just follow three basic principles or steps.

  1. Hair loss suspension. Use a variety of procedures, such as laser, Mesotherapy, topical treatments, medications.
  2. Increasing the size. Very helpful with PRP or platelet-rich plasma injection on the scalp, massage treatments or hair transplant method, which is now carried out in Latvian.
  3. The resulting volume retention. Should be used, either local preparations or tablets.


Despite the fact that undergone hair transplantation, genetic hair loss in case all the time to take preventive measures, otherwise the transplanted hair will remain, but true – those who still had survived – can continue to disappear.

Procedures for strengthening the hair

  • Mesoprocedures. Scalp are administered homeopathic preparations, vitamins, microelements that help activate the hair loss and grow stronger. The most common means situations with hair loss or hair volume increasing. Not normally used in the early stages of treatment. During the procedure, with the help of injections scalp administered medications. To stop hair loss, it is sufficient for 2-3 procedures. The increase in the volume required for 7-10 treatments.
  • Laser. With infrared, the bio-stimulating laser is processed scalp, thereby promoting blood circulation and absorption of various substances, as a result, strengthen the hair grows faster and becomes thicker. It recommended up to 20 procedures. Classically used for 15 minutes three times a week for up to 10-20 procedures. By activating the hair roots, hair grows stronger. Such procedures may be used prophylactically in order to promote blood circulation and thus enable hair to grow strong.
  • Plasma injection into the skin. It uses the patient’s blood to biologically stimulate cells. Blood is drawn special tubes and then prepared – Centrifuge separator. Then plasma is activated and already finished with a serum made injections into the scalp. Stitches are slightly deeper than mesotherapy, but the patient does not feel the difference. Usually, the effect felt after the first treatment but need to take at least three procedures. Currently, it is one of the newest and most effective treatments.


Grown hair can not make it stronger. They can be upgraded visually with masks for specific procedures. In turn, the hair still grows, through proper treatment, can strengthen and significantly improve quality. In other words – the roots can also improve the existing hair in order to continue to grow better quality, but it will not improve the already expanded parts of the structure.

Oil and scissors

How many have not heard of the wonderful properties of hair oil, however, it is one “but” which calls for caution. It is recommended for dry scalp problems when the oil should be applied to the scalp because it needs nutritious components, but oil certainly does not serve as a panacea for hair growth – rather the opposite. Hair actually looks smoother, but at the same time getting heavier, so contributing to the hair loss, which would be gradually fall out natural because of the change.

The oil is not recommended in cases where the hair falls strengthened. Oils coating derogating from the scalp, performs the function of shampoo (conditioner can not be used for hair not to feed too much) that contribute to closing the cuticle scales, protects the hair from drying out, as well as the broken hair to one another jot. Also, regular trimming hair tip is not the promotion of hair growth recipe. True, the hair looks neat but has little to do with intensive hair growth process. If pruned, then, subject to lunar calendar – based on the evidence of circulatory adaptation to the moon phase changes – hair can be turned so that their growth would be something a little advance commitment.


Needless worries are that the use of vitamins hair retention, promotes hair growth, not only on the head but also the body. First, the hair is promoted resilience, strength, rather than growth. Second, the hair on the head grows in a different cycle than body hair. The hair on the head grows for 4-5 years, but body hair for 2-3 weeks, after which the matrix cell division stops and hairs remain unchanged sustained follicle until it no longer unable to pick up vitamins. Body hair increased growth is hormonal problems, rather than vitamin use.


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