LifeCell Reviews – Is This The Best Anti-Aging Cream Out There


LifeCell reviews will reveal you the truth about an anti-aging cream, which is an effective solution to prevent so obvious signs of aging.

As the latest development in the sphere of anti-aging it might help you:

  • To remove wrinkles and regain your youthful look;
  • To remove lines;
  • To protect your skin from new aging  signs;
  • To get an affordable Botox injection alternative;
  • To change your life as you will live with a completely different confidence level.

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Why Choose LifeCell

Are you tired of trying out anti-aging creams that do not work? Finally, there is an effective anti-wrinkle cream developed, which works. LifeCell has gained a huge popularity as one of the alternatives for Botox injections and in many cases even to cosmetic surgeries.

You might want to know that LifeCell formula is based on a Nobel Prize-winning clinical research. It also is recommended by dermatologists and even cosmetic surgeons as a treatment method for wrinkles.

How Does LifeCell Work

LifeCell anti wrinkle cream has a completely unique formula. Its most important ingredients are antioxidants, anti-irritants, and water-binding agents. They all are extremely beneficial in reducing the appearance of wrinkles just in 4 to 6 weeks and at the same time to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

LifeCell anti wrinkle cream is capable of reducing wrinkles, lifting and firming your skin, even protecting your skin from the appearance of new wrinkles in a safe way as it does not contain any harmful ingredient for your skin.

LifeCell Ingredients

LifeCell ingredients are the real power of this anti-aging cream. LifeCell formula contains plenty of powerful anti-aging ingredients, main of them are: Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant, DeanolUbiquinoneAcetyl Hexapeptide-3 and Ascorbyl Palmitate.

  • Dithiolane-3-Pentanic acid anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant (D3PA) – effectively fights well- known cause of wrinkles the free-radicals. Free-radicals attack your skin’s cells and are damaging them until appears wrinkles. Fortunately, D3PA is capable of fighting free-radicals, this can definitely be considered as the main ingredient of LifeCell wrinkle cream.
  • Deanol (muscle toning & firmness activator) – helps to firm your skin, even more, it gets into your muscles and tones them up. The good news is that the effectiveness of Deanol is proven with clinical studies.
  • Ubiquinone (anti-oxidant) – in a very effective way increases your body’s capability to produce such important skin molecules as collagen, elastin, and others. In the result, your skin will look younger, healthier and, of course, wrinkle free.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Botox alternative) – as already stated this ingredient really is Botox injections’ alternative, so it ensures you with the effect that other people gain with Botox injections. The difference is that you do not have unpleasant feelings at the time of applying it, and also you do not risk to damage your skin.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate (vitamin C) – Your skin needs vitamins the same as all your body. However, in this case, Vitamin C helps to protect your skin from ultraviolet A and B ray.

If you want to find out completely all LifeCell ingredients, you are welcome to check out this list.


  • 75% of people who tried LifeCell keep on using it after the trial period;
  • LifeCell is a Botox  alternative without the needles;
  • It significantly reduces aging signs and prevents the appearance of new ones.


  • The price of LifeCell anti wrinkle cream is pretty high ($189/per tube). However, if you have a chance to get a unique result in return, then it could be worth those a little more than 3$ per day. Besides, now for a limited time, there is a 30-day FREE trial offer available.
  • LifeCell anti wrinkle cream’s effect will last generally the period when you use it. After you will stop applying the cream, the gained effect gradually will decrease as it happens with all anti-aging creams.


How to Apply LifeCell Cream

Real LifeCell Reviews (Testimonials)

LifeCell review from Diana – you can definitely find out more about the effectiveness of LifeCell from her experience.

LifeCell Before and After Photos

Etta before and after LifeCell, age: 41
Olga before and after LifeCell, age:87
Bobbie before and after LifeCell, age:36


At the official LifeCell website as the main guarantees are stated:

tick_25 Quality and safety (LifeCell is produced in a pharmaceutical laboratory, which has a special drug-manufacturing license that keeps them under the restrictive scrutiny of the FDA);
tick_25 Recommended by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists (LifeCell cream formula is based on a Nobel-Prize winning clinical research);
 tick_25 100% Cruelty-FREE of animal testing (by PETA);
 tick_25 30-day FREE trial offer (if you will not like the effect of LifeCell cream you will be able to return it within 30 days completely without any costs);
 tick_25 100% money-back guarantee (it means a completely risk-free purchase with 120 days period to decide are you satisfied with LifeCell results, if not you will get a full refund).

How Long Does LifeCell Tube Last

Averagely one LifeCell tube lasts for 60 days.

guaranteeHow Much Does LifeCell Cost

  • 30 days for free;
  • first tube $189 or $3.15/per day;
  • starting from the second tube $149 or $2.48/per day.

The question about Life Cell (LifeCell cream) cost is pretty tricky. The reason is that quite often people misunderstand the price of the first LifeCell 30-day trial tube.

It really is free to try LifeCell cream for the first 30 days, but you will have to pay the full price for your first tube if you will not cancel your trial. So, in the case you are happy with the results and want to keep on using LifeCell cream after those 30 days, the cost will be $189 for the first tube.

The good news is that starting from the second tube you will get a discount of $40 per tube, so the price will be reduced to $149 per tube. We can go even further, and as you saw calculate the exact costs of LifeCell per day. As one tube lasts averagely 60 days, then for the first two months costs per day will be $3.15 and after that only $2.48 per day.

Do we think that LifeCell is worth the money? Yes, actually we do, as the effect of this anti-aging treatment is compared even to the effect of Botox injections.

Where to Buy LifeCell

You can order LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream from the official website, just fill in the details in the form available and rush your order.

LifeCell 30 Day Free Trial Offer

LifeCell free trial can be easily ordered from the official website of this anti-aging cream. All you have to do is to fill in all the necessary information in the form and later just wait for your LifeCell tube.

The good news is that LifeCell trial offer can be ordered from approximately 60 countries around the world, so you do not have to worry if you aren’t from the USA where it is produced. Please take into account that LifeCell trial offer lasts for 30 days starting from the day you receive it. If you will not like its effect you can easily send it back, just keep the package of LifeCell.

After the trial period, the standard price for the first tube will be $189 and from the second tube, it will be reduced to $149. As we cannot say for how long will last LifeCell free trial offer you should hurry up as it might end any day.


    • Hello, Elizabeth! You should definitely try it, to find out what benefits can your skin get from LifeCell. You can simply test it for 30 days and only then decide do you like it or not!

  1. Why can’t I order a free trial. The advert says you can in NZ but when out fill in the details and get to the country there is no drop down for New Zealand!!!

    • Hello, Shirley! Now everything is sorted out, and you can find NZ in the drop down of all countries where LifeCell can be ordered!

  2. Hi there! I wanted to ask you is LifeCell really giving away those $1500 for before and after pictures? It sounds great but at the same time also a little unbelievable.

    • Hello, Alicia! Yes, it really is the truth, just the case is that your before and after pictures have to be used on their official website, and then you will be able to get your mentioned bonus! If you think that your results really are great then nothing should stop you to claim this bonus! Good luck!

  3. Thanks, for your honest LifeCell reviews. If compared with others, then far not a half of other websites reveals so many useful facts about this anti-aging cream!

    • Hello, Aurelie! If you want to try LifeCell, you do not have to buy it. Simply order the trial offer and make sure that you decide in those 30 days do you want to keep on using it! In a case, you expected more from it, then send it back, and you will not have to spend anything for trying the cream only few dollars for shipping costs.

  4. I would love to share on thing. For one of my friends, LifeCell really worked amazing, but at the same time after our common friend also tried it, she wasn’t so happy about the results. Perhaps she expected more, or maybe she simply wasn’t one of those 75% of people, which you mentioned in your review.

    So I guess you can never know will it work like some miracle before you try it. I would be happy to give my vote to it, of course, after I will test it by myself! But in general, you have a pretty useful review!

    • Hello, Bridget! Thanks for your honest words about this product. Like you wrote you can never know if you will not give it a try.

  5. I can completely agree with these LifeCell reviews as for me LifeCell really helped. I had deep wrinkles on my forehead, but after I used LifeCell for more than a month, they were significantly reduced. Can you imagine how happy I felt? I’m 35 and every time I looked at the mirror I was depressed of my forehead wrinkles, they practically ruined me every day. I even thought that I need a surgery or maybe Botox because I didn’t want to look so wrinkled at least not at my age.

    I know that not everyone will agree with me about the results, but if I know it worked for me, then there is a pretty big chance it can help other women as well!

  6. Hi, I have been using Life Cell and it works on me. Now that I want to order again, i dont know where to order it cuz I am in the Philippines and our country is not included in the places where you want to sell it.


    • Hello, Ma Isabel Sagarbarria! Unfortunately, at the moment deliveries to your country are stopped, if LifeCell will be available in Philippines again we will let you know.

  7. I listened to my neighbor who had used this product over half a year, their skin as well as the face looks totally different. And I started to search in online what’s the best formula for anti-aging and I’m curious why others complaint. I found LifeCell out and the anti-aging cream works for me and it actually has reduced my under-eye dark circle shadow and wrinkles as well as reduce my discoloration face. I used it over 3 months and got the effect on my part which described just now..

    • Hello, Jemay! The thing is very simple, nothing can work equally for everyone as we all have different skin types. So there will be people who will gain amazing results and at the same time there will be some who will feel only moisturized effect for the skin.

    • Hello, Rina! There is no reason why you could not use it also on your hands if it is suitable for the skin of your face then the skin on the hands is not more sensitive.