LifeCell Return Policy – In A Case It Wasn’t For You

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2017)

LifeCell return policy states that before you make your return request you must be sure that you qualify for that. To make sure about it, you simply have to read LifeCell terms and conditions at their official website.

Next step is to fill in the request form with all the necessary information asked from you, which includes your name, purchase date, invoice number, billing and shipping address, your e-mail, phone number and also the reason why you want to send back your LifeCell purchase.

Please keep in mind, that if you decide to return your LifeCell tube you will also need to include its package!

LifeCell returns

As already mentioned LifeCell return process starts with finding the section about the returns at the official website of LifeCell cream. You do not have to search very hard as there is a link called Returns at the very bottom of LifeCell website (please check print-screen).

There you will find a detailed information about that how you should act if you have decided to return your LifeCell order.

There will also be already mentioned simple form that you will have to fill in. There is nothing complicated with this whole process.

Can you be sure that you will be able to return your LifeCell cream? In fact, you can be pretty sure if you still have the tube of cream and also the package as they are main requirements to return LifeCell cream and also to get your money back guarantee.


    • Hello, Eriz! As we already answered to your e-mail – please be so kind and contact LifeCell support center directly by e-mail [email protected] to cancel your order as we are not the sellers of any skin care product.


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