LifeCell Price – How Much It Actually Costs


LifeCell price is pretty high for an anti-wrinkle cream. However, if you really can use it instead of Botox injections, then you might consider it as a reasonable price. The great news is that you can try it 30 days for free. There will be just some small costs for its shipping. You simply can claim your FREE 30-day trial offer.

After 30 days you will have to pay for the first tube if you have decided to keep on using it, then the price of this tube will be $189. Starting from your next delivery the price of LifeCell will be reduced only to $149.


Is LifeCell Price Too Expensive


Should you consider this as too expensive anti-aging cream? We think that definitely no. Firstly, there are much more expensive anti-aging creams available on the market where the price tag is more than $300 and even $400 per jar so this definitely isn’t the most expensive product out there.

To make it even easier, we would like to point out your costs per day of LifeCell for you to get a completely clear picture! As one LifeCell tube lasts approximately for 60 days, then costs per day would be:

  • $ 3.15/per day for the first 60 days;
  • $ 2.48/per day for the coming months.

More Information About LifeCell Cream


As we have reviewed this anti-aging cream in detail you are welcome to check out our review to compare before and after photos, main results you can expect from using it, also real demonstration where LifeCell cream is applied and you will see the actual results, also instructions on how to apply this cream and guarantees which you will get by ordering it.

Also in our review, we included more information how exactly works their offered 30-day trial offer so there would not be any misunderstandings when trying LifeCell cream out. As many people were interested in a complete list of all LifeCell ingredients we created a separate post to read more about all what is included in LifeCell.

We hope that we were clear enough about the actual LifeCell price, as often people are confused, first 30 days you can try it and if you cancel your trial you will not have to pay for the cream, if you like it and want to keep on using then your costs will be $189 for the first tube, which lasts for 60 days and then $149 for the next tubes.


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