LifeCell Price – How Much Does LifeCell Cream Actually Cost


LifeCell price is pretty high for the anti-wrinkle cream, the standard price for the first LifeCell tube (2.54 oz) when ordering from the official website is $189. However, if you really can use it instead of Botox injections, then you might consider it as a reasonable price.

Nevertheless, you can try LifeCell cream before actually buying it. You can make a completely risk-free order, just you have to order from the official website to receive all guarantees!


How LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream Is Available At Stores

This part of our post is written with the idea in mind that we consider online malls as stores as well as LifeCell cream is not sold in any other stores than these.

1. LifeCell cream at Amazon

You can get LifeCell cream at Amazon if you prefer this online store, no matter that there it also is sold by the official producer you would not get such guarantees as if buying directly from the official website. The price of LifeCell also is the same $189 per tube.

2. LifeCell cream at Boots

As far we checked we did not find any information that LifeCell cream would be sold at Boots.

3. LifeCell cream at eBay

You can get LifeCell cream on eBay just another question is, should you? There are sellers who offer it like for a third of the price of the original product so we really doubt that if the product costs $189 then you could get original cream for $49.99. We also looked deeper at the particular seller with some interesting name (elegant_lifestyle3) and we also found feedbacks which tell that this seller has sold a different type fake product. If you want to test authentic LifeCell cream we suggest you not to experiment so much and rely on the official manufacturer and not some sellers which sell for a disproportionate low price. These are just our two cents.

Besides LifeCell is also sold for the price $189 at eBay as well.

4. LifeCell cream at Walmart

LifeCell cream is also available at Walmart and what is interesting even for a smaller price than sold by the official producers. At the moment of writing this post, LifeCell costs there would be $119.99 just there also shows only 5 tubes left so this offer probably will not last for long. Of course, Walmart would not give you such guarantee as gives official producers including 30-day trial offer and also 120 days money back guarantee in the case the product does not work for you.

5. LifeCell cream at Walgreens

LifeCell all-in-one anti-aging cream is not sold by Walgreens so you can not waste your time by looking for it there.

6. LifeCell cream at The Official Website

If you can buy it from the official website we still can consider it as an online store just not with lots of products. As already mentioned LifeCell price at the official website is $189 for the first tube and the price is reduced starting from the second tube to $149 per tube. Of course, you get already mentioned benefits like the option to test it before buying and also a much longer money back guarantee period (120 days).

LifeCell Cost Breakdown

LifeCellTo make it even easier, we would like to point out costs per day of LifeCell for you to get a completely clear picture! As one LifeCell tube lasts approximately for 60 days, then costs would be as follows:

  • $3.15/per day for the first 60 days and $2.48/per day for the coming months.
  • If you like to round it up then those are $94.50 per month (for the two first months) and already $74.50 per month starting from the third month of LifeCell use.
  • In the case you prefer to understand a yearly LifeCell costs then those are $934 per the first year and already $894 for the next years if you choose to use LifeCell cream in a long-term.

It really is hard to say why others websites mislead visitors by mentioning incorrect LifeCell costs, for example, is giving much larger LifeCell price per year than it is in the reality.

LifeCell Price In Different Countries (For The First Tube, 2.54 oz, For The Full Price $189)

Plenty of times we have received questions about LifeCell’s price in different countries. It is hard to say why but people simply do not convert the price from USD to their local currency. We have made a little list of the part of countries with the price of LifeCell in their local currency and let’s hope that it would be helpful for our visitors. Just keep in mind that we give LifeCell price by the current currency exchange and it does change at least a little every day.

  • Australia – 236.46 Australian Dollars (AUD);
  • Canada – 234.86 Canadian Dollars (CAD);
  • Japan – 21000.00 Japanese Yen (JPY);
  • Kuwait – 56.82 Kuwait Dinars (KWD);
  • Malaysia – 747.51 Malaysian Ringgits (MYR);
  • Pakistan – 20907.08 Pakistan Rupees (PKR);
  • Singapore – 249.86 Singapore Dollar (SGD);
  • Philippines – 9598.78 Philippine Pesos (PHP);
  • The UK – 136.16 British Pounds (GBP);
  • The USA – 189 US Dollars (USD);
  • UAE (Dubai) – 963.48 UAE Dirhams (AED).

LifeCell Free Trial (30-Day Long)

As already mentioned several times in this post, you can try LifeCell 30 days for free. There will be just some small costs for its shipping. You have to visit the official website to claim your 30-day trial offer.

After 30 days you will have to pay for the first tube if you have decided to keep on using it, then the price of this tube will be $189. Starting from your next delivery the price of LifeCell will be reduced only to $149. If you would cancel your trial offer within these 30  days you would have to send back LifeCell tube (even if empty with the package) and you would not have to pay for the cream anything.


The point where people often miss some part is that this offer is free to try LifeCell cream but you cannot keep it for free after a mentioned time period. Before you make any order just take a look at the terms and there should not be any questions about the ordering process.

What Is LifeCell Best Price

We would suggest you look at this question wider than only choosing the smallest price available on the market. As you probably know, usually if something costs obviously less then there is some hook. We have not tested those products offered for the third part of the standard price and we would not suggest you do that as well.

When choosing to order directly from the producers you get a guarantee of a genuine product, you get a 30-day trial offer, discounted price for the next LifeCell tubes and four-month money back guarantee. Yes, our verdict is that the best LifeCell price is from the producers.

Where To Look For LifeCell All In One Anti-Aging Treatment Reviews


As we have reviewed this anti-aging cream in detail you are welcome to check out our review to compare before and after photos, main results you can expect from using it, also real demonstration where LifeCell cream is applied and you will see the actual results, also instructions on how to apply this cream and guarantees which you will get by ordering it.

Also in our review, we included more information how exactly works their offered 30-day trial offer so there would not be any misunderstandings when trying LifeCell cream out. As many people were interested in a complete list of all LifeCell ingredients we created a separate post to tell more about all what is included in LifeCell.

We hope that we were clear enough about the actual LifeCell price, as often people are confused, first 30 days you can try it and if you cancel your trial you will not have to pay for the cream, if you like it and want to keep on using it then your costs will be $189 for the first tube, which lasts for 60 days and later $149 for the next tubes.


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