LifeCell Mexico

MexicoLifeCell in Mexico is finally available. Only from the 5th November 2013 LifeCell started shipment to Latin America, including Mexico.

As you maybe know, LifeCell is a very powerful anti-aging cream, often compared to the effect of Botox injections. Now, you have a chance to order it also from your home. No matter, that it is produced in the USA, now it is shipped to Mexico as well. Even more, if you only want to try it, there is a free trial offer available at their official website. So, you can try it 30 days for free.


If you want to research LifeCell before you try it, you can check out our LifeCell  review to make sure that it’s the right choice how you can effectively get rid of wrinkles.


    • Mary Johnson Author

      Hello, Daniela! In fact, you can, just you have to remember that in the 30 trial days you have to send back the trial tube which you ordered for free.

    • Mary Johnson Author

      Hello, Romina! Unfortunately, not all Latin America countries are included in the official website of LifeCell from where this cream can be ordered. You probably should check out if it is shipped to the specific country that you are interested in.

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