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LifeCell in Canada? Is it shipped here? Where to buy  LifeCell cream in Canada? Unfortunately, you can’t buy it at some store, but the good news is that LifeCell is shipped to Canada directly from the USA where it is produced. Nevertheless, you can try your first LifeCell tube 30 days for free as a trial offer.

What’s next? Visit the official website, fill in the information required and already after few days you will be able to experience amazing changes in your skin. Are you ready for uncountable compliments? Then, simply go for it.


LifeCell’s formula is very powerful and often is compared even to the effect provided by Botox injections. As LifeCell is a cream and not some painful injections, it really might become a good investment in your health and beauty. If you want to find out more about LifeCell, you are welcome to read further as there is lots of useful information provided.

Why Is LifeCell So Popular?

LifeCell cream is a pretty powerful anti-aging product, developed already 10 years ago. As it helps to solve other skin problems besides wrinkles it often is called all in one anti-aging cream. Are you interested why?

It’s far not a simple moisturizer like in reality are plenty of other anti-aging products that would cost you lots of money no matter their concentration of anti-aging ingredients is only from 0.1% up to 0.5%. Wonder what is the rest?

As we already mentioned the rest is a simple moisturizer. No doubts, it also is good for your skin, but are you ready to spend hundreds only for a moisturizer? Probably no if you can get it for few bucks in every store. LifeCell  cream is capable of dealing with the following skin problems:

    • wrinkles_skinwrinkles (those are pretty unpleasant, especially if they start to appear earlier than you are ready to see them on your face, unfortunately, lately they tend to appear already after 20 years, as we live in a very tense world now, no wonder that it leaves traces on your skin);
    • fine lines (if you like to smile a lot, then it’s possible that you can already notice them at the corners of your eyes, we definitely will not suggest you smile less just keep in mind that you can reduce them if you want to);
    • dark circles around eyes (in this case LifeCell would help you to hide them by reducing the darkness below your eyes);
    • dry skin (this would be that point where it works also as a moisturizer).

Visit the official website of LifeCell to find out more!

Real Before and After LifeCell Photos

You have a great chance to compare these before and after photos to get a better idea how LifeCell works.

Olga, 87 years old, before and after LifeCell
Sugie, 70 years old, before and after
Etta, 41-year-old, before and after LifeCell
Coleen, 40-year-old, before and after
Bobbie, 36 years old, before and after photos
Barbara, 30 years old, before and after LifeCell

Check out more real LifeCell testimonials!

What are LifeCell Ingredients?

We think you should be an expert in the sphere of anti-aging that all ingredients included in the formula of LifeCell would give you a clear picture what it consists of. Besides, they all are mentioned and described on the official website as well. Instead of mentioning all those names we simply will explain how they can work in your benefit:

  • they will fight the main reason wrinkles appear the free-radicals;
  • they will provide your skin with almost a Botox effect;
  • your skin will gain a smoother and younger appearance;
  • your forehead lines and other signs of aging will be significantly reduced.

Still, if you want to find out all ingredients included in LifeCell, you are welcome to check out LifeCell ingredients list.

Is This Cream Really Making Miracles?

stopwatch2If you will try LifeCell for the first time you will be able to notice changes on your skin already after this first application. LifeCell producers even encourage you to take before and after LifeCell first use pictures and then to compare them. It does sound unbelievable, but that is the science behind these amazing results.

And you will notice that already 61 seconds after applying LifeCell – your skin will look smoother. We consider a good prove of LifeCell’s effectiveness is the fact that so many plastic surgeons are worried about the creation of this anti-aging cream, which is capable of changing your skin dramatically. Why do they worry? Because now you have a chance to get a smoother skin without surgeries or Botox injections.

will it work
In this video, you will be able to see amazing changes after applying LifeCell cream.

Useful Details About LifeCell Cream

  • LifeCell cream is available in 75 ml (net wt.2.54 oz) tubes. As you have to apply it twice a day, one tube would last you for 60 days;
  • it is suitable for women and men as well;
  • you can get only 1 trial tube of this cream for your household per lifetime;
  • usually, it is shipped within 3 business days;
  • you have to keep the package after receiving the trial tube.

How Much Does LifeCell Cream Really Cost?

Are you ready to pay $2.48/per day for it?

guaranteeThe good news is that you can try the first LifeCell tube 30 days for free. The whole tube would last you for 60 days. If you will like the effect of this cream, and you will keep on using it after those 30 days then your costs for the first tube will be $189 and starting from the second tube the price will be reduced to $149/per tube, which makes a $2.48 per day.

Another advantage is that you will have a full 120-day money back guarantee period. Just in a case if you will not be 100% satisfied with the results, you will be able to send your package of LifeCell back and get a full refund. Simply as that.

Have You Tried LifeCell?

It’s always the best to hear what other people who have tried the specific product thinks about it, so go ahead. Feel free to share any experience of yours no matter where you live in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta or any other province of Canada.

Click here to read our detailed LifeCell cream review to find out even more!


  1. Very informative! It’s nice too that you point out a free sample can be obtained, because a free sample demonstrates that the company has a great deal of confidence in the product working for a majority of people.

    • Of course, you can order it online, Meridit! We also think that ordering from the official website always is the best choice when you want to get original product!

  2. I really appreciate this offer and can’t wait to see what LifeCell is capable of doing with my skin. Honestly, there are not so many anti-wrinkle creams that are suitable for women and men as well but as I read in your review it works for both!

  3. Thanks guys, I live in Toronto and will order it right now! Hope there will be some amazing before and after pictures after I test it!

    • Hello, Emma! It is really nice to hear that you have decided to try LifeCell! In a case, you would later want to share your before and after photos you definitely can contact us, as we would be happy to publish them on our site!

  4. Nice that I can order LifeCell in Canada, as I heard before that it even was not available here. I knew that it is produced in USA so doubted that LifeCell is shipped directly to Canada. Thanks!

    • Hello, Florence! It’s a little surprise that you thought you couldn’t get LifeCell if you are from Canada, as it is shipped there already for years!

    • Hello, Maika! We would be happy to hear from you later! Were you satisfied with the results and how did your skin feel after using it? Of course, don’t forget to take photos before you start to use it! Not to mention that with your LifeCell before and after photos, you will have a chance to claim the bonus, which is explained in the official website and is pretty impressive!

  5. I think if LifeCell works for three-quarters as it is written above, then it is a good anti-aging product. Of course, the price isn’t small, but probably you get what you pay for!

    • Hello, Tracy! You are completely right as you cannot expect that you could get miracle results with a cream that costs just a few dollars.


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